The digi-TV is coming to Finland.
Or, at least that's what the zealous bastards at the relevant
positions would have us believe.
They've been pushing the project towards for some time now.

How come then everyone I've heard commentary from on the thing
agrees that it is not going to happen now, and certainly not this fast,
and that they shouldn't try for it will not work that well ?

Even now, commercials about the coming of the digi-TV
can be found on every Finnish channel.
They're basically pushing it down out throats.

But the problems ?

Well, the bitches are truly expensive.
I'd be hard pressed to pay thousands of Finnish marks for digi gear
when I'm hard pressed to buy a fucking Playstation 2..
I imagine loads of other Finnish people are even more reluctant to pay
through the nose for this equipment..

Also, do we really need this, and this fast ?

I once heard someone sing about "15 channels of shit to choose from"
(Afternote : Of course! The Wall! Stupid me.)
and what I believe is that this is exactly what awaits us on this road.
When even the current few TV channels we the Finnish have fail
to bring us much anything worthwhile, do we really need tens more ?

God, what a fucking bad taste the TV channels tend to have more often than not.
Our "most watched channel" MTV3, especially. Gawd.
But they wouldn't send out shit if they thought it wouldn't be popular, eh?

Anyway, someone theoriticized that when we have more channels,
there is greater potential for good material to come out of them.
But someone theoriticized that once those channels are reality,
they will all probably resemble each others in no time,
not counting the truly specialized channels.
Guess which statement makes more sense to me, taking the blatant
commerciality of the world into happy consideration ?

And the fact that the Finnish always seem, sick as it is,
to want to be more 'American'.. and look at their TV system.

"But think of the newfound heights of interactivity of the digi TV !"
Interactivity? It is amusing that some people boast the digi TV system
as something of a truly unique, a truly new invention.
Meanwhile, we've had the interactivity of the Internet for years now.
Fucking unique. Fucking innovative.

Let us hope that the Finnish wisen the hell up and
see the digital television system with the eyes of a realist..
and not with wild fancy.

(Afternote : I didn't mean that the Finns see it right now with fancy,
just that we (they?) never were the brightest potatoes in the basket
that thought everything through to begin with.. ;)