Even though you may spot a fair share of negative commentary on the subject of the USA
on my pages, I have to say that I have nothing against someone solely because
he's an American, should he be one. And that applies to everyone of every nationality, really.

Naturally, I often have wondered whether USA really is as stupid
as the picture they tend to give out is. Again, nothing personal.
Also, while generalizing is a favorite among some people,
I aknowledge that not every American (obviously) is alike.

But really, after someone like George W. Bush gets elected into Presidency
at this point in the timeline of history, in a supposedly civilized large western country,
I once again have to slap my hand on my eyes.

(This rant doesn't include the silly way the election went, though. Heh.)

Why and how human beings vote such a mental midget and a mental fossil into such a role
is really getting to be beyond me.. perhaps USA deserves my praise.
Of course, there's an old saying about how a single worm can ruin a perfectly good apple,
but well.. if the Republican party is such a large organization,
is not a half of the total weight of the apple caused by worms ?-)

Of course.. it wasn't exactly a duel of good and evil, the election.
But when choosing of two evils, one should probably pick the much less evil
and obviously more adaptable one who thinks he thought up the Internet
instead of the greater alcohol-incuded Evil who probably could've
smiled at the thought of McCarthy in firm righteousness right before
attending to his Klan duties.

After hearing about sorts of things that this woefully outdated person has already
accomplished, it's all really sad that he got to be whoever he currently is.

How the hell can it be that such an inept and inadequate man for this role gets elected
into this notable position? Surely people must see that he is certainly not a 'thinker'
of a person, if he ever actually even had a thought of his own making,
and that his view of the world is dated and horribly warped, and certainly too warped
for one of his kind to get to run a country. This could be tolerable if the
Presidency held as minor power as the one of Finland's does, but setting such
a prehistoric person on some kind of a seat of power cannot be good for anybody.
Basically, isn't he a Reagan reject of sorts, a fossil of a sad era
that should have been noted so that the history would not repeat itself in any manner ..?
I usually refrain from calling people names (1 too much) (2 sure I do!),
but how could they elect this fucking redneck ?

Then again, people like Reagan and Nixon got to be presidents one way or another, too.
Nobody ever learns a fucking thing. Jeez, I'm just glad I don't live there.
I'd probably get called a "commie bastard" or something a lot.
If I was still alive.

I mean, you can hardly expect this man to cause any good, after all,
he has already managed to break his holy election promises,
replaced previous government staff with sub-par, sub-human lot,
and given some serious thought to getting about to raping nature
with a spiked fucking vibrator.

What stunning caper is he going to pull next? Reinstate black slavery?
Perhaps nuke those bearded Russian commie bastards ?
Build Reagan's Star Wars dream?
Blow the whole fucking world up while he's at it?

Maybe, after he is done, when attentive people think that at least it can't get any worse,
Americans elect their local version of Adolf Hitler who gives promises of rising
America from their poor state and onto the classic top of the world?
And what'll happen then ?

Maybe then someone will see the error of this way?
Maybe I still have too much confidence.

Hey, since I'm not an American, this is not going to be a crime.
Someone PLEASE assassinate Bush?
A shot through that diseased brain of his too much to ask?
Come on, you guys have a history of capping your presidents !
Anyone from CIA? Get him into a convertible and blow his rotten noggin clean off !

(15.04.2001 update :
Is he really as dumb as he appears to be ?
How the hell could have he gotten so far being who he is ?
Maybe, just maybe, he's a genius disguised as a simple bastard..)