Someone who cares or gives a damn might have heard of the silly shit act
Finland put up with their organized downing of unacceptable substances
in the recent winter games they held around here.

It's just so fucking hilarious that these retards get nearly their whole damn team doped
only to get caught because of their utter stupidity.

It all just finally goes to give out a clear picture of what kind of a sad act
has "sports" become with the helpful aid of the classic "western decadent corruption".

Pretty damn sad that even that kinds of wintersports have gone the way of
the classic Finnish politics, and even sadder that they cheat in this
fucking kind of a contest. It's not like anything much ever depends on their result,
except for their own sad agendas including cash flow
(Someone also might say the image of Finland but ummh I just can't care for inanity).
Of course, such reason probably qualifies with flying colours with such types.

One of the best things, the best explanation the lot could offer for such
hardly morally uplifting actions was "We trusted we wouldn't get caught".
(Laughter !)

And someone asked me why I hate politics. Ehh. Next please!

Now changing the subject,
ever had one of those guilt / well-being discussions about how the wealth and
the general well-being of the world is so shittily divided and the standards of living
obviously are like night and day depending on where you stand.. ?

I'm sure that about every bright human has had one of those
before he/she has turned 30.

When dissected, it all goes to fairness and perspectives.
Someone might talk about how students get shafted monetarily about 24/7 in Finland
only to have someone else bitch back at him about how some poor sad-eyed kid
somewhere else in the World hasn't had anything to eat for weeks and that how he
really has nothing to complain about.


The fact is, though, life isn't fucking fair. Not even remotely.
And if the standard of living someone has gotten used to suddenly gives it to him up his ass,
it's something to complain about alright. Life isn't fair and this kind of discrepancy
is really just one of the things wrong about it. Sure, the classic
"You have nothing to complain about" sounds all very fair (And it is!) but the fact is,
the sad-eyed kids are there, I am here and that's how it is. It's not fair really,
but that's how the deal is. Sure, if this could change, it'd be great but since it
isn't all that possible, one should accept things as they are.
Fair as fair might be, life isn't fair and that isn't fair either.

Of course, these kinds of things should change,
but frankly I don't believe enough in the Mankind to think
that it'll get altered before we all get leveled.

Enough with stupid guilt resulting from having gotten a great standard of living
from the die rolls of the Great Everythingness. Deal with it.
If your standard of living is high, do complain about the things that you dislike. :)
Go right ahead, it's the right thing to do and certainly it's the human thing to do.
We all got here pretty much by dice rolled by the gracious bitch miss Universe.

Seeing through many perspectives is all very good and all,
but it just might make you that little bit more oblivious to what matters.

Of course, in the end, nothing matters, but that's beside the point.

(Sidenote - students DO take it up the ass 24/7!
And were I able to I'd move to Sweden or Norway!)
(Sidenote 2 - Just kidding about the Sweden part. You guessed that, didn't you? Huh? Oh.)

And damn, I just reread what I wrote here,
and I couldn't help smiling at the fact that I sound
like a disgusting capitalist pig if you don't read all of it
and understand what my point is.. so you, read and understand.

And onto the next subject..

Do you think that the Man is different from animal ?
(Doesn't this question just end up sounding stupid?)
I do.

But it's not any kind of a stupid fucking divine difference unlike some would say,
and this soul business is a thing to "RIGHT.", as well.

It's the high intelligence that separates us from beasts and the civilization
a lot of people somewhen decided to put up channels this intelligence.

There's speech of humane intelligence, a thing some people evidently claim
to be some kind of an almighty firmware moral / Good - inducer.
And some people do not understand when other people do believe in a
form of "humane intelligence" but try to explain that they don't (obviously)
believe it to be some form of an uberalarmclock of all things bright and beautiful.

What I mean by humane intelligence when I use the term,
is the larger-than-other-species intelligence of the homo sapiens and use thereof,
channeled by our civilization and the "gamerules" of the civilization.

Anyway, that's it for this rant, and sorry if something here sounds pretty confusing.
I wrote all this in some kind of a frenzy and I might not formed it into an optimal shape.
(Later editorial note : might not HAVE formed it! Have! Uh, see? That's exactly what I meant!)
Of course, you might just be dumb, too.

Maybe I should just say I'm sorry in general.