Emulation.. what a great thing.
To play games long forgotten by others.
To relive your 8 year 8 bit years.
Or hmm, I think I was a bit older than 8 when I got my NES, but whatever. =)

I personally discovered emulation.. what was it, umm..
I can't remember, but over an year ago nonetheless.

I do remember that just around when I got into emulation,
a group called Damaged Cybernetics (I think)
hacked a version of NESticle and that caused Sardu to get mighty pissed.
The article from which I learned about NESticle was about that incident,
and boy, was I in eight bit heaven when I got the program
and downloaded some Mega Man games. X-)
That moment, I was hooked.

It was really sad though, knowing that NESticle will never be updated anymore
thanks to a bunch of some h@x0rs.
And just when I discovered emulation.. #*!&$!

That's why I was bloody surprised when
I later read from some emulation place or another
that a new version of NESticle had been released!
Oh man, was I happy!-)

I still remember some of the places I have visited..
I warmly remember Node 99.. I also remember Harry Tuttle's NES Dump.
From my later days, I also remember a place named Irsangla
(That's what I think the name was)
which was a ROM site with a loving twist.

Holy mush.. I'm getting all sentimental. :)
Well, carry on.

Now, I've also witnessed the emulation of the Sony Playstation,
and Nintendo 64, and although I personally have no interest in them whatsoever,
it's cool to see what dedicated programmers can do.. very cool!
I wish big corporations had dedicated programmers, too.. =)
Too bad the over-16-bit machine emulation attracted loads of attention,
for example from greedy s*it like Nintendo and Sony,
not to mention the attention of lamers.. *shudder*

Ah yes, speaking of which, lamers.
The disease of the emulation society.

\/\/h3r3 C@n 3y3 d0wnl0d3 a r3gg3d v3r$10n of 1n3s ?
K@n y00 g1v3 m3 @n 3ngli$h $üp3r /\/\@r10 rPG ?
|/\|h3r3 C@n 3y3 d0wnl0d3 pH@+ R0mZ ?
+r@n$l@+3 p0k3m0n g0ld pl33z !!!!!!!!!!!!
With or without l33tsp3@k, I still say AAAARGH!

They cause grief to many emulation authors.
They cause grief at messageboards.
They cause grief to many translators.
They cause grief to *!$@! everybody.

These llamahs have caused some emulation authors
to think twice whether they really want to keep on improving their apps,
they have also caused at least one emulator I remember being denied from the public,
some people have retired from emulation because of them,
many people receive stupid, irritating mail from stupid, irritating lamers,
and loads more.

It's as if they are intentionally trying to hamper emulation.
Makes me really bitter.

Yep, it's Homo Sapiens alright.. wise as hell.

Hey, world powers!
Nuke this place all to hell.
I dare ya!-)

Odd.. that probably would've worked for all sides during the Cold War. =)

emulation is still as interesting to me as it was when I first met it.

I hope it never dies.

*02.03.2000 update*
I now recall that I met emulation even before this age..
I remember discovering C64S a fair time before that, already.

*19.02.2002 update*
Nowadays I just rather play the real thing,
but understand that I wrote this rant up before my OCD kicked in
and started forcing me to get every damn console on the globe..