As the eve of 2000 Anno Domini keeps creeping closer and closer
(Hey, it's only a pair of months away!-)
I am thinking of several things, a couple of which I'll talk about here.

The rest is private, dammit!-)

I recall reading somewhere that some cults predict that the world
will end at the beginning of the year 2000, and wonder with amusement..
What will those pool fools think when their precious Armageddon
isn't going to arrive after all?

I wonder how many people commit mass suicides when they notice
that this crap they have believed in for several years is indeed
what I just called it, crap.. ?

I wonder if people will start marching the streets of
USA's large cities, yelling about the End of Everything
and about how everyone should atone for their sinful ways
when 'the moment' is finally only a week or two away..?

A friend of mine once said,
" Well I don't know what will happen but I will surely
laugh out loud at the poor fools if the world doesn't end. "

What the heck is with this 2000 problem anyway??
Were religious people trembling at the doorsteps of year 1000, too?

It's not as if it's year 2000 in the mechanism of the Universe,
it's just been 2000 or so years after some mythical guy
decipted in several sickeningly religious tomes came into existence.
And as the people with up-to-date information know
the damned millennium doesn't actually even end yet.
Talk about stupid.

I might just as well predict that end of humanity is nigh
two hundred forty two years After RmM.
Maybe I should move to USA and start a sect predicting that crap
so that after I die I still have a great legacy among a bunch of loonies
that will drink mercury in my name when the time beckons. ;-)

Then there's the computer paranoia over the dreaded Y2K,
it also gets a smile on my face.

I wonder if many people refrain from being in airplanes when the year changes. :)

Maybe the whole world will go black with loss of electricity
and no-one will be able to get the power up and running
because everything has effectively stopped at the same time
and nothing works anymore.

And maybe some evil alien race will take advantage of that
and invade the humanity at its darkest hour and we will spend
the rest of our lives taking orders from a bunch of levitating
robes that communicate telepathically.

Yeah, and maybe the sun will turn into a gigantic dog
that speaks every language with a slight accent and
shares the meaning of life with everyone else.

I also heard that some army computers might glitch
and send nukes flying 'round the globe,
and at that part I laughed hard, because
1) if that was true the humanity would really be too stupid to live
2) now that'd be a real New Year's Eve blast. ;-)

But seriously, all of this is somewhat interesting..
What WILL actually happen at the dawn of the new year?

Total Annihilation ?
Power Losses ?
Mass Panic On Streets ?
Perhaps in USA. ;)

..and besides, isn't Y2K a bit stupid term?
I mean, doesn't Y2K literally mean year 2048?-)

Of course, should I against all odds be wrong and airplanes would fall
and nuclear missiles would suddenly arm and start flying 'round our globe
and finally the Nothingness would smack the Universe with one
fell swoop of a scythe, effectively negating the Great Everythingness,
well, tough. I'll just try again next play.