PikaChu > nobody here

[X01 has joined the conversation]

PikaChu > hi
PikaChu > ah company
X01 > hey pikachu
PikaChu > whats going on?
X01 > nothing much.. bored really
PikaChu > yeah me too.
X01 > did you hear that dboy has had a new update?
PikaChu > no. what's new?
X01 > i dunno.. the page and the docs are full of stupid unreadable crap
PikaChu > yeah i know
PikaChu > they suck
X01 > yeah
X01 > the moron should learn some english dammit
PikaChu > anyway I just found the yellow version
X01 > yeah?
X01 > cool
PikaChu > isnt it
X01 > played it?
PikaChu > not a lot. but i know its great
X01 > right

[TimR@aol.com has joined the conversation]

TimR > Hello.
PikaChu > god its a aol lamer
X01 > look we dont need you here tim just get f*** out
TimR > What?
X01 > dont start you goddamn dolt
TimR > Friendly, are we ?
PikaChu > shut the hell up
PikaChu > x01 ban this f***er
X01 > just a mo
TimR > What's with you anyway ?

[TimR@aol.com has left the conversation]

X01 > i hate all those stupid aol motherf***ers
PikaChu > me too
PikaChu > nobody with aol has a higher iq than 60
PikaChu > they oughta be killed off
X01 > agreed
PikaChu > and they go around speaking s**t and requesting stupid romz
X01 > dont i know it
X01 > stupid lamers
X01 > lets chance the subject
PikaChu > ok
X01 > what do you think about n64
PikaChu > well the n64 or n64 romz
X01 > either one
PikaChu > well the n64 machine is a flimsy piece of crap
PikaChu > and the n64 romz scene sucks
X01 > why
PikaChu > cause the damn games have been made this year
PikaChu > its just as good a piracy
X01 > agree
PikaChu > plus i dont understand why would someone want to play zelda64
X01 > heh
PikaChu > besides getting that stupid link killed a thousand times
X01 > ;)
X01 > im going to buy a dreamcast
PikaChu > why in blazes
X01 > it looks real sweet
PikaChu > ill wait for playstation 2 instead
PikaChu > sega is a stupid piece of crap
PikaChu > the good games will be made to psx 2 anyway
X01 > really
PikaChu > i think so
X01 > well i probably still buy a dreamcast anyway
X01 > my father will give me money
PikaChu > heh
X01 > the sequel to resident evil 2 will be great
X01 > itll have cool graphics
PikaChu > yeah
PikaChu > and lousy voice acting
PikaChu > but seriously i agree with you
X01 > battlezone 2 will be great too
PikaChu > a pc game
X01 > nonetheless
PikaChu > may be. they say its gonna have revolutionary graphx
X01 > with a new voodoo card i wager
PikaChu > yeah
X01 > it must have big multiplayer support
X01 > or else itll suck
PikaChu > big time

[AshE has joined the conversation]

PikaChu > hi there
AshE > hello pikachu
AshE > so did you get the yellow version
PikaChu > yep
AshE > oh
AshE > i have it too now
PikaChu > played it?
AshE > yeah
AshE > it ROCKS
PikaChu > oh
PikaChu > maybe i should go try it
AshE > think so
PikaChu > hmmm
X01 > whats the big deal with pokemon
AshE > what do you mean
PikaChu > pokemon rocks
X01 > i mean, its just a stupid game with stupid puff creatures
PikaChu > SHUT THE F*** UP
AshE > dont start x01
X01 > its for seven year olds
PikaChu > hey man shut up
PikaChu > dont pick on pokemon bitch
X01 > okay whatever
X01 > sorry i opened my mouth
X01 > dreadfully sorry
AshE > btw did you hear they have dumped kof99
X01 > no shit
PikaChu > they have?
AshE > yep
AshE > smooth
PikaChu > damn damn damn
PikaChu > i must get it
PikaChu > its great
X01 > eh
PikaChu > i think ill go now
PikaChu > ill try out the yellow version and then go find kof99
AshE > okay man
X01 > right
PikaChu > seeya

[PikaChu has left the conversation]

X01 > i think ill go too
X01 > ill try out the new quake beta test
AshE > whatever
X01 > bye
AshE > bye

[X01 has left the conversation]

AshE > well i wont be staying here now either

[AshE has left the conversation]