One day, in a random bit of conversation, a classmate of mine commented
on how one particular radio channel plays "only music" at a certain time of day,
and that how he finds is boring.

After some bafflement and some extended conversation, I realized
that when he was referring to "only music", he meant instrumental music
or any kind of a tune that doesn't have vocals.

Is that truly what people think? That music is worthless or at least very boring unless it has
someone shouting dire nothings in it? Is that true?

Just out of curiosity, which comes from the fact that I can't understand such a standpoint,
(Being a person with a wide taste for both instrumental and vocal, good music)
how in the name of hell does not having vocals drop the quality of music ?
The way I view it, too many of the vocals in modern songs
(And certainly a perfect 100 percent when talking about candy pop)
get very close to being totally worthless. When it isn't random shouting of crappy phrases
or slogans, or samples from other songs or movies or whatever, vocals simply have
some truly inane (mostly love) SHIT in them. Now I'm not dissing the concept of love here,
but most of the love-related vocals in music end up in the brink of either inanity or
true worthlessness. Nobody has anything to say - Yet they say it repeatedly.

And even then, some of the more worthful songs usually end up gaining their worthiness
from the music or the melodies.. and at the same time, people say instrumental sucks ?
Even my brother says that he finds instrumental music boring. Huh?
What the hell's boring with that? What IS the apparently and pervertedly magical
effect of vox humana even when the aforementioned vox is spewing out utter BS?
People think the instrumental music is just cheap boring roadtrip ambience?

Or is the 'All instrumental music sucks' viewpoint only acquired by listening the
non-vocal music pop has to offer? Certainly, I can well understand why someone finds
a generic non-vocal pop/techno act boring. After all, isn't that kind of music meant
as pulse signals for all those spastic idiots in their darkened strobe chambers ?-)

Someone once said something to the effect of
"Singing is just a way to catch your attention a bit more effectively".
I wouldn't go around claiming this to be true, but maybe it is that extra bit
required for all the, uh, attention-span challenged, people to actually listen to the tune.

And taking the subject a tad further..
Has anyone of you ever taken a look at generic top-x music lists
or the kind of music you hear in a generic radio station at a regular part of day?
Have you taken a look at MTV lately?
God, what sort of putrid SHIT you get thrown at you from all directions.
Is the mass of the population of the western world truly THIS tasteless?
Does this music truly deserve to exist?
And "artists" in the like of Darude reign in the top lists?
"Artists" like this actually make a fucking living with this ?

Well, I certainly hope all this isn't true.
After all, we certainly don't live in the world of idiots, or do we?

Fuck. Just shoot me.