Our hero just bought an ADSL connection and an ADSL modem yesterday,
and they said at the company that it would be activated sometime the next day.

He has also brought in a computer, somewhat old (running fine with Windows 98).
Everything's been tweaked into relative perfection prior to this.
However, the network interface card could not be tested beforehand,
but a replacement NIC that has been fully tested is also available,
boxed away in the corner.

Let the play begin.

10:00 Yawn.. I woke up. Feeling kind of giddy, I turned
the computer on to see if the connection had been activated, already.
It didn't seem so.

10:45 After a quick dinner and the general motions one goes through
in the morning, a recheck. Still no signs of life.

11:00 Nothing on the television, save for disgusting shopping channels.
Just who is it that watches these things?
Sure wouldn't ever want to run into the poor bastard.

12:15 Watched the shopping channels, anyway.

13:00 Watched SMS chat on the TV.
It's funny how the guys that pay to get this stuff displayed
on the TV are the same guys that saw some Moore document
and went on to criticize Americans for being way too dumb.

13:15 Sent over a fun message. Well, I thought it was one.
It still hasn't gotten displayed so maybe there's something wrong here.

13:17 Sent it again. Had better get it displayed this time around.

13.30 They didn't show it, but now there's this sad game program on
where this blurry female straight from Mortal Kombat gaming hell
dodges rendered water balloons live against rendered backdrops.
And the people pay to send those balloons?

14:00 Okay, she was kinda cute so watched the show anyway.
Gave a shot at it, too, but she dodged it.

14:05 Tried the computer - it still does nothing. Frustrating.

14:10 Now there's a show on where the blurry videocaptured female
blocks soccer balls against a goal backdrop. Lemme change the channel.

14:20 Girlfriend woke up. She noticed I was watching the cute girl on TV
so I got scolded. I don't think she was serious, though.

14:30 The Internet isn't working yet.
Girlfriend laughed and said we should go out and do something instead.
They aren't generally very bright, but I thought she knew better.

14:35 I've been thinking and there must be something wrong with the NIC card,
after all the connection should probably be active already!?
Rebooted the computer and tried again, still doesn't work.

14:40 That's it. I'm gonna change the card.

14:45 Changed the card. Turned the computer on, it found the new card
but it wants the 98 CD. I don't have one???
I'm gonna phone my brother.

14:50 He wasn't helpful. Asked me if I have the CD on the hard disk, WTF?
How the hell can I have a CD on the hard disk?
I think he was fucking with me. Well, I can get the CD from a friend.
Girlfriend keeps bugging me about it not being important.
She just doesn't understand.

15:10 Saw the friend. He laughed at Windows 98 and told me I needed to get
Windows 2000. Well, why not. Took a W2K CD from him and I'm getting home.

15:15 I'm going to install W2K. This should be a breeze.

15:30 Formatted the hard drive all right, but W2K won't install.
Girlfriend keeps bugging me. I'm getting angry.

15:35 I'm not in a very good mood over this piece of shit computer.
Phoned brother again, I think he was being overly sarcastic.
Told him about my proceedings, but he kept going on with something
about the Internet, a clean W2K installation and worms. I shit you not.
I didn't listen to him a lot at this point. I mean, worms, WTF?
I don't think he's even trying anymore.

16:30 Took a little nap to clear the mind, and went on to install W2K.
Works this time around. Installing..

16:45 Still installing.

17:00 Installed. There's no sound and the machine is really slow.
I don't know.. there must be something wrong with it.
Installed the network card drivers. I'm gonna reboot and give it a shot!

17:05 Doesn't work. Nothing works. Everything screws me over in the long run.

17:10 Girlfriend started bitching about the computer.
I started bitching on about her.
She walked out the door. Well, fuck her.

17:20 Doesn't work.

17:25 Doesn't fucking work.




17:33 nO WORK

17:45 dfjkl3rDFIJvnm

18:00 Only now have I realized it all. I've thought about it so much,
but I couldn't grasp the simple explanation behind the curtains, oh no,
it eluded me for so long. But now I possess the knowledge, only now I know better..
Now I know everything. Oh yes, I possess complete knowledge on the matter.
They're closing in on me, I know this for sure. And she was a part of them.
When she came and said all those words to me - it took me that and only that
to realize the full truth. Everything of it. I confronted her with my knowledge,
she denied everything. She claimed she didn't know what I was talking about,
and after a fashion I stopped listening to her. But that doesn't matter now.
She is now dead, for I drove the screwdriver into hear head.
The computer case screw was still magnetically attached, but I hit and hit
and hit and hit until it fell through. I'm sure they know this as well,
they must've had her wired. I don't know what for, but she was working for them.
Oh yes, everything's connected. But I don't know how to proceed from this point on.
Even with all the knowledge I possess, they hold all the keys and I can't trust
anyone to help me on my quest. The Intenet is but a fraction of the width of this
conspiracy, and I am seemingly alone against these forces. May the strength
and speed of God help me on the way. This shall be my last entry.
From now on the world shall know of my sweet victory or my bitter failure
through my actions, and my actions alone.


At 18:20, the company typed in a few strings and a led light flashed on.
But this didn't matter anywhere. Several days later the police discovered
the apartment in disarray, with unintelligible markings covering the walls,
painted by the use of blood and human defecations. An unidentifiable corpse,
apparently female and approximately fifteen to twenty years old
(further examination results pending), with over a hundred stabbing wounds
covering the majority of the body, was also discovered in the bathroom,
mutilated beyond recognition, with what seemed like a computer power cord
tied around her neck in a slipknot-like fashion. The people that hold the rent
for the apartment have not been as of yet located despite an issued
all points bulletin on the both of them, based on a variety of reconstructed photographs
found throughout the apartment. Almost everything else was destroyed with great precision,
including all furniture and windows, television and general glassware.
A computer was also discovered in a room, mostly in shambles,
but several IDE cables and interestingly, two fully functional network cards
could be located in the vicinity, placed on a pentagram,
meticulously drawn in human waste.

Throughout history, suspicion has always bred conflict.
The real conflict, though, resides in people's hearts.
This conflict.. has just begun.