Earlier on you may have heard me talk about the lack of the so-called
"basic security" in life, and that how it is but a frail illusion, yet a regenerating one.
And that it is..

And so, even when two months (or so) ago that feeling of safety was torn
off of many people in that terrorism incident, and many were the people to claim
that the safety has certainly been lost forever for them, to quote a certain song :

Bullets for your brain today
But we'll forget it all again

After a while people again get lulled into that false sense of being safe,
only to possibly get temporarily pulled out of it again when the next act
of general fuckedupness occurs in their lives.. acknowledging this, aren't people then,
generally, regardable as stupid? Is there anything that could negate that argument?

By default, regard people as useless, ignorant and potentially dangerous.

Okay, so I'm making something of a mock quote there,
but it only takes you the use of brain and a pair of open eyes to face reality.

Am I going somewhere with this? Why yes I am.
See, you may not know this, but Finland is regarded by at least some
of its inhabitants as a country with too mild a justice / control system.

For example, what should be regarded as car theft is called something like
"Unlicensed use of vehicle", to give out one example, and I've heard people feel that
too many things incur too little punitive actions or penalties.
What links this subject with the previous one is the fact that even now,
stories are being told of people who have tried to kill people in past,
and have been convicted of some minor misdemeanor, and, ultimately,
after spending a minimal time under incarceration, have gotten out with probation
or completely free, after which they have returned to finish the job.

Now this next one is a bit of a side story of the subject, but here goes..
Another related thing is the lack of money for proper psychiatric treatment,
which has lead to patients being treated not well enough,
and the use of somewhat.. open-ended treatment (Not having people institutionalized).
This does have a potentially dangerous ring to it if you ask me.
Now I know that sounded like a comment of prejudice and incitement,
but I trust that you people have enough brains to see through that impression.

Back onto the matter at hand..
Now, if somebody suddenly decides that you deserve to die,
and tries to take action to fulfill his vision, are you safe with the
current justice system of Finland? Or can you make yourself safe in any way
without vigilante-like action and having you end up the penalized one?
What if he is just deemed guilty of some petty criminal act, and gets like two months of prison,
and then decides to kill you right after? What if you just wake up one night
and notice that the nut snuck up on you and is about to pull the shotgun trigger?
Or waking up at night to notice that some freak has set your house on fire?

This all is certainly a subject of earlier debate and thought,
it's not exactly a new problem, but nonetheless..

Finnish men have a great big history of drinking and killing people & their entire families
(Ofter their own), after which they also kill themselves. How can you prevent that?
And is it just a criminal act or an act of criminal insanity? Should people be sent
into psychic evaluations at a hint of such major grudges and imbalances?
Finnish people also have a track record of sorts regarding mental state problems nowadays..
Prevention of loss of lives or that of danger cannot be accomplished with relaxed jail sentences
and instant forgiveness, and quick parole, that's for sure.
(Not with the default idea that all people are basically good, either, but that's beside the point..)

Now I realize I sound like a nazi now, and that there are organizations there in America
founded by people who are dedicated to finding a justifiable way of killing their fellow men
and there also are the matters of not guns but people killing people and all that crap,
but I simply cannot trust most of the mankind to be able to make intelligent decisions
and to be able to fend for themselves in a fair fashion.

I can't. Not with the way things are. It's just not true.
And it sure as hell isn't just because I'm cynical.