..yet another domestic violence act..
You get what you ask for. Jesus. The women always pick
the (athletic) winner types who are used to stepping on the faces of
others and then they act surprised when the guy is suddenly violent
and is beating her up. Well go fucking figure!

..the same, take two..
What do you expect when you pick up some guy from a bar?
And what, you think a human cannot tell you lies?
Huh? Speak up!

..a church..
Fuck God. It's the 21st century. It's well past the fucking time
people should start standing on their own instead of resorting
to imaginary icons for relief. All of these religions just need to be disbanded.
Open your goddamn eyes and face reality.
That might just make the world a better place for some other people, as well..

..a suicide report..
People never cease to amaze me. When a human is born,
it's always predisposed towards suicide. After all, a regular baby
pretty much tries to kill itself any way it can - even if not wantonly.
Zoom forty years into the future, and they're still at it..
except that this time they're actually putting their hearts into it.

..mental problems of the young..
No surprise kids are fucked up.
Yeah, you just try telling her that her appearance doesn't count all that much
while you're busy applying your make-up and buying snappy clothes yourself
and teenage pop stars are pouring out of the woodwork like jailbait spam
convincing people into buying soft drinks with their FUCK ME birthday suits on
and no need for a brain in sight. Ally is funny but she isn't helping.

..then again, take two on that..
But it's not as if the blame should be always laid on society and upbringing et al,
as people have these fucking brain things, the use of which is recommended
to prevent people from fucking themselves up like that..
So who's responsible for your anorexia and smoking and drug abuse and whatever?
You fucking are, that's who.

..man and woman..
Equality of men and women. Such a concept. Certainly a sweet thing to strive for,
but the fact is, the possibility of said equality depends on how deep
an equality is wanted to be created. It is pretty obvious, though,
that a total equality cannot exist until every single man and woman
on the face of the earth has been castrated. And even then,
the so-called double standard would probably still make sure it isn't possible.

..visions of unforgettable fire and war..
Deadlocks abound as veritable loads of occasionally religious catches-22
keep old feuds ablaze anew and people are too blinded by their disknowledge
to meet the brand new day without their chains of zeal.

Enter the school, younger and younger every year, must do everything yesterday,
educate yourselves. Waste hours waste years, get yourselves jobs
and dedicate your lives for the greater good of corporate logos
and you will be granted an opportunity to buy the products you
created with the money you gained from creating them. Aisle three!
Cannot enjoy per se, but hey, if you're good for the rest of your unlife,
you will get to go to heaven !

No need to bother that brain of yours, it never woke up to begin with anyway.
Play with your Britney Spears dolls when you are a kid,
watch the series with Britney Spears in them, while listening to music
from Britney's new CD, and when getting a night out at the cinema
pick that new Britney Spears movie, all while chewing your Britney Spears bubble gum.
All we need now are Britney Spears condoms. Why settle for reality?
Take Britney into bed with your girlfriend and stick your willie
inside a Britney Spears! Customized for her pleasure!

..sexual crimes..
No wonder raping is so popular. After all, it merges the two most favourite
things of the western culture.. violence and sex. But don't think for a minute
that rape could get even close to the top list of most horrible things
a human may have to experience in life. That's not even close to a real hell.

Think? What's that? It rings a bell from somewhere..
I believe I had an original thought, once. Did I? It may be so.
But there was no need for it, so I kept it not. Threw it away,
on the corner of the shop of everything. Bought a nice blouse, there.
I like blouses. Especially those lightweight ones. I bought a purple one.
I like purple. Purple is my favourite colour. What time is it? Roswell's on.