Here's the deal.
I've got all sorts of gear back home, but some of it I don't want to keep.

That's where this page comes in.
It lists all of what little gear I've got that I am right away
(depending on what and how much you're going to give me, obviously)
willing to sell or trade away for some other gear that I could either
again sell or trade away or keep and lovingly care for or sleep naked with (or whatever).

If you see something that you want, mail me.
Don't be afraid to propose deals or to ask questions.

For trade : PAL Mega-CD Night Trap instruction manual
Yeah, the manual for PAL Mega-CD game Night Trap.
I happen to have one extra. In great condition.

For trade : PC gear
See the PC / unused portion of the specs page.
Make an offer for a specific item, or a bundle, or whatever.

For trade : The box of Jagged Alliance : Unfinished Business
Yes, just the box. I happen to have one extra.
Medium large, not the DVD case. Likely from the USA release.
Visit me or pay for the shipping and it's yours.

What would I want, then?
Some game / music CD / DVD / hardware I want
(my site's full of respective lists),
or just cash *grin*, or something you think I may like.

That's it. Where now ?
The site index or the gear index or
the Games / Hardware / DVDs / CDs I want