Ralph : Oh my god! Did you hear that?
William : I doubt it, but what?
Trevor : Yeah, what?
Ralph : It was just on the news! There are nuclear missiles headed for where we live!
William : Huh?
Ralph : Some terrorists or something initiated a nuclear attack at this direction !
William : Nah.
Ralph : We're going to get killed as soon as they land and go off!
William : I think not.
Ralph : What?
William : I think they're just rumours.
Ralph : HUH?
Trevor : Yeah, probably nothing. Someone is just exaggerating something.
William : I mean, c'mon, that couldn't happen.
Ralph : No, man! It was on the fucking news! It's real!
William : You're so easily affected.
Trevor : Mislead.
Ralph : What the hell? Is there a problem with your hearing? We're going to DIE in an hour or so!
William : I doubt it. It sounds too stupid to be true.
Ralph : But it was ON THE NEWS !
William : Right right.
Trevor : Yeah, I doubt it as well.
Ralph : Are you planning to do something?
William : Well since it's just rumours, there's no reason to do anything now is there ?
Trevor : Not really, eh?
Ralph : ... .
William : No reason to rush and jump into conclusions.
Ralph : Jesus! Well goodbye!


William : Well HE'S easily manipulated.
Trevor : No kidding. The poor bastard takes in any kind of propaganda.
William : Yeah, that poor sod. I bet he believes anything they say in TV commercials, too.
Trevor : Just what I was thinking of.
Trevor : Hmm? What's that?
William : What is what?
Trevor : That sound?
William : Oh, now I hear it too. A low rumble.
Trevor : Maybe one could say you can feel it instad of hearing.
William : True enough.
Trevor : See what's up.
William : Well, nothing appears to be going on.
Trevor : Great. A plane?
William : Probrably.
William : What..
William : HOLY SHIT! Look at that flame wall!
Trevor : WHAT the FUCK is THAT ?
William : Oh my.. it looks like a nuclear explosion!
Trevor : Well, shit.
William : Quick! How much longer until we are killed by the thing?
Trevor : Not too long !!
William : God, we've got to do something !
Trevor : But what?
William : I know! Quick, get chalk or something.
Trevor : .. chalk !?
William : I'll get us out of here !
Trevor : With.. chalk ..?
William : Yeah. Do it already.
Trevor : We don't have chalk. Will a pen do?
William : I don't think so.
William : Gotta think.. hey! Get me that knife!
Trevor : Okay, here.
William : Well then.. lemme see now..
Trevor : The hell are you doing.. ?
William : Here! Cut me with it!!
Trevor : Huh?
William : No time to explain! Do it!
Trevor : O-kay...
William : OW! Ughh..
Trevor : Well that's what you wanted.
William : God .. I think you've hit an artery..
William : Quick! Now to draw this..
Trevor : What are you doing?
William : I'm drawing an arcane magical symbol with my blood!
Trevor : Er.. OKAY..
William : I'm going to transport us out of here!
Trevor : That doesn't look like an arcane magical symbol.
Trevor : That looks like a.. some.. thing.. from a ten-year old.
William : Fuck you.
Trevor : Whatever you're doing, better do it quick!
William : Fuck you, don't rush it !
Trevor : ..
William : Here! It's done!
William : Okay, step into the circle and we're done!
Trevor : Done for, you mean ?
William : Just do it !
Trevor : Okay..
Trevor : Umm.. so?
William : Err..
William : It isn't doing anything! Nothing's happening!
Trevor : A reasonably accurate situation description !
William : Hold me.
Trevor : I always thought NGE was a phoney piece of shit !
William : I never even watched NGE!
William : The thing bored me to tears so I just read a synopsis and pretended along!
William : And I love the Matrix !
Trevor : I'm impotent !!
William : AaargghHhhHHH !!!
Trevor : UuuhaaAAARGH !!!