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<section> GAMING:Hints&Tips *new

Tony Hawk's GRINDIM!(tm) 8

Here are a couple of hints for those tough ones
in the level N.Y.City II.

* Target Locked Gap - pull a ten second manual in the WTC lobby to distract
the security guard, then take the elevator to the roof. Grind the rim
of the building around once to "lock" the "target"! Way cool!

* Been Laden Gap - go to the side opposite of the second WTC tower,
and speed up by grinding along the side rail. About 3/4 of the way,
leap off the rail and aim for the yellow-black marker on the edge.
When accurately positioned, jump to leap the Been Laden Gap,
making it across to the other tower. Properly done, the twin towers
will come down as the national anthem of the selected player character plays.
Don't worry if you miss the jump spot, as you will only fall on the road
below and can try this one over as many times as you like.

* H.R. Gap
Visit the art museum and grind/jump the 5 paintings present on the west wall.
You'll have to cover most of the frame of each painting to successfully
pull this one off, though, so keep trying.

* Gap Gap
Enter the Gap, pull out an uzi and slaughter all the wasters.

* Libertine Gap
Take the ferry up to Liberty Island, enter the access lift,
grind one of the statue head spikes (you'll see which one),
and land on the Book. If pulled off correctly, the dress
of the statue should rise to reveal a huge, erected phallos,
which you can then grind to achieve this one.

* THE Gap
Enter Sir Goats-e-lot and grind the appendage of the huge statue,
after which the statue should perform the popular "hello" pose.
Note: One of the hidden items of the game is hidden in the "gap"!
It will be up to you to discover the way of gaining it!

<section> GAMING:Patches *new


The latest installment in the popular SimCC series has been updated,
resulting in 1.889 build 204, fixing the following bugs and errors :

* Some general tidying-up, resulting in a small speed-up.

* The number of the total casualties has been corrected,
as it originally spanned many millions, well ridiculous a claim.

* The Hitler crash bug has been fixed.

* Now ALL of the Jews should properly incinerate in the furnaces,
and the animations should reflect that.

* Now the inside chamber POV JewCam works properly.
(Check out the death effect!)

* The Grampa Irving camp growth reward was removed upon request.

* Trade option has been modelled a little more realistically now,
reflecting monthly slave demand fluctuations.

* The possibility to recycle the furnace heat, resulting in energy savings,
has been added. This greatly changes the gameplay balance in "hard" mode.

* On a related note, the "wild" mode has the option to wire up the furnaces
into power generators for additional savings.

* For the ultimate challenge, the Truth mode is added. The holocaust did not happen,
so how can you bring Germany to the top? Try a mile in Adolf's shoes.

* Another related addition - you can now get sideline jobs at book burning
with the furnaces, and also selling soap. This helps with the money.

* The Heil, Heil sequence has been corrected so that
the morale increase does happen afterwards.

* Broken corpses have been tidied up some for enhanced aesthetic.
Also, an option to remove blood was added.

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