Yay, the year 2002. When I suffered much, and got hooked on IRC. :P
Or is that vice versa?
Oh, well. It wasn't all bad.
Lookie, here I finally upgraded my computer, too.


Have.. have a great new year's eve.
I'm not very happy. In fact, I'm really fucking lonely and downright miserable.
And I can't even drink it all away. ;)

Enjoyed it all?
To be honest I'm feeling just a little miserable now,
over matters and emotions and unease. And whatnot.
And then there's the upcoming new year's eve to deal with, too.
It's not very festive virtually alone, is it.
A look to the future has never been more bleak, huh.

Uh, merry Christmas eve, you know?
Hope you guys love and stuff.

Landed home for the holidays. Even enjoyed the school's Christmas bit.
Had a terrible headache last night, but right now I'm unsure
about whether it should be attributed to my own fault.
Hope you can prevent your seasonal angsting about
(and the subsequent beating of loved ones, if you live in Finland) this time around.
You've got people that you love deeply in your close proximity,
so What The Fuck Is Wrong With You !?
I mean, Christ. If I'd have.. hmph. Idiots.
Great, the headache returned. Thanks a lot, you people.

This is a catch-22 of a life I lead.

Last night.. last night was a disgusting evening.
I'm such an utter fucking idiot.

Just call me.. RmmMeolondosticon

Completed Metal Gear Solid 2.
Like, whoah, man. Such a great game.

And all the strange things
They come and go
As early warnings
And what can I do? I'm new to this stuff.
And I guess this page moved, too. Great.
http://remora.dyndns.org/rmm/ is the official entry point now,
although I'll probably keep mirroring the pages in the old place, too.

Annihilation of Christmas
It's funny how simply reviewing the facts you've already accepted can drop you down.

Imperfect, flawed, malfunctioning, broken, unworking, undesirable, incompatible.

Last night certainly didn't go all wasted.
And certain events lead me to write down a little personal history report,
which got me to get a little nostalgic. It's kind of strange to feel nostalgic
about events that have occurred only like four or five years ago, but hey.. I haven't lived
very long yet. And besides, 1997 or whatever feels like a whole different time to me now.
(Hey, it's a whole different freakin' century, people.)
And then I had this horrible dream in which someone died. But it's a different matter altogether..

Today we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE DAY !!!
I've recently realized some new things.
And I have found myself to be more emotional a person than I've formerly given myself "credit" for..
And there are things I miss in my life. And things/people about/in my life that I really love. *)
Living with this all should prove.. interesting.
..I don't know if the upcoming holiday season will be kind on my psyche.
*) things(0) people(1), about(0) in(1); valid combinations 00 01 11

There is something about the look my monitor screen exhibits
when starting Windows that reminds me of the creation of the Universe.
It's all swirly in a comforting way..

Went to see an old friend this friday, talked about a lot of things
(Like music! He's got one of the better tastes of music out there, man.)
and had a nice evening. Y'know, nice, apart from the fact that I'm a little
more puzzled and insecure about the world again.
Well, I'll try not to worry about every trifle imaginable, again. ^_^
So anyway, around midnight, I came back to the dorm. Got out the keycard.
Slid the keycard in the slot, and the door.. didn't budge. Tried again, again..
Neither the reader nor the door showed any signs of life. Maybe the gizmo was frozen solid.
So there I was. A weekend. In the middle of the night. Over -25 degrees chilling centigrade.
Not being able to get into the dormitory.
I thought about what options I'd have, and after a freezing scenario of thought
I started hitting a door buzzer. Thankfully, someone came and opened the door for me.
Guess he wasn't sleeping yet, thank God it wasn't like three in the morning..
but if they keep using such shitty locking equipment, what will I do the next time?
Anyway, I got in, got sleeping, and had a really strange dream
influenced by romance, Bubble Bobble and Silent Hill 2. What a combination, eh?
Well, that's my subconsciousness for you.
Well oh ho, look. I pasted up a new rant.
And it's the first day in the month of December. My mind teems with scenarios.
Experience a merry month of Christmas!

Of last night I shall not speak. Suffice it to say, a milestone has been passed,
and some confusion of mine has been lifted and replaced with something more blurred.
I completely rewrote my resume, by the way.

I may have a manic-depressive disorder, hey.

Right now, I feel like tearing someone's head off.
My own could do.
I think that's the proper channel for my energies..
Well, at least I beat my Giga Wing high score in a hate high.

Hmh, odd. Can't think of anything to say.
Maybe I've been venting too much of my mind at people.
Well, I have had strange moods and mood swings lately.
It's probably all normal, and stuff, except that not to me it isn't.
Oh, and shame. Shaaame. Loads and loads of shame.

Ego, you freakin' drama queen.
I yield.

Someone went ahead and shot a member of Run DMC.
Thank you very much, I'd award you with something but I doubt you did it
for the betterment of mankind, so I'll just award myself with something.
Something horribly self-congratulatory.

Woke up from a dream last night. Like, an ultimate depression/melancholy dream.
It's not every night that you wake up from a dream only to feel like
not really wanting to continue living on.. definitely had the blues, there.

</3 </3 </3

Happy birthday to me..
*blows out one candle on a small cake*

It truly is sad when sadness herself is saddened.

I was accosted online by a friend-of-sort today.
Suddenly, he announced his anger and went on to approximately blame me of being an asshole,
all the while I had no idea of what I had been doing to piss him off so.
Then he told me that I really should add a smiley every now and then if I'm not serious.
I was really surprised at the whole bit, really.
What's up with that, then? Has the abundance of smileys and emoticons within
electronic correspondence rendered people incapable of understanding
humour when it's suddenly not accompanied by any? Can people not analyze
the content contained therein anymore? Do the true meanings of words and sentences,
conveyed by machines, require to be underlined and colour-coded in a mechanical
manner as well to counter the effects of the indirect form of communication?
In the past, I have wielded the smiley repertoire quite extensively,
but at some point the amount started to reduce and these days I guess I
don't use them all that often. Should I once again don the use of the
ubiquitous smilies or just expect the rest of the world to sharpen up?
Should I perhaps stop sounding like Sex and the fucking City, as well?

fuck, its 810, and yet, I DONT CAR!!

Apart from a bunch of quite interesting bits of conversation from people
that I certainly hadn't been expecting to provide me with any,
and just basically meeting some certain people that proved to be quite a bit
more interesting themselves than their worth figured out by me previously,
I suppose it's been a monotone sortie of two days' worth.
Then again, when the hell was monotone a word that defaulted with negative implications?
Anyway, with all that taken into account, my usual issues of sorrow make me even more
miserable and lonely now with newfound data in my head.
More information equals more pain, that's what they say. Oh, I know.
Excuse me while I brood some more.

Picked up a couple more Peter Gabriel long plays.
Try 'em!

Dry spell of wit.

Oo, I smell a site relocation coming up.
Dunno if there's a factual use for one, but hey.

Addictiveness of IRC? Oh, but 'tis not a legend after all.

Things to do in the near future :
1) Attack dorm neighbour
2) Render dorm neighbour unconscious
3) Turn off his audio cassette tape playing Elvis and accordion instrumentals
4) Smash infernal tape repeatedly
5) Smash dorm neighbour repeatedly (Note to self: perhaps with the cassette)
6) Kill dorm neighbour
7) Dismember dorm neighbour
8) Get rid of evidence
9) Burn satanic tape
10) Scatter ashes of satanic tape and may it never be reassembled

I'd just like to take this moment to point out that occasionally I find myself
not at all too serious about what I'm saying and that I actually
even enjoy the hell out of testing people for reactions by intentionally
taking the right routes about getting the aforementioned reactions off them.
Thank you

Yikes, Friday the 13th.

Happy anniversary to all struggling against Satan!
Go with God!

No kudos to Finnish film industry..

Addendum : Sailor Moon with a Swedish dub. Shiver.

Gotta love the collective taste of Finnish television channels.
Aside from Pokémon and Digimon, which kind of read sub-zero in my book,
one of them has opened their eyes to anime, apparently, but the first thing to air
would have to be the two Magic Knight Rayearth chapters. Okay, so maybe they learn
from their mistakes and next time they'll actually air something worthwhile, neh?
Well fuck no. Let's just stick in Sailor Moon, why don't we?
And for the record, boy does the image quality of it look like crap.
For the record, I'm still trying to get used to seeing compression artifacts in TV programs.

Well. What has transpired these last few days is my acquisition of 1) a DVD or two
2) a GPRS connection to hook up my computer to the 'net with a fixed monthly fee
whenever I damn well fancy and whenever the service provider isn't down.
Oh, and I keep having these recurring violent nightmares
(that feel incredibly realistic at the time, by the way)
where my teeth fall off painfully and I keep getting ripped apart with a huge blade.
Don't worry, I'm still as sane as a.. a.. well, I'm still perfectly sane.
Nothing wrong with repeated multiple lacerations, nope. Nooo sir.

Rikimaru is back? Excuse me?
I hope he brings along the excellent stealth gameplay of the original Tenchu.

Finally found out Indiana Jones XII : The Fate of My Fucking Shadow Warriors II Cartridge.
Y'know, the one bureaucracy was so inclined to keep from my fingers.
So. Even although I faxed them the relevant data and angry reasoning ages ago,
they apparently sent it back to USA.
?? I mean, what the fuck?
So err.. hey Firebug? Did they send it back to you or just, y'know, generally USA?
Wonder if I'll ever get my hands on it..
Well anyway, I've updated a whole bunch of lists and the trade page!!
With only the finest of gravel, moss-covered rock and semi-burnt wood!!

Indeed, the school's started again. Oh, you could tell? How in blazes?
Okay, so it obviously makes the update frequency take a hit.
Note though that this downside may indeed be corrected in the near future.
Well, here's what has happened these past two weeks.
Entering the school dorm, I realized that they paired me up
with someone to share a friggin' room. Horror. From the same class. Horror.
So, between the urges to kill him and hide the corpse, that are pretty damn
hard to hold back, may I add, and the urges to kill him and lift the corpse on the wall for display,
which come ever so slightly less often, I've managed to do a surprisingly large amount
of sheer nothing, and a little something that will never affect anything in any way.
How do they expect any personal growth to occur when you have to stare at some guy
from your class for numerous hours a day? I mean, having some dude IN MY ROOM.
Eating MY FOOD. Sitting on MY BENCH. Watching MY TELEVISION. And MY DVDS.
And I'm not the only one who's fucking well behind the update schedule.

Ah! Watched Brazil from TV again, and still loved it.


Everything I was to do is well behind schedule,
yet there's only a week until I have to wander off to school again
which not only kills my free time amazingly well but also brings
some secondary harms my way in guise of problems like living in the dormitory
and having to put up with some specific people on my class on a daily basis again.
I wish I could just crawl off somewhere and die.
Right now, life as perceived by me isn't worth living by a long shot.

The days are getting shorter and colder again. Ah, well.
Completed Deus Ex.

Waigh! Summer holiday's nigh over again! *shriek*

Got Deus Ex, got cracking.

..the murderous asteroid from the depths of outer space, that is.
I mean, almost twenty years and even then well uncertain?
What's keeping it? We could use it a helluva lot sooner to clear out the trash.
In other news, the Finnish auction system Huuto.Net
is well going the way I figured it would sooner or later - not free.
Yep, it gets only obvious when you realize that it's owned by a phone company..
or should it be called a mobile service provider? Oh, whatever.

Running late..

Beat MD3 at very hard yesterday.. the game just looped. Ah, well.
Anyone up for a challenge? :)

Almost beat Magical Drop 3 at very hard - Luck defeated me, though.

GSM online.

Warez-ed Warcraft-III.
I may not feel inclined to buy it.
I may, in fact, feel inclined to uninstall it in a few days.

The 10 o'clock TV news had a story yesterday about some Finnish guy who took hostages
and did some other shit and whatnot. They displayed footage of the guy
shooting down a dog in cold blood. Motherfucker!
I mean, gun down the police force, would you? Who cares? People die.
But jeeze, kill a dog? What'd you think, he was going to shoot you first? Bastard.
And now, a little question to the media. Why'd you go about showing that particular clip?
Why not show the cops shooting him in the leg instead? Was it necessary to make me see
the death of the cute critter - must the poor dog die repeatedly -
only so that you could build up an emotional effect?

Such a shocking weather!
It was raining 1x1cm blocks of ice some days back.

Received Max Payne (the game) and The Killer (the movie).
No comments on my diet of entertainment, okay?

Hum, looks like I last updated almost a week ago. Time to change that..
Well, nothing terribly important to report.
Saw a couple of movies, most of which kind of sucked.


Do yourself a favour and watch The Fabulous Life of Amélie Poulain.
And then kill yourself.
It's that good, you may not be able top the high later on in your life so might as well.

And whose bright idea is it to stick these idiotic ("cool") half minute cut-scenes
everywhere in the DVD, anyway? I probably want to see the freaking movie,
not some stupid rendered animation kicking in every time I make a selection!
Christ, you'd think Westwood made this DVD or something.

DVDs and subtitles.. Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and "English for the hard of hearing" ??
Those hearing-impaired, huh.
How about adding some cute little explanations for the rest, too?
Finnish for the mentally impaired fuckers who can't even understand fucking English ?
Swedish for faggots?
Maybe even add Spiced-up subtitles for the attention span challenged?
Love the Finnish DVD pricing, too. Everybody's got to pay through the nose.
Especially box sets are truly the thing of profiteers.
And then, into the matter of dubbing movies.
The plain fuckedupness hilarity factor of watching Robocop crappily gab out-of-sync
in.. German, for example, wears off quickly once you realize that these fuckers
probably dub, like, all foreign movies. Well, a-quick-shower-and-off-to-the-furnace-with-ye aside,
I'm not even going to say what I think about these people (and countries) that
don't take art like it was originally intended, but instead shit on it, corrupt it.
Look. Just.. just don't bother watching them at all, assholes.

Gawd, I'm bored.

An excerpt from a real-life (yet typed) discussion.
Me : "Here. This program works fine, takes little CPU time and looks nice.
I use the old version, and haven't updated; there's no point in using the newer,
clumsier, larger versions that don't even work properly."
Him : "All right.."
(some time passes)
Him : "This fucking piece of shit doesn't work for shit! It asked me
whether I wanted to update it, and then I asked it to. When I restarted again,
it didn't work right anymore! Oh, we all know these shitty apps! This is bullshit.
I'm going to uninstall this crap right now."
I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a bunch of monkeys.

Err.. is it just me, or is Gunbird 2, like, uh, a shameless quick hack of Strikers 1945-II?
Oh, and only now I once again remembered that I really hate the summer.
While it's sunny and warm outside, it's also seriously insect-infested there;
I practically had to ward off the whole supporting cast of the Resident Evil
series to get to the mailbox. So yeah, hanging outside is pretty much a NO for me.
So, staying indoors, the other great problem regarding summer manifests itself
as it almost climbs into 30 degrees Centigrade (That's 86 Fahrenheit, right?) inside
and that, my devout reader, just gets kind of plain nasty.
If you haven't noticed (ha), by the way, I've added movie lists into the index.

I realize that even now, the Internet is probably chock full of stuff with
the name "Episode II" on it, but you want my opinion on the new film
instead of that of just some random dude who's got a webcomic going, huh?
Eh? Eh!? Yes you do! You don't need some arbitrary weirdo with glasses telling
you what his pet gerbil Lai'æ'iah thought of the film, you need a real man!
And I deliver !!
Okay, so I kind of forgot to cover this previously, so here goes.
Negative modifiers regarding the new Star Wars film?
The actors sound kind of cold and static and uninterested around at times,
but I suppose I can understand that when they're trying their best to fight
a CGI later-generated monster. With a CGI later-generated weapon.
In a CGI later-generated setting. Maybe that's the kind of a situation
when you'll start to need, well, y'know, some real actors?
Also, some of the sound effects of the movie really started to grate my ears,
but that could be the fault of the theatre, I suppose. It was just like,
I dunno, that there was a different sound effect for every single occasion.
Lucas : "..okay, and now the third laser hits the ship."
SFX guy : "Lessee, how's this sound? [CRUNCH]"
Lucas : "Listen, you fucker! That sounded just like the first laser!"
SFX guy : "Look, I'm sorry, OK? Here, how about this? [GRNNNK]"
Lucas : "No, no no. That sounded like Amidala grinding Anakin like the vain little bitch she is."
SFX guy : "Uhh.. okay then, what about this? [SCHXRANKH]"
Lucas : "That sounds great! Okay, what's next on the list?"
SFX guy : "(sarcastic) Fourth laser hitting the ship?"
Lucas : "Yes! The fourth laser hits the ship!"
SFX : "Uhh.. just how many lasers are fired in this particular scene?"
Lucas : "Lessee. Thirty-four."
SFX guy : "Oh, fuck."

The latest Lucas flick? Well.. it was good, for once.
Despite comments by raving, die-hard Star Wars 4-6 bigots
who could never accept or be pleased by anything new.
Well. Here's what I think right now (Of course, repeated viewing is
always viable to potentially change an opinion, as anyone knows).
It certainly wasn't the best Star Wars movie, but it damn well puts up
a nice fight for the second place. I mean, there weren't any freaking Ewoks
anywhere in there, nor were there any greedy bounty-hunters named Greedo.
The beloved mr. Binks only had like three attempts to ruin the movie, too,
and (this is important) an absolute total of exactly zero
enormous battleships / enemy bases / planets / ultimate weapons were blown up
in the end. And even that alone makes a world of positive difference.

Well, I'm off to see Episode II
(I'll also pick up a new DC controller, and will again be reunited with my
MSR, manic vertical shooters and Jet Set Radio) today.
Wish me luck.. although you probably read this a week too late,
but hey, there's a chance that your wishes are consumed
by a passing temporal vortex and whisked off to the present day
as perceived by me at the moment of writing.
Oh, and regarding my supposedly-fixed CD writer; I guess not after all.
Whatever's wrong with it always seems to remanifest itself some time after
the drive's been put back into the 5½ slot. I suppose I'll take it out,
open it and see how long it works outside the PC when I have time.
But for now, Lucas and his blatantly commercial bluescreen experience shite awaits.
I'm not biased, am I? After Episode I, who can not be?

H@x0ring about with my CD burner, I believe that I've finally
gotten it into a stable working condition. Y'know, high reliability.
I also toyed about an old 3½ drive, and got it to work too.

Well, nothing much new to report.

Oh, man. That Invisible Man is pure comedy genius.

Ah, the summer. I went outside to catch some of it,
and found my brother sanding crap off his skateboard.
Our beloved dog, Taskari, was happily observing him from the ground, lost in thought.
Like a mixture of 007, Solid Snake and Duke Togo, I quietly crept towards
the unsuspecting dog, and the noise of the machine masked my approach.
Ever closer I crept, and suddently, the dog raised his head a little.
I was close, and the risk of detection was high, and I knew I had to
act very quickly, lest I lose my element of surprise.
Quickly, I leapt forward, shouting in the process.
The dog was entirely taken by surprise, a testament to which was the way
the cute creature quickly jumped up on his feet, yelping.
I love that little guy. He's better and more reliable than people!
And even moreso than two submachine guns! That I like to fire off in long rounds
with no particular reason at all, even though God knows I could use any
ammunition I can scrape up! And I look like Leonardo fucking DiCaprio!!

Looks like the new Nightwish CD doesn't want to play through my CD-ROM drive.
I wonder what kind of fucked up "copy prevention" restraints
they've stuck in this time to harm the people who aren't about to duplicate jack or shit?
And lo, this crisis sparked a rant!

Another schoolyear over, I once again hold a paper full of excellent grades.
And last evening, the Accidental Tourist film aired,
so now I've seen it twice, and I still like it.
Now I'm at home again, and as I was placing my CDs and whatnot where they belong,
I came across the realization that I own a holy fuckload of music CDs.
Then, a guy virtually called all of them shit. That's life! Heh heh heh!
No, I'm all right*#!@$

Okay, only like an hour of school left for now, this day and tomorrow combined.
I'm not feeling too good, which probably results from not eating anything yesterday.
Ugh. I feel like throwing up and fainting at the same time.
Now, the only things left are sorting my dorm gear into bags and cleaning the room.

Saw the movie Coyote Ugly yesterday.
It's probably the worst large-budget movie I've seen this year.
And for reference, I saw Road Trip right before it.
This morning, I browsed the Internet and came across a list
of shooter hi-scores racked up by some guy,
and developed a serious inferiority complex.

In our line-up of fucking oddball issues, my DVD malfunction seems to have
mysteriously vanished and now the DVDs play perfectly. Go figure.

Don't you just love to hate that whole barmy Eurovision charade?

So Remedy sold the entire Max Payne shit out for somebody else to make crap games out of.
Ah, the bloom of capitalism.
(Added comment 05/2004 : Duh? I heard back then that they sold off rights, anyway.)

Looks like one has never needed the tilde on my address.
I'll be.

My GSM's off the grid, so please contact me by other means should this concern you.
And I absolutely hate not being able to play my DC titles.

The DC controller I got when I bought the used bundle has seemed to stop working.
Now, lots of luck to me in trying to find a store that still sells them.

Apparently, people find me impulsive, mood-swinging,
and most likely to end up killing people.
I suppose I sound like the generic psychopathic movie enemy leader, then?

A Finnish life sentence convict escaped a couple of days ago while on his holiday.
Luckily, he was later caught - in Sweden.
Still, let's not get all nazi now..

Getting the hang of it..

A grand total of one link changes.
And oh - Gimmick = evil.

The Finnish court system surpasses itself as I believe Mr. Rage About With A Shotgun
(aka The Redneck) is being released from incarceration right now.
Thanks a lot, but I'd prefer that the people I know would get to live a little longer, myself.
WTF? What were they thinking? "Well, everybody deserves a second chance!
After all, he didn't even manage to kill anybody last time! Eh?"

Picked up the Manic Street Preachers single So Why So Sad.
It includes a quote Sean Penn mix unquote of the said song, remixed by, err, "the Avalanches".
May I recommend to whoever, umm, "the Avalanches" refers to that he (Or maybe even they?)
might want to pursuit something else than a musical career? This remix of yours,
or a butcher job, as I prefer to call it, lacks spirit and basically feels appalling
(as opposed to appealing) in way too many areas for me to like it. The original mix is superior,
obviously, contrary to what I heard some (tonedeaf or something) people say.
Pasting a bunch of ill-fitting samples together to form an oft out-of-sync, queer "happy" cacophony
of notes (lack thereof) hardly qualifies as listenable music in my Great Book of #DEFINE Music.
Oww. Thankfully there's more to the single than THAT bit of not_good.
Oh, hey.. and I need a little help here!
I finally acquired a DVD-ROM drive for my PC, but my attempts at playing DVDs have
met with failure so far. My video card is Voodoo3 3000 and my DVD player's PowerDVD 3.0,
and what gives me grief is the fact that after the copyright screens of the DVD
the player freezes with some "TV-out error" and mumbles on about copy protections
and enabling of the TV-out. Now I haven't got the TV-out enabled, and I don't want to have,
but I just can't seem to be able to play the DVD with that video card -
I borrowed a friend's TNT2 card for a bit and it works fine. My Voodoo3 just doesn't.
Which is seriously fucked up, and nobody should have to put up with that kind of shit.
So what the hell am I supposed to do? Buy a new videocard? Fuck that.
If anyone can give me a cure for this particular malfunction of silicon, please provide me with one.

Completed Torment. A joyous and a sad occasion -
once again, a pleasant experience is concluded and there's nothing that can bring it back.
Once again, there's one less worthwhile thing to experience on Earth.

Played Planescape : Torment for the whole weekend.
Seriously, I did not do anything else save for the necessities.

Ooh! Updates mid-week!
Anyway.. things pile up on you.
If you neglect something, be it e-mail, work, whatever, it piles up,
into a mighty, possibly invisible stack of things. And if you don't constantly work on it,
the stack keeps growing, and growing, and before you know it
it has reached newfound heights and you can only scrape the surface a little,
picking up the stuff on top and working on it. The stuff on the bottom, though,
you just forget until it makes itself known very loud in the future.
The only way to break a cycle such as this is to take up arms and clear the whole stack,
but that's the starting bit about it that is hard as hell.
And I just know some people never pick up the pace again, the bastards.
They just touch the stuff on top, think up new things, and leave the heart of the pile to rot.

Headache and a really sore throat, that's what's going on right now.
Seriously, I feel like shit. Ugh.

Slight structural site.. er, schanges.

Home again. It was kind of an uneventful week in ways, and not in some.
Shall I explain some bits of it now? Well then, pull up a chair!
Although I doubt that anyone'd surf the Internet standing were he to have a choice.
So anyway. I picked up the first Peter Gabriel solo CD in a used-crap-store,
and what an excellent addition to my stack of CDs it is. It's quite worth listening..
Then, I bought some small things and sold some other ones. Visit the lists if you like.
And at the night of one of these days, I woke up at four o'clock in the morning
because of a severely heated argument emanating from somewhere else than the trusty
confines of my dorm room. The argument was between a boy and a girl (figures)
and the matter at hand was that the girl apparently accused the said boy of cheating
her or something, which prompted me to realize that they probably were lovers.
Were, in both of the potential senses applicable here. Heh.
For a moment, in a blaze of righteous misanthropy I tried to recall the on-watch number
of the security company that takes care of nocturnal (and whatnot) trouble in the dorm,
but after a bit I realized I wasn't able to remember it at that moment and I wasn't going to
be able to derive pleasure from their asses getting hauled off the grounds by the security.
Ah, well. You can't have it all I suppose, huh. Anyway.
Okay, so the boy (I'm refraining from the use of the "elder" definitions of the
male and female members of our species here, since I really don't think that
you could call that sad pair a man and a woman) defended himself (rather loud, may I add)
by saying that he was just talking with some other girl and that the neurotic bitch
was just imagining things in her sordid pang of jealousy (I added the expletives).
This stupid shit went on for like twenty minutes, after which it got quiet again,
and I was finally allowed to embrace my beloved dreamworld again.
So, next day, on my way back from school, I noticed someone had posted a note
on the dorm door, requesting the students to return to her a certain golden ring
she had "lost" in the vicinity. Jesus, what a rush. I almost cracked up. (grins evilly)
Well, either the guy really had it going with some other chick (In which case he is
just as stupid a bastard as all the rest and he's a dick to severly loathe) or the
girl was hallucinating in her stupid insane fucking mind, which would make her the
target of loathing. It's all a win-win! I hope they never get their goddamn ring back.
Pieces of shit.. lovers are deranged? You got it. Jesus.
Well, the week also had some more surprises waiting for me. A car ride that I was
going to use to get home for the weekend, free and all, was naturally canceled
at the last possible moment, leaving me with a Shenmue-esque frame of time to react.
Thankfully, I was able to get some other means of travel, albeit much more costly ones.
Also, I received today an empty envelope, postage paid and all. But there's nothing in it,
and the adhesive hasn't even been activated. Now, it came from Lappeenranta,
so if whoever sent me the nice envelope happens to be reading this, well,
you might want to include whatever you were planning to put in the envelope next time.
And that's all. Now playing "Achtung Baby". Huh? Horses?

So, what's been up with me these days?
Well, I've been writing updates somewhat often, but when I finally took a look
through the URL and not my own directory, I found out that the pages have not been
gotten properly updated since 21.03, even though I've written entries and seemingly
uploaded them quite nicely. I think that koti.mbnet.fi server may've experienced fuck-ups.
So now, I'll just dismantle all the updates you probably never saw and melt
some of the more worthwhile ones into one large 19.04 update, written in a.. a..
Conan O'Brien starter style. Yeah, that's it, that's indeed the classic "ticket".
So.. on the hardware side, I'm again in possession of a DC, so yay there! A Dreamcast!
On the PC front, I need a working PCI network card with 10Mbit capability
and a PCI / AMR modem (28.8K or above) before summer, so if you've got one
that you really don't need, do let me know, right love?
Anyway, a couple of days back I tried to play old Beneath A Steel Sky on the PC,
and was greeted by the intro narration monologue blaring out my speakers with volume
high enough to grab the attention of everyone in the near - and not so near - vicinity,
even though I had set the volume on an acceptable level prior to running the game.
Goddamned be some of these old games in this aspect. And speaking of old games,
my dear SSS was the MBNet game of the day the first of April. Yay me.
On the NES front, I completed Castlevania-III like ten times, without using continues.
Alucard, Grant, Sypha, and without anybody.
At a point, for a while it seemed as if I was going to complete the game on one life..
but then I did a really stupid jump to my death in the waterway of the doppelganger stage.
It was all downhill from there. My next life was lost with a misplaced jump
with the gearwheels of the next level, and then I lost some more
with the pendulums. I really hate that bit, what with those bats
arbitrarily appearing on either side of the screen, hellbent on knocking you off your feet.
And well now! When a Finnish TV channel starts to show anime,
you'd only expect to get something like Magic Knight Rayearth (in English dubbing too)..
and that's exactly what we're getting. Yes, combined with my pained leg,
such is the state of my world as it is, true and uncut.
Yeah, and I still haven't gotten my Shadow Warriors II back from the Customs Service,
even though I already once faxed them all the relevant data. Thank you so much.
Wow, that was indeed an update of Sardius-like magnitude.
I even had that "disappeared off the face of the 'net" feel going on with the page.

I love Castlevania.

That Syfa, he really loves Trevor.

Oh. So, that's what the bulge was, huh. !
Umm.. well. I.. I think I'm bigger than that,
I can look past such, er, trifles --
I'm a 15th century man, baby!
I wouldn't care if you were a space man or a devil,
I'll love you even if I have to fight the
whole world to do so!

Oh, there I am, upon the nigh completion of Crackdown on hard without continues.
I have 0 lives left, and I've cornered the evil professor.
I know his pattern, and dash into his control room, dodging the gunfire and
fire my rocket launcher one last time, at the madman. He screams, keels over, and.. and..
And from somewhere inside his mangled corpse, a final gunshot emerges, killing me.

Received a note from the Finnish postal service, confirming that
my Shadow Warriors II cart has indeed returned at last --
The problem is, it got stuck into customs coming back. My own damned game.
Now, I'm hoping they've got their brains active as I'll send them an explanation
depicting exactly why they need to remove their grubby hands from my cart now.

I've got a friend who turned down Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill,
but appears he's all game for the sequels, though, as he has already
completed both of the part twos. Shudder.
I don't know if that's frightening, disappointing or just plain graphic-related.

Weary apathy. Gotta love it.

Came home with an e-mail inbox of 40+ new messages gathered during the week.

Defeated Megaman-X6 with X and Zero. And yes indeed, take the first impressions
of mine, replace "difficult" with "irritating" and add
"poorly thought out & executed" and you've got my final verdict.
Positive attributes exist, like an unchanged soundtrack with Japanese voice actors
and some attempt at a plot, but negative attributes practically abound
with problems like a rather poorly written, half-assed plot full of holes
(Things left all unexplained, making it all sound like there is some obvious information that the
player should well know automatically, like about everything regarding that Gate fellow),
bad input mapping/control (With Zero, hitting up+attack while
in midair causes Zero to take an uncancelable careen attack downwards, of all things,
which usually ends up turning your attempts at gripping a pole while slicing
an aggressive foe into one-frame leaps of death), NES grade texts
(So I want you to overwright my save file, is that is a problem?)
and a continue point scheme that can leave you stuck in a level until you quit / gameover it,
not to mention the infuriating reploid rescue system that can either
1) leave you cursing as you quit, restore and try again or 2) make you lose items permanently..
Oh, and never use regular X. Never. Capcom apparently forgot his existence
altogether, and as a result you can't even pass the bulk of the levels using him.
Yes, you have to don the variety of armours, all of which fuck up your X-Buster.
No, this is not the optimal Megaman experience by a long shot.

Well, I got Megaman X6 this morning, and I've played it today.
My first impressions would be that this may well be
the most fucking difficult Megaman game I've ever played,
and with that special dash of "hastily made" to go with it.

Well, now my walls are kind of white instead of kind of sickly dirty yellow,
and some speakers were moved a little, but my room's practically unchanged.
Except for some tacky crap that got torn out of the wall.
And against all expectations, the paint didn't actually have much
of an odour to speak of, which I gladly noted. But all in all, the fifth was
by all means a typically uneventful day. Well, I did remove a save file
from my Startropics cart, viewing the ending (again) before doing so.
Nice prose, Nintendo. Eh. I think even Paradise Heights had more profound textwork.

My room's being renovated, which kind of puts it in a sort of disarray,
which, of course, is a break from all the regular disarray of it.
It's missing a bed and everything (My computer and audio systems remain though)
and all that space is giving my CDs a kind of an echoing quality.
Even (almost) all of the posters are off the walls, so no manga nud*#!$
..tomorrow it will also get painted so if I post an update then,
not making any kind of coherent statements or even any sense to speak of,
blame it on the fumes. Or my innate stupidity and lack of skill.
That's what you've been saying up to now, haven't you? Admit it. *)
*) "Admit it" phrase and the EF planet design (C) someone else altogether

In an entirely unsurprising turn of events, the disgusting mainstream
cRPG company Square decides to once again screw the Europeans over
by releasing a crippled version of the Final Fantasy Anthology for the PSX
in the form of the FF3 CD (Named Final Fantasy 6 though, luckily) ONLY,
along with a demo PS2 DVD of the next shallow multimillion seller title FFX.
The company head was quoted "Another shaft up the bitchasses. Ha ha ha hm hm hm hm !!"

There's a strange feeling I'm experiencing.
It feels kind of nice and makes me shamefully smile in public places,
which, incidentally, also manages to make my face feel rather uncomfortable.
And I feel.. saturated.. by it.

Hello, March. The month of the war god.
Only a couple of days and Finland takes a step forward as the first
homosexual couples get to register themselves up. That makes me happy.
Even though I doubt I fit into that category, myself.

A somewhat useless update.
Nothing much added, that is..

Well, now. Do the evolution..
maybe I'll now assimilate myself into the dank masses of the (sad) clan-toting,
Diablo2-loving, MP3-hoarding and finally Counterstrike-playing nasty little warez lemmings
(that also, realistically no doubt, jump around a lot on the battlefield,
insulting everybody in bad English - or bad Finnish - just like real elite soldiers!)
the bulk of the PC userbase consists of.. pathetic.

Ah, 20022002, the great day of renovations and minor major acquisitions!
Feeling a little better (and a strange premonition),
I reorganized the index linkpart somewhat, tossed the lame page
(Which has probably been well surpassed by far greater avatars of grime out there)
and demoted the other sections page.

Just completed Batman on my NES without losing a life.
To consider that it was my childhood's
"Third most likely to cause spontaneous aerospatial controller movement" game..
Oh, yeah, and all you puny humans were saved by the bell again; this evil genius mastermind,
upon nigh completion of his evil DDR²H³O Satan Bomb, lost his American attention span
and decided to start making a red-blue skull-shaped castle out of scrap metal,
buffalo bones and Britney records instead. Dammit, so close again!

What the hell's up with this illness, eh? It took a one-day break,
and now it's back with a vengeance? oHH..
But I have, nonetheless, posted up a new rant now!

I'd say I've been as sick as dog,
only my dog has always been a lot less sick than I have..
Anyway. Around 04:00 Saturday morning I was assaulted by some pretty evil
stomach ache, which thankfully subsided some during the next hours,
giving way to automagical fits of having to regularly empty my stomach
through my mouth. That, and a general feel of weakness, made it fairly clear
that I'm in no condition to do much anything, so I pretty much
spent the whole Saturday in bed. Now let us see how this day is turns out...
(Yes! "is turns out"! I couldn't fucking write English if my life depended on it!!!)
Sorry Matti, looks like your Buffy set is going to be a little delayed..

I'm all so torn.

It would seem to me that my use of free time has gotten into a serious
downward degradation cycle these last few weeks.
Whenever I've had spare time, it in fact looks like I've just been
kind of waffling around all day in a drowsy quasi-conscious state.
Dammit, I haven't touched my consoles in a gaming-related manner in a week now,
except for some BaM2 dueling last night.
Oh man. I need help.
Huh? Ah! 'tis also Valentine's Day! Well in that case I'd like to send my best
to some imaginary chicks and my dear dog Taskari. Bow wow.

Slightly bored again..

Now let us see..
Lookie here, one of the few updates done while not at home! Hi there!
Apparently some people consider pages last updated nine days ago "dated".
Of course, if those nine days include the destruction of Tokyo, Beijing and Helsinki,
the hopeless struggle of a single child against a race of emotionless, murderous space aliens,
and the gift of self-sacrifice to save us all (With some tearjerker drama to go with it),
it can be so, but certainly you realize that nothing noteworthy's happening now.
Right? Right? Have you even been out of your apartment in a month?
Just when did you last see the sun, man? The beautiful colours of sunset,
the playful flicker of light reflected on green eyes? Skies? Eh?
(Added comment 02/2004 : Never! Green eyes are fucking rare, man.)
So what have I been up to? Well, helping out our school's computer assault team. :P
Installed a PC speaker on my PC, nocturnal use of which is guaranteed to wake up the dorm.
And with the help of the blazing speed of my PC I've also been catching up on my anime.
I've got a huge backlog now, what with some of my friends leeching off disgusting
amounts of pirated, fansubbed anime from whatever people nicknamed DrakuFalcon422
they meet like the beady-eyed little waReZ gophers they are.
Mmmm Lain..

Nice date.
See the specs page for shocking revelations,
a few rare ones of mine which I can have other people learn and live on..

Hello. Another two weeks of school over, and still goin' strong!
So.. I finally got equipped with Mega Man : The Wily Wars
in all of its complete, PAL glory. This, of course, made me feel pretty good,
especially considering that my leg hurts like shit, no. Fuck.. no. Like hell.
Pretty good, that is, until I logged onto the Internet to clear my "URL visit / read backlog",
and now I managed to start feeling really melancholic for several reasons.
Jeez. I think I'll just kill my sad romantic bastard self now with my dad's axe or something.

Finally acquired some Euros.
The coins are pretty heavy and the bills look like rejects
from some artistic impression compo.
They should've just opted for some scifi names
for the currency instead of just "Euros" and "Euro-cents".
Oh, the juice? It's fifty Zorgs, mate. Thanks.

Just watched a movie named "Four Rooms" on TV.
It was certainly the single most entertaining (best too) movie on the channel this year.
And to make a point clear, last year too.

..and the cow jumped over the moon!

Added stuff into the trade-away list.
There's some great stuff in there, for once!

You picking this up?


Blah. Such an year *that* was.

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