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Computers, games and consoles abound!

* The list.. of games that I want. Platforms? PC, and about any respectable console.
* Games that I indeed possess. Oh, and "possess" means "have".
* Things certainly up for trade. Usually there isn't much anything in there, though.
* My hardware / specs - a list of machines that I own, with enough emotion to even top a PS2.
* Hardware that I am looking for. I do not update this a lot.

I was informed that traders and collectors are dense, plastosteel dense, and that I have to have an actual front for that sort of activity to keep the lil' retards from getting disinterested and running off like those lovable little Lemmings we all know and cherish and nuke with that nice mushroom button.

All right, I wasn't sure whether that was true, until I started to receive game trade offers, each e-mail more sloppy, hasty and unresearched than the previous one. Then I awoke to face the truth .. plastosteel? It's well worse than that.

These areas are updated semi-constantly and they are basically always up to date, so regard them as such, stopping the asking of thoroughly stupid questions in the process. This is not one of those pages abound in the 'net that were last updated the last century...

There you went. So why am I still talking? Maybe because nobody contacting me ever seems to have any clue on the subject of me. Ever. So gentlemen! This is rumour control. First, I.. I live in Finland. Fin-land! F I N L A N D. And then, let us examine the word want. "Want", by definition, does not equal "have". Also vice versa, obviously. Which means the other way around; "have" does not, surprisingly enough, mean "want". It just simply does not. These two are not interchangable. Not in an ideal world, and not even in this shabby pieceashit we're all chained to.


Back to the actual index of my SITE. Yeah, there is one. How boring, neh? Go take a look! I'll have you know I'm not all about gaming gear. Also, misanthropy and learning to live.