Let's see what we can see.


Gone! Done?

Updated the computer a little, bought some KC.

As I grabbed Freak Out, the strangely genericized European title for Stretch Panic,
I glanced at the screenshots and felt a little indifferent about the game.
A 3d platformer didn't sound good, no matter that it was from Treasure..
Treasure. The word conjures up an association of terrific retro gameplay,
but now here's this.. this Pandemonium, this Mario-3d in my hands.
I thought about it. Treasure radiates a strong aura of retro in my mind..
But in reality, they aren't some 2d gaming company. They made state-of-the-art
2d games back when 'twas all the machines could muster, and they aren't interested
in retreading the past. In spite of Gradius-V, they've "progressed" (an icky phrase, I know),
as they should. I need to be glad they aren't just pouring out sequels and carbon copies.
With this in mind, I flicked on the power switch, opened the PS2 tray and inserted the CD.

It's December. Get chaotic.

Review of Once by Nightwish:
Tuomas has been listening to a lot of Dream Theater and Metallica.


What old game tune (a Hülsbeck / Turrican one, I think)
has the same melody as Westbam's Wizards of the Sonic?
I can't remember which one and it's bugging the hell out of me.
Here is an extract of the melody (size 48kB). If you know the answer, help me!


Added The On on the 'Scope page - it's a whole another
long play album from the same source!

A bit of a 'Scope breakthrough, courtesy of Harry V. !
Most of the songs are now in better quality and bitrate.

Acquired a radio edit of Any Last Requests by 'Scope, thanks to R.C!
Oh, and Titan A.E. was on TV so I finally got a chance to see it..
and what revolting shit it was, indeed. A prime example of the kind of
clichéd tripe western studios defecate when animations need to be done.
Budgeted at a cool 70 million dollars, most of the allotted money
must've been used to provide handjobs for Joss Whedon.

Gear up.

Poor spideys.

Watched Donnie Darko again.
Felt like shit afterwards, too, but hey. It's a great movie.
They say there'll be a director's cut out.
I wonder if in it Donnie gets impaled by a splinter of wood.
The director says it's inappropriate, though, but having MLK played
in the end might counter it out some.

I hate crazed Kingston Wall fans.

Visited Oulu, didn't benefit from it.

My Electrascope shrine had a large upgrade by way of musical content.

I don't know why I get a little disturbed whenever some virtual Internet personality
gets around to announcing his upcoming weddings and whatnot, but I do.
I suppose I kind of identify with some of those types and I'm quickly
freaked out with them taking steps I'm never even going to have a choice towards.
Well, that and the fact that it's occasionally out of character,
but they are, of course, real people behind those gargantuan Internet egos.
Well, guess I knew after all. Haha. Of course. Everybody knows.
Anyway, I added a new link in the index. See if you can spot it.
(Added comment 03/2005 : Of course, them cancelling the weddings and quickly breaking up I can handle.)

Went too far (again).

Reacquired dear xenolarp.

A [Maxtor] hard drive craps out on me, once again.
I need to kill somebody.

I went too far..

Finally got Romeo Is Bleeding on DVD.
Cause I like it!

<Sanxion> Can an album that has "It doesn't matter if we all die" as the opening line be crappy ?
<Raimu> Perhaps with a good nineteen Britney Spears covers.

Sweet Jesus, I definitely feel pain.

Got something even better for you! Sure, it's been around
for some time now, but I'm sure you haven't tried it out..
Actually, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't even know it exists if it wasn't for me.
But anyway, it's pretty great. Without further ado, Seiklus.

Because I'm bored, feeling bizarre and This Corrosion's playing,
I'll now HTMLize my (trimmed yet still) feared URL reservoir
out of my archive of wonders, available for a limited time period only!
Hey, now; Hey, now now. Gone!

Goatsemiehet, repikää perse auki!

Felt so awful today I cried.

I didn't attend the Midnight Sun Film Festival this time around,
since I lack the money (although I did buy loads of booze!!!!7),
and more importantly, the willpower to.
There's nowhere I wanna go.

I was having an otherwise great evening (by recent standards)
when a blast of anxiety stuck me midway and I was prevented
from discussing a lot of things, most of which would've been angst, anyway.
Oh, who does care.
Addendum : Google does indeed hit the search phrase "Evanescence fucking sucks ass" !
I'm just plain surprised at the grammatical accuracy of people.
Second addendum : No hits with "Ankh-wearing motherfucker." Go figure.

Acquired a bunch of CDs.
I expect to feel bad about it in a few days,
but let's just try to enjoy them for now, eh.

Summer's eve, eh?
Let's all pray for a low insect count,
if not a merciful release.

Dance of Despair and Disillusionment

Took a stab at if I can sleep without medication now.
Turns out I still couldn't, and as a result I'm not exactly feeling top now,
although it isn't as if I have in nearly a good two years now.
Anyway, while I'm writing and generally paying a lot of attention
to my set of webpages now, I might as well put in a good word for
a pair of great movies, although I realize that you've probably seen
both of them æons ago, already. I'm not very quick to respond to
film releases, but I do remember the titles and whatever's being spoken of them
for a very long time to come, so I can (and will) always backlog the hell out of them.
In any case, the films Being John Malkovich and Adaptation are the ones
I want to remind you of today. BJM is pretty wacky, that much I can say,
but Adaptation really caught my heart with the protagonist.
Could well be because he's like a less pathetic version of me, but hey.
His thoughts and problems made the most of the movie very interesting to watch,
even though the thing certainly takes a sour turn on many levels towards the end
(on purpose, of course, but that doesn't clear the feeling in its entirety)..
and man, was that main character's female friend.. Amelia, ever sweet-looking.
So, yeah, anyway. Watch them. But if you don't like them, don't feel sorry.
Our society doesn't penalize lack of active brain matter. Just everything else.
Oh, blah blah.

Cheap colour correction completed. Thanks to
Mozilla Whatever Burning Anthropomorphic Animal The Programmers Want To Fuck Now.

Of Exercises in Futility

Revised matters.

never end_never end_never end

TV-maailmassa oli lyhyt selostus televisiosta tulleesta
dokumentista, jossa käsiteltiin vammaisten seksuaalisia tarpeita ja haluja.
Otsikkona oli "Vammaisilla on oikeus seksiin."
Eli.. nykyään, öh, "oikeus seksiin" siis löytyy yhteensä.. lasketaanpa..
Viehättäviltä, rikkailta sekä nyt myös vammaisilta ihmisiltä.
Edistystä, edistystä.

Guess that darned summer's creeping ever closer again, eh.
Oh, yeah, and kudos to the Bold and the Beautiful for
non-blood-related sister love vibes.

Here I am, smack dab in the middle of
an alcohol-fueled madness initiated by me.
(Case in hand, "Did a large update, now let's think up something to write in here")

Acquired money. Paid bills.
Less than twenty per cent of the money remains.
How depressing.

Visited a friend in Rovaniemi.
Didn't feel better.

Just watched the final (7th) season of the Buffy series
on DVD.. as far as the American TV entertainment I've witnessed so far goes
this one was occasionally pretty amusing. Went on for too long, though,
but that's of course what almost every sub-par series does.
(And you cleverly realize now that it's in a way what sometimes makes them sub-par)
In any case, around the time I was seeing the fifth season
(Again, on DVD - I have a friend who's developed an obsession for the series)
I started to notice that the DVD presented Buffy in widescreen,
and I begun to wonder if that's how I saw it on TV, especially after seeing
several curious (and probably unintentional) anomalies on-screen.
I had a discussion or two regarding that with the friend in question,
but nothing conclusive was gotten out of that dialogue.
Now, though, it bugged me again as the final season definitely appeared
from time to time to have really been forcibly turned into widescreen.
In the end, using the reach of the Internet to check out the creator's stand on the issue,
I learned that - as I had guessed - the series should properly be in the
standard television aspect ratio of 4:3. And the USA DVD releases in fact
have it all proper, unlike the local ones here. And again I'm disgusted
with DVD market. Because what we see here is nothing else than yet another
example of marketing gone wrong. Sure, ignore directorial preferences at will.
I'm almost surprised they didn't also doctor the audio into 5.1 while at it,
except that it probably would've been too much of an effort in the case of a series.
Now, imagine the kind of a guy who could be coerced into buying one
more easily with reportings of widescreen. I know him. You know him too.
The easily led clueless waste of oxygen that watches exactly everything
on his widescreen TV in 16:9 mode, anyway, because
thats what teh wide screen meanz1

I dreamt that Kingdom Hearts was a 2d shooter. :)

Boy, did the second Metal Gear installment ever rock.
(Took upon myself to revisit it, the last time around it was a different millennium)
And, like I said back then, makes for an long list of things Kojima
took upon himself to quietly recycle for the Solid one, although, hey,
who'd ever find something like that out, eh?
Nobody here ever actually got to play the game..
and the ones that could just don't kind of wanna.
Well, maybe Konami will rerelease 'em in Castlevania Chronicles vein someday.
(And replace the old logos with their new xtreme one!)
I can always hope.

Revised the resumes and added a PS2 want section.
A Metroid movie? Oh, jesus.
More trendy "tough" heroines, I imagine.
Get them the fuck off my face.

The mood hits the ultra-low level once again.

Um.. so wanna buy off me two Jak & Daxter titles for your PS2?
..didn't think so.

SynSoniq sent me wrong CDs. Fuck them.
Why does everyone have to go out of their way to disappoint me?

Played Jak & Daxter all day.
May head may burst open.

Finally got that PlayStation 2 I've been meaning
to get for three years now. At least there're more
great games out for it, now.

Yeah! That'll teach you to use public transportation.

I just remembered something and need to write it down for some reason.
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very
Last Christmas, I went to the movies to see the final part
of the Matrix trilogy. Which ended up being a pretty drab
science fiction shooter film, what with those mechas firing at the
seemingly endless stream of sentinels for two hours, after which
a computer intelligence went on to do something that a computer
intelligence probably would never do (Reality check, geek).
Rewinding a couple of minutes, into the HORROR! of Trinity
getting killed (SPOILED YA!). What a horrible scene of drama that was,
where absolutely no real emotion could be felt anywhere.
The problem with the scene ended up being, for me, trying to contain my laughter.
Especially after I heard some girl sob loudly somewhere behind my seat.


Oh, yeah, and dumb, as well.
Although that may also be trendy..

Heroines are just too trendy.

I wouldn't be able to elaborate in a large scale if you'd ask,
but to me, John Kerry somewhy gives off that special Antichrist vibe.
Well, just chalk it up to paranoid fiction.

Had a nice Valentine back when?
Hope the guy from Target Renegade didn't jump kick himself
through your TV set and crotch punch you in your sleep
while a linear string of sequential bullet holes appeared
on your bedroom wall.

So Ringu sailed across the big puddle, lost a letter (guess which one)
and got popular. Food for the melting pot, eh? Not eh, meh. Eh?
Too bad they had to put that one through the ringer, though --
You ask me, they picked a wrong Japanese flick to Californicate
(Assuming there's a need to indeed do a makeover on but one of 'em).
Obviously, Battle Royale is out of the question -- there aren't
enough child actors in Hollywood for that, and I certainly
would not want to see the stock 26-year old ones pretending
to be ten years younger in yet another movie. Ewwh.
Audition wouldn't do, either (not an audition, Audition! You follow me?),
since it isn't that unusual to begin with and it would be really easy
to strip of its attractiveness, and whoah -- we'd have another Hollywood "horror"
thriller in our hands. Oo, scary. Excuse me while I wake up to watch the ending credits.
No, no. We don't want that. At least I don't, in any case. I don't know about you.
Actually, I'm lying. I know quite well about you and what I know makes me nauseous.
So. The one movie they *should* take a look at is All Night Long,
one movie that'd benefit greatly from a more stoic, more serious, realistic style
that a ridiculous-budget Hollywood production and a smart director would be able to provide.
And if there's something great about Hollywood movies, it's the fact that they
generally don't have horribly acted, embarrassing laughter scenes.
Slaughter, though, now that's a different matter altogether.. well, actually not.
Hey, I updated the Die Hard FAQ one last time.
No I'm not fucking kidding.

Vai tulee Nightwishiltä vaihteeksi taas kesän kunniaksi pökäle.
..anteeksi, tekele.
Tai siis uusi kunniakas, sulokas levy sinfonisen metallin mestareilta!
Jos siinä on taas kopiosuojaus, taittelen sen mahdollisimman täyteen
teräviä kulmia ja käyn tunkemassa Tuomaksen perseeseen.
Tai Tarjan pilluun.
Hmm.. toivottavasti se on kahden CDn pitkäsoitto.

And when we kiss
We speak as one
With a single breath
This world is gone
Love that Alucard.
I am the wind! I am the sun!
And one day we'll all be gone*#@!$

Love that Gabe Knight.

Funny All By Itself

I couldn't help myself.
I bought a Captivating goth girl Nemi comic.
..I'd still rather read Captivating weekend-goth teen whore Grief, though.

Listening to some MP3s from a band named Electrascope
(That nobody, including the imaginary personification of the Internet, has ever heard of.),
and they're sounding way too good. Here's hoping these guys hit it big.
Flowers of Japan, aww man.

Why is it that when advertising commercial products they always have to
use superlatives and do their damned best to state how their product
and the competing brand don't even compare? We've got a million
items on the market, with each one being marketed to us with basically
the same unbelievable sales pitch. The companies should just make a deal
together to make their advertisements matter-of-factly and drop all this
nonsensical extravagance altogether. I'd say I wouldn't really think there
to be a single soul in our culture that would at this point actually believe
that the new Foo-Xtreme from Blah Inc. would be the head-above-rest
solution for those nasty problems of yours, but that would be assuming
that everyone's pretty much like me, an assumption the aforementioned everyone
does seem to be hellbent on trying to prove wrong, for some reason.
(Signed, A. Lind.)
In other news (or maybe not),
the King's operation to return (from the Roswell kettle(!)) seems a (financial) success.
Which isn't a surprise, obviously. But on the subject of successes and the logical opposites of,
I did have the expectations that certain matrices would, in the then-future,
do better (again, financially and popularity-wise, although the two are obviously connected)
than they actually have seemed to end up doing,
but I'll be the one to admit (who else could, hmh?) having also been expecting
the latter ones of the kind to be more like the first part of the party, which, again,
was a case quite a bit off from what finally came unto being. I'm not complaining, though,
because what followed did manage to surprise me in a positive manner, even perhaps
earning the series of installments some kind of a right to exist, even if not a greatly heavy one.
Not that I'm saying the bar should be lowered just because nobody ever got equipped with a brain.
Speaking of exactly that, I saw a delightful episode of the Practice just a few minutes ago on TV,
and it had a couple of clever remarks on what we call "reality TV". A big yech.
Too bad most of the things on TV are idiotic crud, devitaminized and processed for easy digestion.



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