Where's there a point? Yeah. Where the hell's the point?

Why should I do anything? Where is there a need to?

What for?
What for?

There no fucking point in doing anything, nor is there a point in anything, period.
No need to do anything, no reason to do anything, no use in doing anything.
No use in not doing something. No point in not doing everything.
No need not to try everything.

Why the hell should I see Angel Sanctuary?
Why should I?
Why indeed should I find solace in something?
Why the fuck should I not hate something?

Should I resist a thought?
Is that not simply tainting of the true form and function of me?

Why refrain from being an asshole when I can just refrain from refraining?
Shouldn't one just be oneself?
Neither you nor me need to hide things, no need to please anybody at all.

Why the hell shouldn't I crack her ribs, why not hit her about the head?
There's no single fucking point in not doing something like that.

At least there's a beauty, a purity, to being natural.
Oh, please be natural!
We're all borne natural. Why must we hide ourselves?

Why kick a puppy? Why the fuck not?
Why shouldn't I just start listening to death metal and killing little children?
Please tell me a reason to care for something.

Grab a shotgun and shoot random people.

Nothing's right, nothing's wrong.

Why try to prevent pollution, why stop smoking,
why in the name of whatever should one even fucking care?

And religion? Nice try. Religion's even more shallow than anything else.
Yeah, believe. Believe my ass.

Yet people bury their heads into the sand.
With their last clock cycles they smile as they are of course destined
to be reunited with their gone loved ones in heaven,
but the next minute they are permanently deleted.

In the end it's all just a feeble fucking excuse of fidgeting around
in the waiting room. A fucking multidecade waiting room
where we try to keep ourselves occupied until the speakers echo out
your name and number, and then you just move on,
only you don't move on as much as you're just negated.

Ripples? Who gives a shit about ripples? It's just idle chatter
in the waiting room, maybe some graffiti drawn on the room walls.
Yay wohoo. Immortalized? Shut the fuck up, all right?
Let me tell you about immortalization. You may consider it immortalized,
but at the end of the day the last one to leave will turn off the lights.
Is that immortalization? Is that what you call it?
Fuck you and your immortality.

The boon of intelligence? Just what kind of a boon is that?
It must only be some kind of a fuck-up.
Pursuit of intelligence is said to be a positive goal,
but where is there a point to such a trifle - and a trivial one at that -
when it's all negated, all wasted in an eyeblink in a matter of short time ..?
And with the limits?

They say everything's finite, it makes sense.
But is time finite? Death, finite? What happens when death runs out?

Nothing good can come out of it when everything is created just because.
Was it the true nature of everything to start existing? Spontaneously?
All / nothing?
From where was it borne?

What a morbid burden.
I really certainly definitely wish I could hope that there's some greater point
to everything, even though there really isn't.

Oh, please give me something.