Technology and the society that uses it generally evolves towards
ease of use and speed. Things progress towards simplicity of operation,
effectively shaving time off.

Somehow this concept does not apply to everything, however,
and with a selection of matters it has become slightly warped and hindered,
making it so that it's regarded positive for you to spend some needless extra
time in some display of useless, stupid tradition for the sheer sake of tradition.

As if it somehow makes you a better person if you "take the time",
sacrificing time or comfort.

Think about shoelaces. They're obviously regarded an "adult" way of keeping
your shoes on, and it is expected of nigh everyone that they use shoes with laces
and take the time to tie and untie them whenever applicable, although there are,
or at least should be, more time-effective designs to keep your shoes on your feet.
Now, I'm not saying it's hard work. Just unnecessary. But you prefer it that way, right?
You don't mind, you celebrate your tradition and routine.
Hell, maybe you even look down on people that wear simple shoes.

Writing a letter, are you?
Yeh. With a pen.. and the paper's coloured, with decorations on side.
Exactly why is it that you're doing it, hmh? You know electronic mail's a lot faster
and free, too - whereas the Postal Service rips you off more each year,
the price of bits on the Internet only gets cheaper. You say that you prefer letters,
for they're far more personal than electronic mail? Well, do you mean to say
that what you write isn't very personal and that you need to alleviate this through
extra effort in the form of paper letters? Oh? It isn't like that at all, eh?
I bet you love your hardwriting. Fine. Oh, the receiver prefers a letter over e-mail, too?
Well, aren't you guys regular romantics.

Then there's the matter of music on vinyl. A horrible format from the artist's view -
inherent stereophonic and continuity limitations, quality issues depending on
the material used to make the discs and the size of the discs themselves, lots of noise
and high static charge further contributing to the problem as vinyls basically
suck in every particle of dust from their near vicinity. Plus, the discs are
easy to scratch and damage. And as you would have it, all of these flaws have
actively contributed to the legend of vinyl records. Supposedly the noise makes
the sound warmer (a sentimental bullshit statement), and the discs must be cherished
because they're not very robust, hence extra care and time from you.
Other problems abound with the idiot media as good vinyl players cost loads
of money these days - but you can feel good, blowing your load
(of money, that is.. or wait a minute) on one, but even the good players,
as long as they're needle-based, constantly damage the discs as you play them,
decreasing the quality of the record each second, and you could even argue
that simply slipping the record in or out the sleeve subjects it to wear.

Well, at least I haven't seen any of you guys holding on to VHS, thank God,
but there's still way too much holding on happening in the world today,
to relics and institutions and traditions and ideas some guy had æons ago.
Update yourselves, why don't you.