Another list.. and this one lists hardware that I'm
looking for or wouldn't mind in a trade..

Has somewhat stagnated as additions go, but the ones here I do want to get.

Onkyo M-508 Integra stereo power amplifier .. and M-510 also.

Complete CD jewelcases, not slimsized: 1 & 2CD, thick 4CD & 6CD cases

Roland MT-32 unit
Roland SCC-1 card

1.4GHz (1400 MHz) old 200FSB "Thunderbird" B Athlon CPU
A good dual layer DVD-writer
A good printer
A good scanner
Any PC hardware you might think I could use

Tools to open those NES / Megadrive / SNES / etc. cart custom screws

A Japanese Dreamcast
A Dreamcast VGA box
A Dreamcast broadband device
Two Dreamcast keyboards
A Dreamcast mouse
Dreamcast Visual Memory Units
Dreamcast Vibration Packs
A Dreamcast Arcade Stick
Dreamcast (light)Guns
Working Dreamcast controllers

A Pioneer LaserActive !!
Any LaserActive expansion (Megadrive, PC Engine..)

An Asian PAL MegaCD unit, either model
A JVC WonderMega / X'Eye
PAL Sega Mega-CD (Either model)
A Sega CDX
A Japanese Sega Multi-Mega
A Japanese Sega Megadrive (Any model other than mk.I)
A Japanese Sega Mega-CD unit (Any model)
American Sega Genesis unit (Any model or a Nomad)
An American Sega CD unit (Any model)
An American Sega 32X unit
An official save memory cart for a Mega/Sega-CD
A Sega Menacer
The Justifier 2nd player lightgun + cable
A Megadrive / Master System power base converter (The later revision)
A Megadrive multitap
DIN <-> miniDIN - conversion cable (Think 32X on mk.I)

A Game Gear rechargable battery
The PAL Game Gear TV tuner

A Japanese Sega Saturn (Any kind - special ones preferred)
Sega Saturn save memory carts
Two Sega Saturn controller multi-taps
Working Saturn controllers
A Sega Saturn Virtua Stick
A good Sega Saturn lightgun
The Sega Saturn Arcade Racer wheel
A Saturn flightstick

A Famicom
A later top-loader NES model
Working NES controllers of any kind

A Super Game Boy
A Super Scope

Game Boy Advance
A Neo Geo Pocket
Any Neo Geo Pocket carts

Any sexy non-500 Amiga
External disk drives compatible with Amiga 500

An earliest model PAL Playstation (SCPH-1xxx)
European PSOne with included wires etc.
A Playstation LCD display
An LCD display battery pack
Japanese Playstation / PSOne with relevant gear
A Namco Arcade Stick
A Namco GunCon lightgun
Any good PSX lightgun
Sony Playstation flash memory cards
A PocketStation
Working Playstation Dual Shock controllers
Working Playstation multi-taps
A PSX link cable

A 3do with relevant gear

A N64 and stuff

A Neo Geo with relevant gear
A Neo Geo CD system

A PC-Engine (Jap / USA / any!)
A PC-Engine CD system (Jap / USA / any!)

A working MSX2

Cool, working arcade cabinets

Anything somehow relevant and useful. Surprise me.


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