Here's the list of all the changes and and stuff my humble site went through
back in the ancient history when the year was still 19-something.
Dates are displayed 'day.month.year', so you better accept the inevitable !

Hum.. old news.. isn't that kind of an oxymoron ?

There usually also were minor corrections not worth mentioning
along every update here... and observe the crappy writing,
ever-present (even in the present)!


Your end draws near, poor humans..
But meanwhile, gorge on my new drivel.
I also corrected all the bloody FHI links.. shouldn't do anything when tired..

Now there's an English version of the Hollywood cliché list in the stuff page,
and an other Finnish version that displays åäö correctly under Windows, too.
Oh, and the stuff page itself has had a little modification, too.

Happy Capitalism Day !
I've changed the link page into using tables, and longer larger descriptions..

* Screw the 'millennium' !!! *
There, I had to get it off my chest.
I've done some typical small modifications around the place.
Oh yeah, and the latest revision of my RAINE template.
Somewhy, RAINE v0.27 doesn't support it too well, though..
Why hast thou forsaken us Antiriad?-)

'ey everybody.. all 3 of you.
See the new link in the index for a quick laugh.
And an upgrade in the NES section.
And a new short tidbit.

Visions of power...

Mika Häkkinen is the new F1 champion.
Wohoo. I'm so blighted happy I could just s*it.
And as for this page,
two new mini-bitchings at tidbits...
..and a new drivel, you know where.

I got myself a redirection.
Hey, quit laughing and pointing at me, dammit!
It's damn sight better than any of those redirectors
that even open up a nice damn pop-up banner for your browsing pleasure
when you go through them..
Anywaigh, the address is if you care.
Apart from this there are also numerous little changes among the site texts..

'tis my birthday, the one that makes me 18 years old !
Man, I'm gonna go to the town to drink till I cannot even crawl anymore NOT!-)
So, this page has some structure alterations and a new drivel! Wohoo!
Oh yeah, and a new tidbit which is undoubtedly going to get me into trouble..

Independence Day is on TV. Ugh.
Never mind that though.
Man, I hate these cursed domain name stockpilers..
For example, directs you to a damn porn site
and into some lame referrer page or another..
Anyway, I updated the link page somewhat.

Lucky I never use IRC.
Seems they're full of immature,
angst-filled kiddies with major attitude problems.
(Added comment 10/2002 : Ah ha ha ha.)

Yay, about a hundred hits
even when not counting my own visits!
Anyway --
I added the NES section I had been thinking of.
Check it out now.. ugh, no I won't go into that. *retch*
Ooh yeah, I also have a guestbook now, too.
The links are at the index.
Use the book, Luke.

A new drivel and stuff.
Also, SSS - coming finally up in the near future..
(Added comment 01/2002 : Oh, geez. Look at me, being full of shit again..)

" Romancing Saga II Squae " ?
What's this, a RS2 soundtrack at synSONIQ ?
Wish they had some FF ones too..

Kosovo.. Timor.. God this world is f***ing sick !
New stuff at 'tidbits',
new stuff at 'links',
new stuff at 'stuff'
and new stuff at 'queneh' too.

Negative and positive things happen.
Positive :
Ufouria has finally been dumped !!#*&@!
Negative :
One word.. draft. :)
But now to the updates.
I put up my third party sound patches for several games.
This includes Abuse 2.0, Sim City 2000 and Star Control 3.
Yeah.. in the stuff section.
Then there's a new 'tidbit' too.

Changed 'rant' into 'drivel' as it reflects my Maze of Mind better. X-)
Added a tidbit section, just go and see.
Also added a rant.. I mean a drivel.
It's about Tiberian Sun, boys and girls, and it ain't pretty.
And finally, I cropped the lousy graphical link page.

Corrected some oopsies and converted HOLLYPUU.TXT
so that it displays the scandinavics correctly under Windoze.
Oh, and added a rant.. sort of

Some likable changes around the pages.
Dammit is my sleeping rhytm seriously ephed up again.
Heh, I've been reading about these funny (security) bugs with IE5.
Haha.. anyone who uses IE5 deserves whatever's coming to him.

Ah, MIDIstical renovations (slows it all down a bit - sorry),
link refreshes and other page enhancements.

What's new ?
Well nothing of earth-shattering magnitude.
Die Hard guide v0.8 =) and two new rants.
And also a Threat Battle Mode level pack.

Summer's quite over. At least got rid of the damn mosquitoes.
More mediocre myriads of miscellaneous modifications.
And v0.7 of my NES Die Hard guide. I need help.
Then, I added a rant page to this dungeon of mine, FEAR !-)
Umm I also moved the Q&A section to the others area.

Metal Gear Solid Snake rules.
I also added my Die Hard guide to the stuff section.

Some cool little bits done and redone.

I managed to beat Ninja Gaiden III fair and square!-)
But anyway.. a couple of somewhat small things done;
Fixed the broken Jake Cool Trilogy download link (Whoops :-),
actually ADDED the newest HOLLYPUU.TXT (Whoops again),
added Fred & Paul v1.1b (Textfile changes only), and stuff like that.
And perhaps, coming soon, a NES page!-)
Damn, why am I talking like there was someone listening ?
As if anyone actually ever visited this place.. :-)

Oh man.. STARGÅTE SG-1 sucks..
Anyway, what's new, well,
a new revision of HOLLYPUU.TXT, some page colorings,
a brand new section named 'other sections', a 'good modules' section there,
and some new questions in the Q&A section !
Hey, not a bad update eh?-)

Altered the Jake Cool area dramatically,
to fit the motif ;-)

What's new you ask ?
I've said it so many times
that I'll just skip it this time :-)

Anyway.. small changes.

A new module of mine, Grasslands, v1.2,
is available in the stuff section.
I like it... hope you do too.

A quick update..
I took out my Teletubbies (TM) brand crayons,
and made the pages more colorful. ;-)

Added a graphical links page.
And colored up the pages a bit.. oh, that makes me feel so happy! ^_^
Also yes, I added a Q&A page for your entertainment.

Ahh.. 'minor changes'.

Some changes;
I added a games page and moved Jake Cool in there.
I also added my graphically good but otherwise quite lousy game, t/X.
You can find it in the (you guessed it) games section.

Yay, summer is here! And it's on time too!-)
As for the updates, yeah, small changes. :-)
Like minor resume/link alterations.
You know, most of these updates say 'minor changes'.

When you update something in a hurry, you usually leave bugs in it...
That was the case, but not anymore.
I also added.. well, stuff, to the stuff section.

Added a hit counter, it should work...
And I think that I retouched some pages too. ;-)

A quick update really.. more minor changes,
as if you didn't guess :-)

Just take a wild guess.

More minor changes... *yawn*
BTW, NATO sucks, and big time!

Yet another load of minor page alterations.
I also fixed a small screw-up in the stuff page.
Also, I added a little something...

Once again,
I altered some of the pages a little,
and some of 'em even more.

Don't you just hate it when your old keyboard starts acting up?
Ah well..
After opening the aforementioned keyboard and cleaning the connections,
it strteed workingj hfine aggggggain. :-)
Also, I updated these pages, some little text-tweaking all around,
and some resume alterations / addings.

Updated and fiddled around with every page a bit,
and added AlertEr to the stuff section,
in case someone'd want to laugh at a pathetic alarm program. :-)

Uploaded all the files, so that one can download
Jake Cool and all the little things from the stuff section now.

Eh, the day this site received the form it now has,
so all in all it was a huge update really :-)


Oh, just :-) me to the head.

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