This one lists all the changes and 'improvements' that this site suffered
throughout what was then known as.. the year 2001.
And then there's a lot of ranting too.

Go on then.


Ah-ha. Time to archive another update file soon.
Just another day in the year, albeit a particularly last one, granted..
No rockets to fire, no shotguns to blast, no nuclear devices to detonate for me.
Hope people have the sense to prevent potential trauma towards their integrated
optical equipment while celebrating the nil occasion this time around..

I must have been cursed at birth.. once again I'm stuck with some
nasty sort of a coughing flu. With all the relevant side orders.
That makes what, the third time this side of last summer?

.. argh. Nothing quite like human beings to ruin your mirth.
Want the NES PAL Shadow Warriors II ROM image ?
... !
Yes, hey. I've asked around internationally and nobody seems to particularly
like the idea of accepting the Euro currency as a method of payment
any more than they would've considered accepting FIM, or quartz, or kittens. Or manure.
So well now. This much good that all did, then. Hmph.

Well now that's once again over with.

Hh.. well, happy Xmas eve.
Get equipped with presents, and item-3 !

My GSM is working again.

Ah. The start of the 16-day Christmas break.
My gearlists went through quite a bundle of new acquisitions,
of which, of course, I am happy.

Made the specs portion somewhat more accurate,
and added a link at the single most demented webcomic I've faced this year.
And mind you, the competition held such names as Sinfest and Expl.Now !!

Yes, after a grueling battle, the battle against Dracula was finished.
And since the game takes you back to block 1 upon completion,
and ups the difficulty level, I decided to see how far the stage counter goes.
As it turned out, it freezes at stage-99 (but the game keeps getting harder).
Finally, on my sixth game through without any game overs, score being 3722545,
I decided to call it a day. Or a night - it's five in the morning!
Good night!

It's the Finnish independence day now, so all
the patriotic fucks among us can rejoice the spilling of blood now.
And with the matter of blood at hand, I played the original mode
of Castlevania Chronicles right into the nigh end without continues,
only to get mauled off my last life by Vlad himself..
well, a rematch, starting from the beginning, should settle the score once and for all.
The game certainly has a load of that very defining Castlevania frustration in it.

The longest time of drought regarding rants is now over.
That means I wrote one up.
More to come in a month, I think.

Exactly why is it that about every review I've read regarding
Castlevania Chronicles (Akumajo Dracula) places the (original mode) game graphically
around Super Castlevania IV, only lower? Hello?
Have you seen that large painting hanging on the wall of the first level?
The castle with the bats flying inside in the second game menu?
The large female statue in that brick tower stage?
These things are worthy of Symphony of the Night! And they're well beyond your CV4.

Okay, soon it's the start of the consumer product month, time to get set!
Wow. Half a month since the previous update.
Came home, only to find out that the certain ex-man of my father's certain female friend
(I can think of other ways of putting it but most of them can be regarded offensive)
had raged about and blown the lock off our house's door with a shotgun in an attempt
to waste the people inside. Fucking asshole. That's all I can say.
A Finnish redneck at his best, I'll say..
Whoever said that no man is better than any other is a bleeding idiot.

Still coughing, still a runny nose.

Great. Of course they put Invisible Man on hold, I mean,
it only being the best thing TV has to offer on Tuesdays and all.
Well, at least you can go to sleep early now,
and no need to waste time with the soulful portayal of a parallel reality
where every male offspring of the human species is born without the brain
they air earlier on..

Fuck you, Square.
It would appear that there is no intention whatsoever
to bring neither the FF Anthology nor the newer FF Chronicles pack
into Europe. So we're screwed out of these games again.
Who cares about a bunch of Europeans? They're probably too busy wearing
stockings and dresses and acting generally queer to play Chrono Trigger, anyway.

Still under the weather.
Anyway, I did update and edit and alter some pages, including the trade page.

Oh, my thoughts are a scattered mess tonight.
I pop in the Internet, do something and log out,
only then to remember the thing I was supposed to do there.
Maybe it's the salmon I ate earlier this evening.
Yeah! That's the ticket. My brain must be hallucinating from
the first dose of seafood in about three years..
Well, now I'm again acquainted with ICQ. Mine's #62668203.

Fuck those lame Top Agent pussies of Tilt fame..
The Jake Cool Trilogy is the original secret agent adventure!
Go play!

More of the same, plus the all-new, added flu effect! Again.

Ah, November. The beauty of the rotting, dying nature.
And the beauty of Darkman III.
Yeah, I saw the movie. That probably puts me beyond redemption.

Nothing much on the new side to report, except for
the fact that I gained some really angry music
from the Manics last week. Love it.

Revised a rant, the trade page, and stuff.

Now that the price of the Playstation 2 has descended more on the line
fit for a Playstation instead of a goddamned Paystation
I might feel inclined to buy one. Or get one as a christmas present.
Wink wink! But wait, I didn't have any rich relatives, did I?
Hmm. If you've been waiting for the right moment to offer a ridiculous
amount of cash for something of mine, you've got it right here! *eg*

Oh dear - I'm twenty..

Received a stash of Mega-CD games today, one of which looks like
it was given a quick chopjob to fit it in a single-CD case..
Just great.

A friend of mine also just told me that he sold his PSX away. For dimes practically.
Right after he had paid to get it repaired.
Whatever chaos engine may run his CPU, I'd like to take a look at the schematics..

Ever experience having to see some person way more that you'd want to,
that much that it nigh makes you swear out loud ?
And you being powerless to do anything about it ?
Especially when the person's prettty much an ignorant little lemming ?
Then you can probably relate to my recent experiences.
*Spellcheck has found and replaced derogatory remarks of notable magnitude! Surrogate "lemming"*

You know, the second Castlevania title for the SNES
must have been painstakingly created with a single purpose,
one of frustrating the living fuck out of the player, has it not? Grr.

Arrived home to spend a nine-day autumn break from school.
Only to find my brother playing manufactured teen shit (Read "Linkin Park").
Faith No More would throw cups of piss at them.. if there still was FNM.

Umm, and you know they've got problems when you've got an anti-smoking education bit
at school and they play us all a tape of a lung cancer victim speaking against smoking
via a throat vibrator (Now how did that manage to sound so dodgy? Ah, shit..
I'll just call it an artificial voice box instead.)
while Shine On You Crazy Diamond plays in the background..

Decided to try cleaning up the contacts of my old NES,
and did just that. Shadow Warriors II started on the first power-on.
No glitches or anything. This made me pretty happy, since the rest
of the games seem to also work well now. And since the game started and all,
I decided to play the game through. Besides, I needed all the noise and distraction
I could crank out, what with people fucking in the next room. Ugh.

Hello again!
That last update was made by an alien who took my place.
Luckily, I was able to get rid of the thing by getting him
to go to school just because, as I lied to him, "it is fun"..
Of course, someone ended up asking him whether he's got a reason to be so happy,
and after a brief explanation he was obviously dragged into the
maximum security warmth of the Muurola mental asylum.
Hi Vantte!

I'm making this update at three in the night, so I apologize for a potential mess..
I was getting ready for sleeping, on my bed, when I glanced over at the window.
Stars could be seen through the blinds. I pulled them up.
A great view at the black night sky, full of stars.
I thought about the stars.. they're all so goddamn far away,
and there are all those great distances between them, and between me..
Made me feel.. I don't know, like.. longing for something..
A little lonely, too, I guess.
And insignificant. So fucking insignificant.
Whatever may lie up in there ?
All kinds of beautiful stars, perhaps of different colours,
graceful textures of planets, geometrical shapings
and the eternal rotation of planetary bodies..
And yet, I'm here and will never see any of that..
..and my eyes got a little wet.

Once again, I'm where my home is,
and also happen to have time to scribble up some little updates.
Oh, and I had to whore off my Dreamcast. My hands have been soiled.

It only takes one terrorist incident to get the people
from the country with a historical fuckedupness track record
to get all patriotic and all too proud of living in such a mess of a country..
It's a fucked up little world after all.

I heard it. I understood all of it in an instant. And I didn't flinch.
Certainly, it surprised me, but..
Sorry, I have no tears to shed on this.
Does this make me a terrible human?

The World Trade center in NYC was the latest bombing blamed on NOD terrorists.
I've known everything you can learn from this way before.
And they desecrate, deface, destroy ancient statues, monuments, temples, people,
you name it, in the less known parts of the world,
and those things get next to no reaction from most people.
But this, of course, is something everything takes upon to comment on.
It requires an attack on the healthy western civilization for you to even see it happen.

But the fact is, people die.
(And we're way overpopulating this globe of ours as is.)
And there is no such thing as "basic security" in this world of ours,
and hopefully things like this shatter your frail illusions of having any.
Anybody can just kick your door in and shotgun you
or rape your girl on a dark street or burn your house down
or crash a plane into a skyscraper and there's absofuckinglutely nothing
you can do to prevent this. Better start looking over your shoulder.

In more apocalyptic news..
World Trade Center is undone, they started airing Dark Angel in Finland
and Spede dies on a golf course..
Obviously, this must be the beginning of the end.
We're doomed I tell ya!

Nothing new to report, except for that at least
the starter episode of Dark Angel reeks of ass.
(..and I call that news..)

A bunch of American series are finding their way onto the Finnish TV soon,
and from some plot synopses and stuff, it looks like most of them are actually not worth
the effort of watching. Plus, I'm really waiting to see James Cameron shit on everything
good he ever created earlier on, with his Dark Angel clichodramarama.
A three dime scifi series set in a Cyberpunkish future involving
the government's super soldier program, starring a stupid little pr0n bitch?
Who the hell are you kidding, James? You used to be good. Granted, you're rich now, but..

Home, home again.
I like to be here when I can.
And I gained a bunch of games, too.

Apparently, a third-rate "artist" by the name of Aaliyah
(Lausutaan suomalaisittain mieluiten "Ääliö")
has kicked the bucket, so I figured - why not update the page?
After all, a moment of an unworthy piece of shit of a "musician" kicking the bucket
comes only once a blue moon, eh ?
So anyway, I'm glad she's dead. Ha! Ha!
It's not like the death of stupid bitch #23483923998 matters in any way,
and the more talentless, useless people die the better for us all, eh?
*kicks the nasty corpse*
Now only if someone'd forge some accidents towards the Destiny's Child and the rest..

One thing that pisses me off about the forthcoming (And already started)
months of schooling is that I don't have anything in the dormitory
that I can type (and save) text into. Obviously, this makes it so that I cannot catch
my wandering thoughts on virtual paper (My handwriting's too slow and shoddy to record)
and that probably ends up drying my well of rants in a fairly fine total degree.
Fuck you too, world.
As I cannot vent it out, I probably first scream alone in the room, and end up brutally slaughtering
my classmates, which, of course, pleases the media, and by that proxy, the crowds..
"Oh, my! Look at all those games he had! Yep yep, this guy was a gamer!
And he killed everybody! It's all obvious - I see a correlation, don't you?"
"Oh, I see a scoop. More killer kids! Better turn on the showers and fire up the ovens!"
"Yes. And then, sodomy."

Oh, and in other news, boy do I have a dumbfuck CD drive in my PC.
It takes about half an hour to install Wing Commander (I);
The problem is, the old CD doesn't read very well in those fancy high speeds
the drive likes to use, so the drive understandably doesn't get much out of that CD.
Now, it understands this and slows the read speed down, after which it actually is
able to read (copy) the file, but the problem is, the merry bonehead then
proceeds to speed back up after every file only to grind air again
for about half a minute when the next file refuses to be taken in at such blazing speeds.
Now why did I hate PCs?

Oh, and how can you insult someone in a direct manner without
allowing way for that person to name your insult "immature" or whatever?

And the school started.
And Rami didn't have to share his room with anyone,
and Rami was happy, but then Rami realized that
he was going to have lessons from one teacher only,
for a whole eight weeks.
And Rami was mortified.
And the teacher had issues.
And the teacher bellowed.

Anyway, I'm at home for the weekend now,
but I cannot use any consoles#@!$!!*
'cause the TV is undergoing probably weeks worth of repairs
at the hands of the fat, lazy Kittilä TV repairman...

As the school starts again, the intervals between updates will undoubtedly grow.

#&* lost an auction because eBay wouldn't let me load their page.

I bought a NES Lolo 3, boxed with instructions,
and, as I found out, the #$*&! seller sent me the thing bare..
He had sticked the stamps and the address and everything
onto the game box and taped it all over!
Now, anyone mind borrowing me a shotgun? I've got a deal to conclude..

Oh, and the trade page has been updated with three top game titles!
Get them while they're hot!

Almost nothing new to report, really.
Well, I am coughing a lot now.

Acquired a bunch of SNES games.

Oh, this adorable flu isn't getting any better..

Returned a day ago from a weekend somewhere quite else, and wrote about it.
(Cheers to all the people I met there! If you happen to read this..)
The text bit is found amongst the rants.
Even got a souvenir.. a blighted flu!
Oh, and the meaning of that previous update entry?
Don't you think it's fairly self-evident?

I enter, and you look expectantly.
I watch around, you watch around.
What would you ask of me?
Would you want me to bitch?
Do you want me to tip some screens on you?
Would you like something incredibly pretentious?
Alas, that could be granted.

An excerpt from some Sony ad on a PSX game manual back :
" Euro-AV Cable !
Hook your PlayStation up to a stereo TV with the Euro-AV Cable, designed
specifically to enhance the sound and picture of PlayStation games
so you can get the maximum benefit of PlayStation's superb
stereo sound and graphics. "
All right, but.. "enhance"? More like not corrupt, is it Sony?
Also, why call it simply an AV cable when it's a SCART?

A character biography excerpt from the PSX Azure Dreams manual :
" Fur Gots, female; 15 years old
The main attraction at the General Store!
Fur is moved to Monsbaiya from the Western part of the land via this store. "
Er, a main attraction? A fifteen-year old girl? Ummm..
Wonder if they've got that same description in the USA manuals, too. ^_^
(Added comment 05/2004 : I'm just surprised now that I never commented on the "fur" bit.
My mind must've been pretty pristine back then.)

Gawd. Hotmail's gotten worse.

Got the proper version of Hooray for Boobies.
A sticker on the case says "And Two New Bonus Tracks".
Bonus tracks? Bonus my undefined body part.


Read the first leg of the Ghost of the Shell manga in one big Dark Horse publication.
Liked it.
Acquired something that reads "Léon Director's Cut".
Hopefully, it isn't some poop with Léon not dying like I've heard..
(Comment 02/2002 : Well it was not! What an enjoyable movie! Integral version, indeed! Dammit, I love it!!)

Two friends sent me a box practically chock full of anime pir8 CDRs,
well knowing that my computer is all too ill-equipped to handle such powerey decoding.
The bastards. I think I'll pay them back by borrowing them an empty Chrono Cross jewelcase
and Snatcher without a Mega-CD or returning their GitS manga
with the pages stuck together in a suspicious manner or something.
What's worse, I think that I intentionally used a freaky word like powerey just now.
What is a bastard elitist if his English is corrupt ?

I just remembered why I disliked summer.
Inside, it gets so hot in here.
Outside, it's just almost as warm, and then - the many kinds of insects.
The regular mosquitoes, the smaller thingies, the ultra-small buggers
that appear later on, and then the gross large horseflies which I abhor.
It's like a miniature Resident Evil scenario !

As two thirds of what is known as FHI enter the conscription,
where their spirits are broken, and later, their backs,
RmM overlooks the ruined remains of the Demon Castle from atop a mountain,
his scarf bellowing dramatically and..
Wait a minute? Scarf? The hell? Get it off me !

What the hell's up with these Flash intros every shop and company tends to tote?
Who gives a shit about intros?
They don't make you watch a piece of slop every time you enter a real life shop, do they?

Why do the Eagles suck?
I haven't really listened to any of their music,
but approximately everyone tells me that they -really- stink.
If someone thinks he can provide me with a reasonable explanation
as to what makes them a peculiarly amazing heap of shit,
please mail me, all right?

Why the hell do you people hate instrumental tunes?
What are you thinking? What do you want?

People just don't appreciate irony.
As for my stuff, I altered some color schemes, the Q&A page,
and a couple of other places you might just see the changes and additions in.

The first leg of the Summer Holiday mission has been a success,
thought RmM as he was transported god knows where.

Boo hoo. Another local tragedy unveils as a woman picked a wrong guy to be with
years before only to wake up now to the guy toting a shotgun to her face.
What can I say ?
Sob. You guys make baby Jesus (and me) cry (in frustration).

1. Those crazy englishmen! They've got that same bitch on all of their stamps!
2. I believed Pearl Harbor's crap. Then I saw the name Bruckheimer. Now I know.

The game want list gained a Sega Master System section,
and the trade list was updated, as was the music CD want list.

Happy midsummer.
The Survivor TV format has reached Finland as well,
and now we've had this mentally degraded, pathetic drivel of our own to watch,
as if we needed some lame Full Metal Jacket endpart re-enactment sadness.
But hey, as a brighter note, there are thirteen fuck-based words on this page.
Oops. Make that fourteen.

Yeah, so SSS really fucking sucks. Gr8.
Finally, a NES area addition - the Wizards & Warriors shrine !
And a rant...
BTW, bongasinpa hauskan jutun jostain MTV3:n GSM SHOWsta tai jostain.
Ei suora quote, koska en muista tarkkaa lausemuotoa.
" Konsolit ovat osaamattomia peeloja varten.
Tietokone peleissä on miljoona kertaa paremmat grafiikat,
ne ovat kehittyneempiä ja niissä on paremmat ideat. "
Piruparka mikä luulotauti, jonkun pitäisi käydä päästämässä idiootti päiviltä. :)

Being the summer and all, the already sad output of the TV
has taken a turn for the worse. Malcolm in the Middle? Yech.
Want to hear the exact English translation of the Finnish name of the series ?
"Our brother is a genius".

And, even when including shipping fees,
you can get your GBA cheaper ordering it from USA !
And they have no dumb region lockout. Wow.

Lame Boy Advance is coming out soon here in Finland
and they don't even have Castlevania in their fucking line-up.
(Aftenote : Luckily it mysteriously appeared later. Had me worried.)

Acquired music.
Blade Runner end tune rocks.
Oh, and I dragged off some more gear for auctioning.

Stupid Bush. Oh well, anyway I've got Silpheed now.

A load of Saturn shooties added into the want list.

Played Mission : Impossible and lost at madelinette.
I hate myself.

I complete Rocket Knight on hard. It urges me to try very hard.
I complete Rocket Knight on very hard. It urges me to try crazy hard.
On crazy hard one hit from anything kills you.
Damned if I gave up now.
Oh, and.. goddamn FIM! What are you trying to do, kill my foreign purchase plans?

Acquired Shadow Warriors II for the NES,
Rocket Knight Adventures for the Megadrive
and Star Wars Arcade for the 32X.


I've been feeling a tad less than terrific these last few days, headache and a little sick.
Maybe there's an alien inside my skull or something..
Anyway, the summer vacation has begun, with the typical shitty school "show".
While it may sound great (and it is), it also means that my cash
flow may get seriously jeopardized since they don't pay any money to
students during holiday months and back where I live, any decent summer
job can be filed under wishful thinking.
Why the damned back forest of the back forest of Finland ..?
Oh, hey wow, you can find my pages through Google! What a killer search engine!

As I look out of the window, I can see that it is snowing. A lot.
Snowing. And it is the 27th of May. Looking out, you could easily
be fooled into thinking it was late autumn, not the eve of summer.
Has Mother Nature gone and gotten herself a sex change or something,
having her hormonal activities that fucked up ?

A new, angsty rant.
(Added comment 05/2004 : [laughs] )

I've got an amusing story to tell..
Sonera, a GSM service provider, accidentally shipped loads of GSM SIM cards
with fatal bugs on them onto the customers. While this is already hilarious by itself,
fucking SIM cards with bugs in them, this is not the end of the Sonera antics.
Anyway, they had to replace the lot of them free of charge, which apparently
cost them millions of marks, which gets me a sort of a malicious feeling of joy.
So, I got ready to replace my bugged card with the brand new one
and sent a text message into the automated card activation service to get it done.
I received two identical confirmation replies from the automatic service.
Well, undaunted by this, I did the final step of activation by sending a final message
into the service. I received two new messages, and those are what cracked me up.
First, there was a message with garbled text, seemingly stating that something went awry.
But the second message contained nothing other than a Microsoft program error message !
And a program CRASH message at that! I couldn't help laughing..
too bad I couldn't save the message for posterity. ;) My brother saw it, though.
Fucking Sonera. You were my ISP, and boy did you suck. Then you manage this up.
You guys are so sad you make me laugh out loud.

After several potential trade contacts that started with "I read your page and.."
and ended with something like "..which country are you from?" I have to say that my belief
in the collective Mankind has yet again diminished. Did you read my page, fucker?
Maybe I'll just start a new collective, separate from the mainstream Mankind.
Yeah! And I'd call us the Sons of Big Boss, and we'd capture a missile base and..
Aw, wait. That Snake fellow would just probably snap the necks of my followers
and ruin my giant nuclear-equipped walking battle tank. Shit.
Anyway, I noticed the lower portions of this update page
got somehow garbled and destroyed, so I cut them off and fixed that.
And put up a new rant.


Last night, I talked with a friend of mine about the probably-shitty Mummy sequel
and he said that he was going to go see it next weekend.
I asked him about it.. why should he go watch a very-likely-to-be-shitty sequel
in the typical Hollywood fashion? I commented that he should probably
use his money for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon instead.
But no, he insists on wasting his cash on a stupid Hollywood flick.
Ah, well. Think I've learned something valuable of human brain patterns.

An idea.. hey, now that Adams has finally even deceased,
could all of you hypocritical teachers who always say that
no, I haven't read the Hitchhiker series but yeah, I've heard it is great
finally get your sorry selves to read the great books ?? Please?
This kind of ignorance really pisses me off..

Found out that Douglas Adams has died last weekend.
Apparently, the man died of a heart attack, at the age of 49.
I have to say that this makes me sad, seeing that his Hitchhiker saga
is certainly the stuff of legend, and he is one of my top three favourite authors ever.
So, this is my tribute to the guy who made me laugh and grin real hard, numerous times.
Bye, mr. Adams. I'm not going to thank you for all the fish, though. :)

The MegaCD and 32X portions of the game want list got larger.

Action: Read Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind. Reaction: Romantically pleased.
Action: Reacquired dear Panzer Dragoon Saga. Reaction: Ecstatic.
Action: Simply acquired more console gear. Reaction: Happy.
Action: Checked my ill3g@l pir8d SNES r0mZ. Reaction: SNES want list expanded.
Action: Found out about DreamSNES. Reaction: Interested.
Action: Burned DreamSNES and r0mz. Reaction: Hopeful.
Action: Checked out DreamSNES. License text has typos. Reaction: Discouraged.
Action: Heard horrid techno. Reaction: Discouraged.
Action: Found out author was Swedish. Reaction: Discouraged.
Action: Attempted to run split ROM of Castlevania. Did not work. Reaction: Surprised.
Action: Attempted to switch game. Apparently requires a reboot. Reaction: Disgusted.
Action: Rebooted, attempted to run Axelay. Frameskip tops 486. Reaction: Disgusted.
Action: Attempted to find control over frameskip ratio. No avail. Reaction: Disgusted.
Theory: Cute girl in DreamSNES menu probably tried out DreamSNES before image was taken.

Replaced the old 14.4 Win-pieceashit with a 28.8 modem which works in pure DOS.
Too bad no-one I know has a modem anymore so there's no game use for it..
I could also try to use the Internet through DOS but the DOS browsers suck.
Hmm. Boy, it certainly ended up useful.. well at least it speeds up loading.

Uploaded SSS v1.01 which kills Sir lameness and a small bug.

SSS has been created.
May it soar gloriously alongside the phoenix and the majestic dragons.

Updated twice the same day.
Acquired Kojima's Snatcher !!
Oh and some other gear like a Turbografx-16 and Saturn Bio Hazard yayay.
Updated a couple of sections including the link page.
Hey, I'm selling a couple of items on the Finnish auction system,
so if you want to take a look at my items, click here (link removed) to get directly to 'em.
They're up for a tad over a week.

Acquired a stash of NES stuff from a friend,
along with a PAL NES that supposedly didn't work.
And after a bit of checking what's wrong with it, the NES lives again!
Added the NES games into the list, and added a "misc" section
into the want list, stating game boxes and manuals and such that I want.

Well! I just found out that a dear friend of mine
suddenly went and decided to get engaged with his girlfriend!
So I hereby take this opportunity to congraturate the living shit out of him
and hope that he's still happy about it in the morning. ^_^
The proverbial morning, that is.
True congrats Warma, and to quote Parallax : " YOUR A REAL MAN NOW ! "
Now if you'll all excuse me, I've got a lot of growing bitter to do,
I'll just go over there and cry myself to sleep over the cruelty of the world
and that I'll never find anyone to love and cherish..
Damn you Square, what did you do to me !!?

(Added comment 05/2004 : Well, I certainly went on to do that, did I not..)

Well, enjoy a very merry Easter.
Random updates 'round.

(Updated twice on the same day : Apart from this, I also added two rants.)
Gained some sweet Saturn gear.
Shining Force III and House of the Dead sweet.
Uh, now I also remembered why I detest the use of word 'sweet'.
And hey, y'know, it's amusing how ridiculously stupid the Roswell series is.
I thought it reached the apex of shittiness when a future Max
was sent back in fucking time to save the world from destruction.
But when the next episode right after that had some kind of grown bodies in
glass containers and a large convention of people that were really aliens,
I realized that the scriptwriters are probably hellbent on ripping off
every single fucking classic science fiction idea and smiling in glee before they're done.
God. I almost vomited at the thought.

My Saturn's battery died, effectively negating anything I ever did with
Panzer Dragoon Saga, Exhumed and Sega Rally,
and my second PSX Dual Shock is a bit too screwed to use.
As for the pages, I altered several gear lists and the resume,
and added two rants I wrote some days ago.

Back at home again, I'm listening to Nightwish and wondering whether
this strange burnt odor in my room comes from my computer or the speakers..
Received some more games, and altered the relevant listings accordingly.

Just a quick list (hw/want & games/have) update from a computer at the school.
Likely to get a few fairly good MD games this weekend.
(Phantasy Star II yayayay)

Nixed "Tidbits" since I had nay use for it.
Updated gamelists.
Grinned at the inanity of the mod list and del it went.
Dammit, another week wasted.

Yaya bragging too loud about the gearlist updates
to actually fucking update them..
My mind is going. But I did update them now.
I also added specific lists of items I carry into the My hardware list.

Wow, it's been a long time, near two months actually,
and the gamelists have again, obviously, been updated.
(NES now actually defined in the game/want list!)
And a new gear section, listing hardware that I want,
has been grafted into the writhing binarica that is my page.
Oh, and the music/want bit was updated as well.

Added a list of music CDs that I'm looking for.
Locatable through the link above, or other/audio.

Most notable updates are the all-new area for the game lists,
a severely updated console/computer list now residing there
and some additions to the lists themselves. Like a N64/want bit.
Oh, yeah. And because the guestbook really fucking sucked, I ditched it.

Little stuff.. a new drivel and some game list thingies.

(Entry modified to keep any shreds of dignity still left)
Came home only to find out that I had won something
in a Helsinki Media customer prize draw, HM being the publisher
of MikroBitti, a Finnish computer magazine that has been slowly
decaying and deteriorating a good decade now, qualitywise.
Well anyway, then I found out that the prize was a
shabby calculator with a Finnish mark / Euro - conversion.
Well, thanks a lot Helsinki Media. Thanks for the amazing cyberdevice,
but to me, the poor thing is so bloody useless that
you could've sent me broken pottery smeared with feces instead
and still top this cheap piece of shit in terms of usefulness.


Rest of the earlier updates of 2001 mysteriously disappeared
due to some weird file corruption. Dammit.

And here's the index, and the current updates..