Really, I can't see the big deal on Formula championships.
Or any other championships, for that matter.

During an average person's life there are usually over 60
different championships, and that stands for over 60 different
champions at best (or worst if you want to put it that way).

Big deal.

I'd understand the hype more if the championship duels were
held only every 30 years, or perhaps every 50 years,
but once in a year ?

Every single bloody year !

What the hell is there to celebrate about?
Sixty times during your lifetime is quite a bit,
of course that depends on whether you compare it to
once a lifetime or to 12399 times per a lifetime,
but once a year is a bit too much to make me interested
in anything about it..

I'm not going into any great detail on
what I think about the general idea of that
some zombie who drives the same damn track over
a thousand times and then arrives at the goal first
is hailed a hero but I'll just say that with that criteria
we should instead celebrate every bloke who manages to live through
this thing we call life, finally dying naturally.
Now that... is an accomplishment.

But they praise a guy who just happened to drive like hell on wheels.
Big deal.
And they'll do it again next year.

I guess it's that without real heroes around in real life,
(No-one has ever really saved the world from the clutches of the Evil :)
people just feel that they need to celebrate someone
who meets the criteria at some lame game or another.

There's also one other thing about F1 that makes me laugh.
It is that wheeling-and-dealing attitude that manifests itself in
situations like " Hey, you're leading the race now, great,
now you'll brake your butt for a bit so that the other guy gets the lead
'cause he's got more points than you and he needs them,
and if you don't we'll kick your sorry ass out of our team, comprendez? ".
Now isn't this just sweet?-)

I wonder if the F1 racing simulation games are so realistic
that you would suddenly be ordered to surrender your lead to
that other jerk that happens to be on the same team,
or that no matter what's going on, Häkkinen would crash his car
in every third race, like in real life?

All in all, I feel the same way about ice hockey championships.
I'd comment on them with "Who cares?" but I know that every damn
redneck in the world (Very much including Finland) does so I won't.