Indeed, you truly feel for her. Bittersweet as it may feel or be,
the mere thought of her drives tingling sparks down and up your spine!
Her beautiful face, and divine body, and what a delightful brain to match.

What should you do? And what can you do?

Plot branch!

Choice #1. Admire her from afar, dropping obscure hints about your affection
at her, silently cursing either her nonchalance or ignorance
until your paths branch and you never see her again until
you are grown up a bitter intellectual and she's married with
this winner character you cannot but hate and envy at the same time.
Then you spend your days jerking off to ragged porno mags and reminiscence
about how you could have made a change and yet how you didn't.

Choice #2. Confess to her straight away; she'll laugh you out of the room
and for the following life or so your existence is ruined as any contact
with any human will automatically result in recognition
and pointed fingers and cruel mocking laughter and hell and things
less nice than getting all violated up, and with brown eyes bloodshot
with ethyl abuse you finally end up having oral sex with the shotgun,
the fierce ejaculation of which wipes you off the face of this particular
incarnation of center of intelligent life. Nobody misses you much,
and a bunch of people actually make the point of laughing at you,
your dilemma and demise before noticing there are people in the next room.

Choice #3. Confess to her straight away; she'll look at you differently from now on
and moves in with you, and you are so happy about "actually not having to
spend your theoretical life all alone" as it was the most horrible fate an
intelligent form of life could ever be consigned to, and while she
turns out to be steps less intelligent and unique as you made her out to be
in your mind, you still perceive all this as miles higher
than the alternative that has mutated into a fate worse than death in your diseased brain.
This prompts you to start suggesting mate search to everyone else and their dog,
which quickly grows tedious and some of your former friends really begin to loathe you
and your sickeningly misguided doctrines, not to mention your advice and views on how
you would have them live their lives, and you claiming that they have "changed"
in some indetermined way, even though it's your own brain going soft with worms.
You also produce an offspring, which is really just as stupid as all the rest, and thus,
you destroy the world. And as a result of your relationship, you start to remind her more
instead or her reminding you and as a result of that you lose a great deal of you:
Your sense of humour, attitude and sharp intelligence. You become a stupid fuck of a sad
little husband instead but well, you won didn't you? Didn't you?

Game over