Getting better!

Merry C-mas!

Wrote a new rant with old observations, like a good introspect.

Dear diary -- today, I've updated the rant page to include links to my writings outside this site. Additionally, I fidgeted about with some of the links for the sake of functionality.

Transcribed a new rant in Finnish.

Wow, something new - I wrote up a short text on the making of Space Suit Sammy. It has been on my mind for some time now to chronicle the time surrounding the games I made, and here is the bit corresponding to SSS.

Slight reworks around the verbal structure of the site. My writing's always somewhat naďve to my own eyes, and I can't stop fiddling with the details every now and then, it seems.

Minor rewriting around the site. I think I tucked away some extra sound files behind a link over at the Electrascope bit, while the games page has also been slightly reworked. Nothing major, I'm afraid - the resume still requires a rewrite and the css file is so convoluted I can't decipher it anymore. Guess your post-industrial RAM gets kind of trashed under a prison sentence lockdown.

The audio files for Electrascope, The On, lölsbeck (see main menu) are back online.

A bunch of new texts that I just transcribed from my paper-based idea folder has just appeared on my rant page.

Along the fine tradition of futile exercises, I've now linked my Facebook profile on the index. No point in hiding all the connections.

So, these two weeks went by in a hurry. It's rather hectic getting used to the 20.000 people in the same school spanning a kilometer-long campus. Well, along the days crawling by I've updated a portion of my pages without special mention and will likely continue for some time. Oh, yeah. I'm on Facebook now; Still getting used to the things I've been absolutely oblivious of for three years standing. Befriend me if you dare.

Okay, so for the attuned the fact that my pages have been down for three years standing requires an explanation and the people who think they've got it exactly covered require serious rumour control. I am setting everything straight and here's the "cold, hard" truth: I killed my formerly-abusive father and have been serving a manslaughter sentence of 9 years, which boiled down to half that for a first-timer. This may shock and surprise some people. Naturally, this complete and utter downward spiral of my life shouldn't have affected the site in the modern age, but my patron-of-arts providing the webspace promptly "disowned" me and since the Internet is a touchy subject to access in prison, especially while I was simultaneously trying to figure out where my life went all wrong, I failed to resurface the site in a timely fashion.

So what's up now? Well, I've still got one year to go, but I'm in a minimum security ward and am attending the Oulu University as an English major. My life is starting to turn out well, if I can get my social bearings straight (sounds unlikely). For the bulk of the day I have total freedom, and page updates should resume.

I have produced some detailed texts chronicling my disturbing history with the father I mostly couldn't love. This is an important first for me, because I clearly have hushed my childhood to death in the past. Please read them, if you have the endurance. They certainly clear up a lot of things, and they're not the defensive posturing one might expect.

Okay, this date marks the resurrection of the old page, more or less in the same shape as three years ago. I'm not touching most of the stuff yet, so have them their way.


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