Whenever there's something that doesn't quite please you,
in the contrary in fact,
isn't it just easy and the best way to handle the situation
to shut down all your brain activity,
and to perhaps organize a group of likeminded zombies to back you up
and turn it into a big happy nazi lynch mob of unintelligence ?

Well, judging from all the things that I've seen in an year or so
this would be the preferred method of dealing with things at hand
be the place the United States of Amoebae or whatever would it be.

When there's something someone doesn't like,
for example when some nutty kid shoots his pals in the head,
or when some f*cked up people gang up to do something nasty to someone,
it's really easy to blame something that could easily turn controversial,
instead of -REALLY- wasting a single thought towards finding
the real reason behind whatever took place, or checking the facts, is it not ?

After all, it's always easier to man the forts and to cry havoc than to think, eh.

Let me refresh your minds . . .

Quite some years back, when computers were not at all that 'pop',
there was the matter of some group or another hacking into a system or another,
and the public, naturally, panicked the hell out of it and turned real stupid.
After that, everyone with a computer hobby was naturally a malicious hacker or cracker
(People didn't know the difference between those either. God bless the media.).

Now, some years after that, there was the debate on
how the role-playing games, that obvious tool of Satan,
turned innocent souls into corrupted worshippers of the devil
and RPGs were then also associated with the occult and metal music. X-)
Jesus, how f*cking stupid can you get !!?

Pretty damn stupid it would appear,
since some time back some crazy dudes killed their classmates
and, since they were avid 3d gamers, take a stab at guessing what was at fault.
Of course! Doom and Quake kill people! And they turn people into monsters!
Naturally !

Fer cryin' out loud !
What ignorant assholes.

It would appear that the basic human function is to shut down
all common sense and to let stupid crap spread like wildfire..
Maybe this has something to do with the human instinct of grouping up ?
Hell, luckily I sure as hell don't have to like a single bit of it.

Quite frankly, I am at times quite damn appalled by news about
some person or people or whatever fanatically foaming on about something stupid,
and if you think about this closely you can probably relate this easily
into whatever 'opinion wars' you may experience in whatever communities you belong in,
if any.

I personally think that people should really learn to think independently,
or at least to think, dammit, for what I've seen strongly points towards
the conclusion that really too few people actually DO think.

So what's the moral of this quaint little story ?
1. Don't be a nazi !
2. Think, for Christ's sake! Use that large brain !
3. Screw the instinct that tells you to follow the flow !

Yeah.. and that third one applies to some people I know.

The sad thing about this mind myriad of mine is,
I'm pretty sure that nobody of those firestarters
will probably never read it and wisen the hell up.

Guess I shouldn't aim too high.