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Here are the update entries of the ongoing decade. Used to be year-by-year, but I guess we're... matured. Like Thunderbird. Y'know.

Updated on the day (spanning twenty-four hours) listed above the update in question (I don't cheat), with the dates displayed little-endian. That means "day.month.year", which is well the only proper way around, because one needs to write little-endians with period signs just like one needs to write big-endians with dashes. That's ISO-8601! Slashes are junk. And backslashes are right out.

See, there's a logic - with period signs the date is marked: 9. 10. 2005, which reads "The ninth (day of) the tenth (month of) 2005", which is instantaneously legible because our righteous calendar consists of years that consist of months that consist of days that consist of depressed misery and waiting for the merciful grip of death to mark you up as yet another notch on our galactic graveyard. There's a hole in the world like a great black pit and it's filled with people that're filled with shit and...

Those neat minor changes in the vein of corrections, alterations, additions, acquisitions and everything else under the dun may occur without a need to mention them here.


Edited my PC model up-to-date, just because.

Not much happening, but at least I still exist. The gear lists are out of date by now, as are the CD/movie lists, and maybe I'll do something about it? Maybe? Someone IRL mentioned having read my page a month or two ago, so at least least this whole hill was worth climbing. :')


Added FLAC versions of Seeing Stars tracks. Added a link to the rnd directory. Wow, we're kinda dead here, aren't we?


Well, I only wrote one update description for the year 2011. This amuses me. Well, today I updated the Electrascope page to reflect what the band is about these days - they're The Special Guest Stars now!


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Obliteration for the sake of obliteration is, like most things, useless.

Oh yeah, and it wasn't a blog you just read, you clueless Internetter. The blog is here, you see.

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