Time goes by, years pass, games evolve..
Or.. do they ?

I have been addicted to the fan-made English translation
of Konami's excellent MSX game Metal Gear 2 : Solid Snake
(Originally made in 1990) for a couple of days.

It's a great game, really, beats the alternative Metal Gear 2
(NES Snake's Revenge, HAH) anytime.
Also, beats a lot of newer games too, anytime.

But now that I've played MSX Metal Gears,
isn't Metal Gear Solid just a three dee rehash
of these great ten year old games,
with most of the ideas recycled.
(Aiygh, this starts to sound like Star Control 3 syndrome doesn't it ??)
That's what kind of a picture I get from the game...

But well, I guess MGS is a good game nonetheless,
and not all that many people saw Metal Gear Solid Snake
in the western world, a shame really.

Back to the concept of game evolution.

The only things that have really improved these ten years
are just fluff; Graphics and audio.
For example, Star Control 2 is very old and it still is one of the greats.
Of course graphiclamers probably disagree and rage about now.
Sure, vent your rage on the family dog or something, ***holes,
isn't that what you usually do anyway.
Or wait, forget that thought, dogs are nice, vent your rage
on your bleeding Requiem CD instead.

Metal Gear 2 has a storyline totally worthy a modern game,
if not surpassing too, since these days every bloody company
is just churning out stupid violent gore 3d games and the like
with third rate SciFi background stories and not a single original idea.
Disgusting, plain disgusting.

Well, I'm a retrogamer, there's no doubt about it. :)
But the evolution of gaming is actually regressive.

You see..
If the game market follows this current trail,
in a year or two shelves are filled with 3d games
where you play a psychopath that has to
torture, mutilate, kill and rape people,
all in disgusting red graphical fullness.
And the game has been made totally seriously.
It'll sell a lot too, because that kind of sick shit sells.

Personally, I'm starting to feel nauseous.

Ever since 3d came into fashion and computers became trendy,
(ultra)violence games have increased sickeningly much.
I'm always been one to dislike censorship VERY much,
but all this makes me wonder nonetheless...

Ah well.
As long as there are great emulators like BrXXX, LoopyNES and ZSNES
to enable one to play the GOOD games, I'm content enough. :-)