Even though the world didn't end
and everybody and their kid didn't die a horrible flaming death,
year 2000 was still pretty fun, since,
well, err..

Well since humans still kept killing, raping and mutilating others round the globe
with renewed vigor, thus strengthening my Darwinian survival !
Yeah, that's the ticket !

Here are all the update page entries from that particularly millennial year.


Visited a long-time-no-see friend this christmas, showed him CODE : Veronica
(Which he didn't like) and played Counter-Strike for over 12 hours in a 2-day period.
Then I got home, wrote up a reader review of RE CV over at Segadojo
and it got formatted pretty bad, and I feel ashamed to look at it now.
Then, I opened my PC games closet and wrote up PC data for my game list.

Finally. The christmas holidays.
The christmas program of our school was, as can be expected,
pretty lame, and actually reminded me of South Park at a point,
the point being a two-girl (in odd clothing) slow motion choreography while
some really cheesy Christian tune sung in English was playing out loud.
Shadow of the cross, I say, my ass.
The tune sounded like something that could've been composed for South Park,
y'know, like the cheesy song that played once or twice in the
"Starvin' Marvin in Space" episode.. in the cockpit of the craft. ;)
While as far as I care the whole christmas deal could go to hell,
the slight break from the everclutching hands of the school is welcome.
Got me some more DC and PSX games, and altered the gamelist to reflect that,
right after screaming like a banshee and punching a wooden wall
in frustration that built up while I was noticing just how shitty
the Utopia Boot-CD v1.1 for the DC actually is ...

Mainly a game list update.

I was going to update the pages quite a lot
but because I accidently destroyed the updates
I'm not going to make that update now. And perhaps never.
Not in the same form, anyway. FUCK !

I aged into a 19-year-old the eighteenth of October. Big whoop.
I'm also low on money and still coughing a bit,
but since I gained Panzer Dragoon and two Treasure games for my Megadrive
(No, Panzer Dragoon was not for the Megadrive :)
and am about to get a Dreamcast in the near future,
so I guess the weights are lower on the + side.

Ugh.. what a terrible condition.. after two weeks of a bad flu,
it finally appeared to be over. Yet, now it feels as if a cold's coming.
Words cannot describe my weary frustration.
Anyway. After a break that lasted a good portion of the spring
and summer not to mention a bit of the autumn as well,
I got up my lazy arse and wrote a drivel.
Sorry though - It's in Finnish.

Continuing this series of weekend updates,
here's another one.
I received the Minibosses' CD this week,
and of the quality I speak by telling you that if they'll ever get around to
making a second CD I'm one of the first to preorder it.
(Added comment 07/2004 : And then I went on to succesfully miss the EP release.)

I got Panzer Dragoon Saga and changed the game lists accordingly.
Got it fairly cheap, too, a fraction of the typical eBay price. *g*

Whooee a month ends right before another one starts...
Received vib-ribbon. It's great. And surprisingly low-priced.

Not much to say. Added one link in the link page
and updated the game lists.

Man, I haven't eaten anything solid in a week.
Luckily I can ease the pain for the weekend with Xenogears.
And that brings me unto the updates bit,
which include the wantlist and the gamelist.

Five days until my imprisonment unto the pain..
I guess I'm not going to get my Wizards and Warriors shrine done after all.

Ah hell, my holiday is pretty much running towards its end.
Anyway, I have updated my resume again..
I haven't written up any drivels lately, I believe that it may be
because I can't think of anything to write about. Or maybe I'm just lazy.
Actually, I am lazy. That's a fact.

I quite updated the games-I-want list.

Resume update, and the guestbook returns.
Guess it wasn't terminated after all.

I changed the link page a little
and removed the links to my guestbook since it apparently died or something.
Didn't bother looking to it since no-one ever cared, apparently.
I also noticed that there are over 800 hits now,
so that means that at least 50 people have visited this site.
Of course, I'd need to say fuck a lot and
regularly make nasty remarks about any and all visitors
to really get some hits but I don't care.

I just added titles into the list of games that I feverishly want.
I hope someone reads it at some point.
My development ideas for some sections have been kind of slow lately,
summer is probably getting to me.. plus the fact that my life is ruined
for the next three years to come now that I've got this school thingy to attend to.

Effin' Shinobi-X.. weird bugger of a game..
Didn't work until I randomly attempted to remove controller two.
Sheesh what a masterwork of coding ;)
And as for this, an updated CD list and a slightly updated resume.. I think.

Christ, it's hot.
Especially when thinking that this is Lapland I'm talking about.

Here's to another lousy midsummer. :P
Anyway, as for updates, many small things 'round.
Like the gamelist.

Heh, I just saw the funniest thing yesterday.
An episode of Chris Carter's Millennium covered the 'upcoming Y2K crisis'.
Man, I just couldn't take that episode seriously,
it felt so ridiculous with people panicking and killing others
and the head of some large fictional hi-tech company claimed in the end that
" Nothing can help it, you can't stop it! All the chips and programs will fail!! "
and went on to describe the collapse of the civilization. :)
Excuse me, I had to go outside to laugh, I ran out of air inside.

Regarding my yesterday's update post..
Well, at least I can stop calling N64 a real console now,
seeing that it's more appropriate to call it a Pokémon accessory.
Gotta catch 'em all, huh.
Talk about a monument to marketing gone bad.

Nintendo 64 never felt like a good, steady console.
It felt, for me, like some kind of a bad joke or a Microsoftian
" See, we're Nintendo thus we're big so we can pull a stunt like this " trick.
But now.
It's not even a bad joke. It's quite happily way beyond that.
It's a disquieting reminder of how bad things have gone.
(Added comment 07/2004 : There was a now-obsolete link to a N64 with Pokémon covers here. Hrr.)

A slight update of my CD list.

Ugh. After my CD-ROM crashed, my monitor went as well
(Jeez, what's next? My harddisk?)
and now I'm using a smaller monitor that is normally used by our 286. :)
When talking brightness, it's definitely better than my normal monitor
but the resolution support leaves something to be desired, as I'm forced to run
Windows 95 in 640x480 with 24-bit colors.
For some reason 640x480x256 doesn't work.
Anyway, I've also been sick for a week and a half now.
First I had this combination of infernal coughing fits and a painfully sore throat
after which it evidently got into my sinuses.
Now I'm taking antibiotics and hoping for a good recovery.
A bright side to the time though, I just got a new CD drive and I must say..
it's damn well better than the last one. And it's 40-speed, by the way.

Uploaded a list of fun and healthy things to carry.
Actually, it's a list of PC, PSX and Saturn games that I really want.
Go see it, you might want to exploit my obsession towards a monetary gain.

Well, to celebrate the shiny happy fact
that my CD-ROM drive evidently either reached the end of its MTBF
or chugged down a smiling great gulp of laced,
rather unhealthy yet strangely refreshing Kool-Aid
I've put up the.. lame page *cue thunder crashes* !!
It's every bit what it sounds like, so pay a visit.. or perhaps rather not;
You may return.. altered.

Updated my music CD list
and booted the technical specification of my PC out the resume.
No, I didn't ditch it, it just moved into a separate html documento,
and it's back with a vengeance. :P

An index update.
(And no I don't only mean the damn date part !)

Total number of index page hits : over 500
Total number of guestbook entries : 10
(2 of which are from same person)
- - -
Deduction :
Unless the nine persons are severely retarded,
under 10 per cent of the visitors actually
have made a guestbook entry.
- - -
Reaction :
Thank you all so very much
for your overwhelming verbosity and support
not to mention your neverending will to contribute.
This all is really too much.

I updated my audio CD list (as I got some more CDs) and the resume
(The fave game part specifically).

I took down all the MIDI, um, playage,
since I -always- listen to something else while browsing, myself,
and I figured that I'm probably not the only one.
Then I added a complete 'my music CDs' list.

What's new ?
Well, apart from the sexual dreams about.. Queen.. Kerrigan.. mm..
resulting from the fact that I finally got Brood War,
there are three new CD reviews (CV N64 and the B5 CDs) in the CD section
and a short cry among the tidbits.

Yep, no april fools jokes here.
I did contemplate the idea of finding some damned big picture of a Pikachu
from the 'net and making it the only thing there is in the index page,
but then.. naah, wouldn't have been worth it really. :-)

The Dragon's Lair cartoon for the Game Boy Color ?
Converted by Digital Eclipse !!?
HA !
We'll see how bad and choppy that one will be..
Of course, since the original DL clip had no actual gameplay to speak of,
at least they can't destroy that department.. :P
Anyway, I updated the link page and more generic stuff like that.

Hello, everyone who has ever claimed that
the old Quake game has great musics !
I've got a newsflash for you.. you're all sick f*cks !
That overly ambient gloom is just as musical
as the first Tomb Raider's in-level tracks !
Except that all of the Quake tracks have the same bassline !
(As if there was something else than the bassline there in the first place..)
Ha.. figures really.. now the Quake aurality is officially 'totally sucky',
down to the horrid sound effects someone did with a low grade microphone.
This Trent Reznor guy must be a really sad man.

*sob sob*
Excuse me, but *sniff* Babylon 5 has finally reached *sob* the End here in Finland..
But seriously, it was an enjoyable, if not quite exactly profound, series.
They could've done with a lot less dramatics though.
Naw, 'lot' is an understatement.
** UPDATE: They should've cut back on the testosterone-induced action, too.
* UPDATE : However, Franke's musics sure helped a lot..

Kicked Metamorphoses on the ribs in the CD review section.

GitS rules !

Would you want to buy a Matrix action figure ?
What !?
Get the hell out of here !!

G'day everyone.
Just a while ago I was thinking about making up an on-line comic strip
focusing on the emulation scene and gaming in general.
Then I realized what the f*ck I was thinking of and bashed my head in
with a sturdy red brick until the urge passed... then I passed too.. out, that is.
Anyhoo, there's a new 'drivel' and a tidbit here.
And hey, now the CD review section actually has something in it !!
No and the 'something' isn't stuff like a lame joke or anything.. X-)
Do enjoy, if you can.

Yay we have a female president now.
..big deal.

Fattened up the resume a bit, chew away.
Plus, added a 'last updated' bit onto the index.

Whoo, almost a month since last update.
Anyway, what's new, yay more moderate updates.
Freshened up the resume a bit,
added stuff onto the other sections place, stuff like that.
See if you can spot most of them.. if you're bored or somesuch. =)
Tired now, bed beckons, must sleep.

I saw Game Boy Color's Bionic Commando recently.
Oh, how can the choice of colors be so bad
and how can the graphics look so damned ugly ??
I mean, the character animations are fluid, but, for example, just look at all the
character portraits in the comm screen.. and the comm screen itself !
And most of the OTHER graphics in this game for that matter !
I could draw better game graphics! With Paint! On acid!
Now, has this game been made by non-Japanese people, by any chance ?

Changed some things in the link page.
Made the MIDI playing more all-around compatible (Now it works with Opera).
Murdered somebody.

Oh no! A backstep!

The Wanderer rules !
(Added comment 01/2002 : No, I certainly was not talking about that Zooropa track)
Anyway, there's the usual load of minor things-changed.

A new drivel, some resume modifications and generic mini-updates.
The drivel is not one of my typical kind, though.

I ordered a Back in Time II CD and it arrived,
and I can only say that the CD features some damn fine music !
Get it if you are a C64 music fan.. or just a synthy music fan..
but then again, if you are a C64 music fan you probably already know all this.. :-)

Some small updates.

I flip on a search engine,
in hopes of finding info and stuff on Strife,
one of the few only 3d games I know of that require a brain,
so anyway, I do the search, and what do I get ?
A hundred f*cking Cloud Strife pages !!
Man, I tell you, I might've thrown up were it not for my great internal fortitude..

Well well well..
Looks like most of us are still alive after all !
Okay boys and girls, time to take your cyanide rations peacefully now,
'cause I sure as hell don't see neither Jesus nor armageddon here...
Anyway, I've updated some of the pages to some degree.. take a look around.
And if you want to know, I spent 'The Moment' (ack) playing old System 3 games. X-)


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