Probably the shortest annual batch of log entries yet, n'est ce pas?


The cold Finnish rose, my Juniper Guinevere. <3

Other than that, Playing the Angel starts with a most interesting blast of Covenant-tinged noise, bringing a promise only partially fulfilled by what follows for the next hour. Lyrically, the starter track sounds like it's about fan expectations of the album, the album ender an ode to a gothic beauty (likely delightfully underage, with Gore's predilections in mind) and Macro might just be about watching copy-protected pornography on DVD, however unlikely. Wilder's absence is seen in the details - the sore lack thereof - although the crew is certainly starting to get a better hang of the polishing aspects of the composition process. It's harmful to the overall structural balance that Gahan took this long to start writing lyrics, because now his relevant skill level is comparable to, say, Gore's Broken Frame output, providing for - to say the least - a curious juxtaposition (a word of evil) with Gore's current talent. Of course, Gahan could be said to be on level with generic popular music where lyrical strength is concerned, while vocally he has risen above years ago.

Eh. Well, Precious certainly Enjoys the Silence.

Wow... looks like I haven't had a lot to say here this year.

Children. Compared to a thinking man you're just children.


Kaukaa, niin kuin veden alta kuulen peelon äänen.

Kasvi ei ole vihannes?

Planning to donate to Katrina victims?
Donate to Wikipedia, instead,
it benefits the mankind infinitely more than a stateful of sodden Bush-voters.

This world needs an open source HDCD decoder software.
Let's break the law again!


It's so profusely hot.

Such a string of small fortunes - first the EU shows the first signs
of superiority over their American mentors with the abolishment of the IP patent idea,
and now it seems that the Great Britain receives their due punishment for
wholeheartedly going walkies and pissing all over the park
in the leash of the great Satan. With bravado!

A sure sign of a potential summer on the horizon -
As the local albedo dropped enough for the dog to find a nice patch of dirt
to bask in the sun on, he quickly decided on it as the main modus operandi
and status quo of months to follow.

I think that this is heartwarming beyond everything.

I did a huge update on the 'Scope page.
It was about the bloody time.

Got rid of Up in order to repurchase it.
Hey, it had a scratch eliminating 0.5 and 0.5 of Sky Blue and No Way Out, respectively.

Software patents? I do know that EU wants to be the next USA,
but one would expect them to be selective about the traits they want to clone.
We definitely do not need this vile intellectual property Gestapo vehicle.

Hardware upgrade, part II.

Care to test out your Nintendo knowledge?

Hardware upgrade.

Rewrote some console rants.

Rahastus tekee taiteilijan!

Carriage return.
God's liquid punishment on pædophiles and filthy sinners was a huge suggess,
probably earning itself a few pages in the 10000th Anniversary Edition of the Holy Bible,
featuring amongst other things the extended version of Genesis 19!


Luomakunnan raskas kruunu.

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