So, Tiberian Sun has been released.

My opinion of " Screw it, it's probably crap thus I don't care "
was strengthened when I heard that it doesn't have a workable fog of war
and that Kane is, for some bloody reason unknown to me, alive.

Makes me wonder 'cause I roasted him all to hell
with my damn Ion Cannon in the original C&C.

And what comes to the fog of war, or lack thereof..
Are they out of their ******* minds ???
No fog of war, no real strategic element.
What the hell's fun with being able to see your enemies' units all the time?
How can you launch a surprise attack through that carelessly guarded
piece of enemy border if the foe sees you all the damn time ??!

Makes me wonder --
Is this game directed to brainless American masses or perhaps
to those people who couldn't complete something like
Starcraft (without cheet kodez d00d) coz' it had an OK fog of war, or WHAT ?

I'd really like to know, why the [bleep] !?

I've personally thought that Westwood turned into a pile of crep
some time after Dune 2, C&C and the Kyrandia trilogy,
and this trick they pulled sure gives that impression.

And also, WTF is up with the C&C timeline ??

It's more contradictory than the effin' Bible!

C&C supposedly takes place in the modern day, or (maybe) the near future.
Red Alert takes place when good ol' Josif lived, that is to say, a long time ago.
Tiberian Sun takes place in the future.

This said, Kane exists in all these games, and he always looks as young.
WTF !!?
Consider.. if Kane was young when Stalin reigned, well,
he'd have to be at least quite old when C&C takes place,
so he bloody well should be worm fodder at the Tiberian dawn.
Plus, to think that there are two endings in C&C played with GDI...
..with the other one definitely killing Kane.

(It might be though that GDI lost the battle or something,
which would explain SOME aspects here,
but that would lead to NOD's world domination,
and I don't think that would be very reversible..)

Whatever the case, the C&C storyline also states that Kane is the leader of a
"mysterious old secret terrorist faction" named 'The Brotherhood of NOD' (sic).
(HA! A stupid name? Naah..)
However, in RA, he is Stalin's right hand.

Is Westwood trying to say that Russia is some secret terrorist group ??
And is Kane the Third Coming or something since he seems to live forever ??
Or what ?

(There's also the fact that the gear in RA is much more effective than in C&C,
but I won't even go into that because it's all so stupid.)

This is _pathetic_.. all of it.
Even more pathetic than the usual 3 dime SciFi stuff
featuring plasmacoilfieldconverters you see in so-called Science Fiction
movies such as ID4 and the like.

(I could also stomp the ridiculous time travel part of RA here
into a flat piece of s*** that it is but it's rather pointless
seeing that Westwood obviously didn't use a minute into the storyline..
and there's also the fact that the storyline IS already a flat piece of xxxx :)

Guess it's true.. good storylines are dead.

Boo Westwood..
Boo indeed.

*update 25.03.2000*
Glad to have that been proven at least partially wrong
by some of the better games of the now.. Black Isle on PC
and several diligent excellence generators on consoles.