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Contained herein are the new, slightly more insightful texts, then follows the commercial column and on the back of the page, you may discover all of my old, bad essays of seriously compromised quality. Mainly please take notice of the post-2006 one, since while the old ones are seriously hit-and-miss I'm at least partial to many of the newer ones. There's a bit of ignorance there, but hey. I'm dumb.

The Look, written 01.12.2009
Rönsyilevästi seksiä ja väkivaltaa (Finnish), a prototype, written 10.2009

Brief history report I - Useless
Brief history report II - Prelude to patricide
Brief history report III - Grief, anger, hate
Brief history report IV - Epilogue to patricide, written 2007-2009

Darwinian [E] tank, written 4.3.2007
Dysmatch, written 24.2.2007
NPC, written 20.2.2007


These are the Finnish texts I wrote for a couple of months for the gaming publication V2.fi, which you're more than welcome to check out:

Dinosaurus videoludokus, written 03.2010
Vääntäkää lisää niitä lapsia, written 01.2010
You missed a spot!, written 12.2009
Yaoi, oi Aino, written 11.2009
Riggs, Murtaugh ja kuumaveriset kulkukissat, written 10.2009


And the following texts comprise the old rant section. You can tell they're really old, because I really was depressed and struggling to come up with even a handful of sentences. This leads to the fact that at least half of 'em are pure and utter crap, but I suppose there's no sense in deleting any as long as I tell you that they're just dismal. In any case, I would assume I'd just go delete the wrong ones, anyway. But, browse and enjoy, embarrassing and positively ancient as they may be.

Eins (#1), "On videogames and violence", written 31.07.1999
Zwei (#2), "Emulation", written 07.08.1999
Drei (#3), "The divine screwup", written 08.08.1999
Vier (#4), "Console", written 06.09.1999
Fünf (#5), "Tiberian dung", written 08.09.1999
Sechs (#6), "Civilized conversation", written 06.10.1999
Sieben (#7), "Pre-Y2K", written 11.10.1999
Acht (#8), "Who gives a shit about Mika Häkkinen ?", written 02.11.1999
Neun (#9), "Future Shock", written 28.12.1999
Zehn (#10), "Post-Y2K", written 14.01.2000
Elf (#11), "Supposedly scientific", written 23.02.2000
Zwölf (#12), "Ignoramous", written 01.03.2000
Dreizehn (#13), "VITTUUN Salatut elämät", written 23.09.2000
Vierzehn (#14), "Future Shock II", written 28.01.2001
Fünfzehn (#15), "Bitching", written 20.03.2001
Sechzehn (#16), "My take", written 22.03.2001
Siebzehn (#17), "Not music", written 27.03.2001
Achtzehn (#18), "Yay Bush", written 30.03.2001
Neunzehn (#19), "Civilized / zwei", written 21.05.2001
Zwanzig (#20), "Dissection", written 25.05.2001, revised since
Einundzwanzig (#21), "Dig It TV", written 21.06.2001
Zweiundzwanzig (#22), "A Game of Choices", written 03.07.2001
Dreiundzwanzig (#23), "The Party", written 31.07.2001
Vierundzwanzig (#24), "What a fucking fascist you are", written 02.12.2001
Fünfundzwanzig (#25), "Love Story 2002", written 18.02.2002
Sechsundzwanzig (#26), "Zousyoku", written 18.03.2002
Siebundzwanzig (#27), "Fuck me in the ass, wouldya?", written 02.06.2002
Achtundzwanzig (#28), "Taken/tired/obvious", written 07.11.2002
Neunundzwanzig (#29), "Thought clippings", written 01.12.2002, revised since
Dreizig (#30), "An insight into a destructive evolution", written 22.01.2003
Ein-und-dreizig (#31), "The world we live in and life in general", written 10.06.2003
Zwei-und-dreizig (#32), "Tired of all this talk", written 20.06.2003
Drei-und-dreizig (#33), "Future Shock-III", written 27.02.2004
Vier-und-dreizig (#34), "Elitism Equals Effort?", written 07.09.2004
Fünf-und-dreizig (#35), "Installation", written 11.09.2004

Ick. Some of the old rants have been "revisited" by me after the date of writing, usually to add
some self-deprecating commentation or to clarify something (like my inability to write).

Rants, WTF!? Get me the hell out of here