"Rather self-explanatory gentlemen, browse on."
That I once said.. until people proved me dead wrong with hordes of retarded e-mail.
Now, I may simply feel inclined instead to urge you into fucking yourself.

Original games only.
I've got a kind of a code-of-honour regarding console games,
which basically means that I'll only get a CD-R of a game
if an original is nigh-on-impossible to get and/or when I want to see
exactly what I am about to exchange a large wad of cash for.
Or, if I have the original but need a CD-R for some sick purpose..
Think modchip lockout circumvention (Yay! Three neat words in a row!).
Alternatively, if I use a CD-R I vow a holy promise to buy an original ASAP.
And no, I do not keep my fingers crossed while at it, either.

I don't have pirated game CDs on any console
(Call them 'MOD-games' or somesuch, people, and I'll hope someone'll kill you soon).
My stance towards those neato fucked up pirate carts is different, however..
..not that I'd pay much for any of them though.

Please people, understand one thing first.
This listing is NOT a trade list of games that I want to get rid of,
this is just a complete listing of the games that I happen to own.

But still - should you want one of them so badly you can taste it --
Well by all means mail me, we might have a deal coming to us.
Might, as in not always too likely but try me anyway.
If you want me to sell you the whole bunch for a huuuuge sum of money, I'm listening. :)

Mostly in alphabetical order. Mostly.. see, platforms aren't.
All games complete with cases and manuals unless mentioned otherwise!

Territories divided in PAL, USA and JAP,
for Europe et al, the United States of America and Japan, respectively.
"JAP" not in a disrespectful, derogatory manner but rather
in an easily distinguished three-letter standard identifier way. You know.

And here are the quicklinks!
[quick] Sony Playstation
[quick] Playstation 2
[quick] Sega Megadrive
[quick] Sega Mega-CD
[quick] Sega 32X
[quick] Sega Saturn
[quick] Sega Dreamcast
[quick] Nintendo Entertainment System
[quick] Super Nintendo Entertainment System
[quick] Nintendo GameCube
[quick] Nintendo Game Boy
[quick] Sega Master System
[quick] Sega Game Gear
[quick] PC Engine
[quick] Atari Jaguar
[quick] Xbox
[quick] Xbox 360
[quick] PC
[quick] Misc. floppy games

A veritable fucked, less than practical rainbow of colours!

. Sony Playstation .

PAL Adventures of Alundra
PAL Amerzone
PAL Beatmania
PAL Breath of Fire III
PAL Broken Helix (This game is so shitty, and now I have it!)
PAL Bushido Blade
PAL Bust-A-Groove
PAL Capcom Generations
PAL Castlevania Chronicles
PAL Chaos Break -Episode from "Chaos Heat"- (CH is a Taito AC 3rd person shooter, BTW)
USA Chrono Cross
PAL Cleopatra Fortune
PAL Clock Tower
PAL Die Hard Trilogy (missing cover paper)
PAL Dino Crisis 2
PAL Doom
PAL Double Life (Demo CD and an extremely sad compilation CD "Music for Playstation")
PAL Duke Nukem ("3d" omitted, I guess it's a PSX prerequisite to some?)
PAL Earthworm Jim 2
PAL Fear Effect
PAL Fear Effect 2 : Retro Helix
USA Final Fantasy Chronicles (FFIV and CT)
PAL Final Fantasy VI (plus FFX demoDVD)
PAL Final Fantasy VII
PAL Final Fantasy VIII
PAL Galerians
PAL G.Darius
PAL Ghost in the Shell
JAP Gradius Gaiden
PAL Grandia
PAL The Granstream Saga
PAL Gungage
JAP Gunners Heaven (see Rapid Reload)
PAL Hard Edge
PAL Harvest Moon : Back to Nature
PAL Heart of Darkness (3d glasses intact)
PAL Hellnight
PAL Incredible Crisis
PAL JumpingFlash!
PAL Klonoa : Door to Phantomile (with Point Blank demo)
PAL Legend of Kartia
PAL Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings
PAL Magical Drop III Special Edition (includes MD1+)
PAL Medal of Honor
PAL Medal of Honor Underground
PAL Mega Man Legends
PAL Mega Man Legends 2
PAL Mega Man X4
PAL Mega Man X5
PAL Mega Man X6
PAL Metal Gear Solid (with Silent Hill demo CD)
PAL Metal Gear Solid Special Missions
PAL Metal Slug X
PAL The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
PAL Mobile Light Force
PAL Omega Boost
PAL PaRappa the Rapper : The Hip Hop Hero
USA Parasite Eve (with a Square demo CD)
PAL Parodius
PAL Philosoma
PAL Pitfall 3d : Beyond the Jungle
PAL Pocket Fighter
PAL Puchi Carat (Ltd. Ed. - boxed with a simplistic controller)
PAL Puzznic
PAL Raiden Project
PAL Rapid Reload (see Gunners Heaven)
PAL Raystorm
PAL Raycrisis
PAL Resident Evil
PAL Resident Evil Director's Cut (w/ RE2 demo CD)
USA Resident Evil 2 (Dual Shock ver.)
USA Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis
PAL Robocod : James Pond II (Hello, wretched new intro)
PAL R-Types
PAL R-Type Delta
PAL Sentient
PAL Sentinel Returns
PAL Silent Bomber (manual missing)
PAL Silent Hill
JAP Silhouette Mirage : Reprogrammed Hope
USA Silhouette Mirage : Uncle Swampy's Smeg Stew
PAL Sorcerer's Maze
PAL Space Invaders
PAL Spider
PAL Star Ocean : Second Story
PAL Street Fighter Collection
PAL Street Fighter Collection 2
USA Strider 2
PAL Strikers 1945 II (Worst port ever; cutscenes and mem card support deleted)
PAL Suikoden
PAL Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
PAL Syphon Filter
PAL Syphon Filter 2
PAL Syphon Filter 3
PAL Tempest X3
PAL Tenchu : Stealth Assassins
PAL Tenchu 2 : Birth of the Stealth Assassins
PAL Time Commando
PAL Trap Runner
PAL Um Jammer Lammy
PAL Vandal Hearts
PAL vib-ribbon
PAL Wild Arms
PAL Wu-Tang : Taste the Pain (Ltd. Ed. - boxed w/ a shitty stylized W controller)
USA Xenogears
PAL Xevious 3D/G+

. Playstation 2 .

PAL 1945 I&II : The Arcade Games
PAL 24
PAL Alien Hominid
PAL Blood Will Tell
PAL The Bouncer
PAL Super Bust-A-Move (Most retarded cover ever)
PAL Castle Shikigami II
PAL Castlevania
PAL Cold Winter
PAL Contra : Shattered Soldier
PAL Crimson Tears
PAL Deadly Strike
PAL Demolition Girl
PAL Deus Ex
PAL Devil May Cry
PAL Devil May Cry 2
PAL Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition
PAL Dino Stalker
PAL Fahrenheit
PAL Fantavision
PAL Flipnic
PAL Freak Out
PAL Galerians : Ash
PAL Capcom Classic Collection 2
PAL Ghosthunter
PAL Glass Rose
PAL God Hand
PAL Gradius III & IV
PAL Gradius V
PAL Gunbird Special Edition
PAL Half-Life
PAL ICO (w/ two art cards)
PAL James Pond : Robocod (Hello, better intro)
PAL Killzone
PAL La Pucelle Tactics
PAL Maximo
PAL Metal Slug Anthology
PAL Mercenaries : Playground of Destruction
PAL Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty (w/ bonus DVD)
PAL Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance (w/ bonus DVD)
PAL Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater
PAL Metal Gear Solid 3 : Subsistence
PAL Metal Slug 3
PAL Midway Arcade Treasures
PAL Midway Arcade Treasures 2
PAL Mobile Light Force 2
PAL Mr Moskeeto
PAL Neo Contra
PAL Nightshade
PAL Odin Sphere
PAL Okami
PAL Onimusha : Warlords
PAL Onimusha 2 : Samurai's Destiny
PAL The Operative : No One Lives Forever PAL Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast
PAL PaRappa the Rapper 2
PAL Primal
PAL Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time
PAL Project Snowblind (Sounds like an extreme sports title)
PAL Project Zero
PAL Psyvariar
PAL Puyo Pop Fever
PAL Raging Blades
USA Raw Danger (Disaster Report 2)
PAL The Red Star
PAL Resident Evil - Code Veronica X (w/ DMC trial ed. DVD)
PAL Resident Evil 4 ltd. ed. steelbook
PAL Ring of Red
PAL R-Type Final
PAL Rumble Roses
PAL Rygar -The Legendary Adventure-
PAL Second Sight
PAL Sega Classics Collection
PAL Sega Mega Drive Collection
PAL Shadow of Memories
PAL Shadow of the Colossus
PAL Shadow the Hedgehog
PAL Shinobi
PAL Silent Hill 2 (w/ bonus DVD + sticker)
PAL Silent Hill 2 Director's Cut (The rare Platinum title without a full-price counterpart)
PAL 2x Silent Hill 3
PAL Silent Hill 4 : The Room
PAL Silent Hill : Shattered Memories
PAL Silent Scope
PAL Silent Scope 2 : Fatal Judgement (sic)
PAL Silpheed - The Lost Planet
PAL Soldier of Fortune Gold Ed.
PAL SOS : The Final Escape (Read: Disaster Report)
PAL Space Channel 5
PAL Steel Dragon EX (...)
PAL Syberia
PAL Syphon Filter - The Omega Strain
PAL Taito Legends
PAL Taito Legends 2
PAL Tenchu : Wrath of Heaven
PAL Tenchu : Fatal Shadows
PAL Tokobot Plus
PAL Total Overdose
PAL Viewtiful Joe
PAL Viewtiful Joe 2
PAL We <3 Katamari
PAL Wild Arms 3
USA Xenosaga Episode I : Der Wille zur Macht
USA Xenosaga Episode II : Because German Sounds so Convincing
USA Xenosaga Episode III
PAL Yakuza
PAL Zombie Hunters 2 (Oh, dear god.)
PAL Zone of the Enders (w/ MGS2 demo)

. Sega Master System .

PAL Bomber Raid
PAL Fantasy Zone
PAL The Ninja
PAL Ninja Gaiden
PAL Power Strike
PAL Psycho Fox
PAL R-Type
PAL Shinobi
PAL Y's : The Vanished Omens

. Sega Megadrive .

PAL The Adventures of Batman & Robin
JAP Aeroblasters
PAL Alien Soldier
PAL Another World
PAL Aquatic Games Starring James Pond
PAL Arrow Flash
PAL Bio Hazard Battle
USA Castlevania Bloodlines
PAL Castlevania : The New Generation
PAL Chakan
PAL Chiki Chiki Boys
PAL Columns
PAL Comix Zone
PAL Crack Down
PAL Demolition Man
PAL Dragon's Fury
PAL Dragon's Revenge
PAL Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
PAL Dune II : Battle for Arrakis
PAL Dungeons & Dragons : Warriors of the Eternal Sun
PAL Dynamite Headdy
PAL Earthworm Jim
PAL Ecco the Dolphin
PAL Empire of Steel
PAL Exo Squad
USA Fire Shark
PAL Flashback
PAL Gauntlet IV
PAL Generations Lost
PAL Gods
JAP Golden Axe III
PAL Gunstar Heroes
PAL Gynoug
PAL Hellfire
PAL Herzog Zwei
PAL James Bond 007 : The Duel
PAL Lawnmower Man
PAL Light Crusader
PAL McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (old black cover)
PAL McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (new blue cover)
PAL Mega Bomberman
PAL Mega Man : The Wily Wars
PAL Mega Turrican
PAL Mercs
JAP Midnight Resistance
USA M.U.S.H.A. (Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armour, baby)
USA Outlander
PAL Phantasy Star II (Hint book, map, everything)
PAL Phantasy Star IV
PAL Prince of Persia
PAL Probotector (Mega Probotector to friends)
PAL Ranger X
PAL Red Zone
PAL Revenge of Shinobi
PAL Risky Woods
PAL Ristar
PAL Robocop Versus The Terminator
PAL Rocket Knight Adventures
PAL Rolling Thunder 2
PAL Shadow Dancer : The Secret of Shinobi
PAL Shinobi III : Return of the Ninja Master
PAL Snake Rattle n Roll
PAL Sonic the Hedgehog
PAL Sonic the Hedgehog 2
PAL Sonic the Hedgehog 3
PAL Sonic & Knuckles
PAL Splatterhouse-2
USA Star Control
PAL Stargate
PAL Story of Thor
PAL Streets of Rage
PAL Streets of Rage II
PAL Streets of Rage 3
PAL Sub-Terrania
PAL Sunset Riders
PAL Thunder Force II
PAL Thunder Force IV
PAL Tiny Toon Adventures : Buster's Hidden Treasure
PAL TMHT : The Hyperstone Heist
USA Turrican
PAL Twin Hawk
USA Universal Soldier
PAL Vectorman
USA Warsong
PAL Zero Wing

. Sega Mega-CD .

PAL Batman Returns
PAL Dune
PAL Earthworm Jim Special Edition
PAL Final Fight CD
USA Heart of the Alien : Out of This World parts I and II
PAL Jurassic Park
PAL Keio Flying Squadron
USA Lunar : The Silver Star
PAL Microcosm
PAL Night Trap
PAL Prince of Persia
PAL Road Avenger
PAL Robo Aleste
PAL Sega Classics Arcade Collection ("arcade"..)
PAL Shadow of the Beast II
PAL Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective Vol. II
PAL Shining Force CD
PAL Silpheed
PAL Snatcher
PAL Sol-Feace / Cobra Command
PAL Sonic CD
USA Sonic CD
PAL The Terminator
PAL Time Gal

. Sega Megadrive 32X .

PAL Doom
PAL Star Wars Arcade
PAL Virtua Racing Deluxe

. Sega Saturn .

JAP Bio Hazard
PAL Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition
PAL Bust-A-Move 3
PAL Darius II
PAL Darius Gaiden
PAL Dark Savior
PAL Doom
PAL Duke Nukem 3d
PAL Enemy Zero
PAL Exhumed
PAL Galactic Attack
PAL Gekka Mugentan Torico
PAL Golden Axe - The Duel
PAL Guardian Heroes
PAL Gun Griffon
PAL Hebereke's Popoitto
PAL House of the Dead
JAP Interactive Movie Action : Thunder Storm & Road Blaster
PAL Lost Vikings 2 : Norse by Norsewest
PAL Mega Man X3
JAP Metal Slug (Boxed w/ 1MB memory cart)
PAL mr. Bones
PAL NiGHTS into Dreams
PAL Night Warriors : Darkstalkers' Revenge
JAP Nissan Presents Overdrivin' GT-R
PAL Panzer Dragoon
PAL Panzer Dragoon Zwei
JAP Puyo Puyo Sun
PAL Quake
PAL Resident Evil
PAL Saturn Bomberman
PAL Sega Ages Volume 1
PAL Sega Flash Vol.1
PAL Sega Rally Championship
PAL Shining Force III
PAL Shining the Holy Ark
PAL Shining Wisdom
PAL Shinobi X
PAL Sonic Jam
JAP Soykyugurentai
PAL Story of Thor 2
PAL Street Fighter Alpha : Warriors' Dreams
PAL Tempest 2000
PAL Virtua Cop (complete, jewelcased with inlays, was boxed with Virtua Gun)
PAL Virtua Cop 2
PAL Virtua Fighter (w/ CG Portrait Collection CD)
PAL Virtua Fighter Remix
PAL Virtua Fighter 2
PAL Virtual On : Cyber Troopers

. Sega Dreamcast .

PAL Bangai-O
PAL Dynamite Cop
PAL F355 Challenge - Passione Rossa
PAL Giga Wing
PAL Gunbird 2
PAL House of the Dead 2
PAL Jet Set Radio
PAL Metropolis Street Racer
PAL Resident Evil - CODE : Veronica
JAP Sega Rally 2
PAL Shenmue
PAL Space Channel 5
PAL Tokyo Highway Challenge 2
JAP Virtua Fighter 3tb (with Project Berkley report GD-ROM)

. Nintendo Entertainment System .

USA Abadox
PAL Adventures of Lolo
PAL Adventures of Lolo 3
PAL Batman
PAL Batman : Return of the Joker
PAL Battle of Olympus
PAL Battletoads
PAL Bionic Commando
PAL Blue Shadow
PAL Castlevania
PAL Castlevania II : Simon's Quest
PAL Castlevania III : Dracula's Curse
PAL Defender of the Crown
PAL Double Dragon III : The Sacred Stones
PAL Fester's Quest
PAL Gremlins 2 : The New Batch
PAL Guardian Legend
PAL Journey To Silius
PAL Kabuki Quantum Fighter
PAL Kirby's Adventure
PAL Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf
PAL Life Force
PAL Little Samson (ger)
PAL Mega Man
PAL Mega Man II
PAL Mega Man III
PAL Mega Man IV
PAL Mega Man V
PAL Metal Gear
PAL Mike Tyson's Punch-Out !! (no manual)
PAL Mission : Impossible
PAL Mr. Gimmick
PAL Probotector
PAL Probotector II : Return of the Evil Forces
PAL Rockin' Kats
PAL Rush'n Attack
PAL Shadowgate
PAL Shadow Warriors
PAL Shadow Warriors II
PAL Shatterhand
PAL Solar Jetman
PAL Star Tropics (no manual nor letter)
PAL Street Gangs
PAL Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt (loose w/ manual, as it came)
PAL Super Mario Bros. 2
PAL Super Turrican
PAL Sword Master
PAL TaleSpin
PAL Tecmo World Wrestling
PAL Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
PAL Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles II : The Arcade Game
USA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Tournament Fighters
PAL To the Earth
PAL Track & Field II (loose)
PAL Ufouria (no manual)
PAL Vice : Project Doom
PAL Wizards & Warriors
PAL Wizards & Warriors II : IronSword
PAL Wizards & Warriors III : Kuros - Visions of Power
PAL Wrath of the Black Manta

. Super Nintendo Entertainment System .

PAL Actraiser
PAL Axelay
PAL BattleClash
PAL Choplifter III
PAL Darius Twin
USA Donkey Kong Country
USA Gradius III
PAL Illusion of Time
PAL Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures
PAL Kirby's Ghost Trap
PAL Kirby's Fun Pak
PAL Mega Man X3
PAL Pilotwings
USA Prince of Persia
JAP R-Type III : The Third Lightning
PAL Stargate
PAL Super Castlevania IV
PAL Super Mario All-Stars
USA Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi's Island
PAL Super Probotector : Alien Rebels
PAL Super Punch-Out!!
JAP Super R-Type
USA Super Turrican
PAL Terranigma
USA Wing Commander

. Nintendo GameCube .

PAL Metal Gear Solid : Twin Snakes (ugh)
PAL Resident Evil 4
PAL Viewtiful Joe

. Nintendo Game Boy .

GB Wizards & Warriors X : Fortress Of Fear

. Sega Game Gear .


. PC Engine .


. Atari Jaguar .

meow. Zip! =^_^=

. Xbox .

PAL Armed and Dangerous
PAL Arx Fatalis
PAL Breakdown
PAL Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAL Catwoman
PAL Cold Fear
PAL Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
PAL Grabbed by the Ghoulies (no manual)
PAL (Tim Burton's) The Nightmare Before Christmas
PAL Ninja Gaiden (Euro version, no decaps)
PAL Halo 2
PAL Halo 2 Limited Edition
PAL Painkiller : Hell Wars
PAL Project Snowblind
PAL Psychonauts
PAL Silent Hill 4 : The Room
PAL Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
PAL Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

. Xbox 360 .

PAL Alan Wake LE box
PAL Alpha Protocol
PAL Army of Two (no manual)
PAL Assassin's Creed
PAL Assassin's Creed II Complete
PAL Batman : Arkham Asylum GotY
PAL Beautiful Katamari
PAL Bionic Commando
PAL Bioshock CE box set
PAL Castlevania : Lords of Shadow
PAL The Chronicles of Riddick : Assault on Dark Athena
PAL Condemned
PAL Condemned 2 : Bloodshot
PAL Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
PAL The Darkness
PAL Dead or Alive Extreme 2
PAL Dead Rising
PAL Dead Space
PAL Deathsmiles Deluxe Edition 3-disc
PAL Deus Ex Human Revolution Collector's Edition (huge fucking box)
PAL Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition
PAL Eternal Sonata
PAL Fallout 3 LE tin
PAL Far Cry 2 CE box
PAL F.E.A.R. Files
PAL Final Fantasy XIII LE
PAL Gears of War
PAL Half-Life 2 Orange Box
PAL Halo 3
PAL (Tom Clancy's) H.A.W.X. 2 (Pr.)
PAL Lost
PAL Lost Odyssey
PAL Lost Planet : Extreme Condition
PAL Lost Planet : Extreme Condition LE tin (missing bonus CD)
PAL Mass Effect LE
PAL Mass Effect 2 LE
PAL Prey
PAL Perfect Dark Zero Black Edition LE
PAL Portal 2
PAL Quake 4 (2DVD)
PAL Quantum Theory (Pr.)
PAL Resident Evil 5 Gold
PAL Shadows of the Damned
PAL Silent Hill Homecoming
PAL Star Wars : Force Unleashed
PAL Star Wars : Force Unleashed Sh... Sith Edition
PAL (John Woo's) Stranglehold (2DVD CE tin)
PAL Tomb Raider Legend (no manual)
PAL Vanquish
PAL Viva Piņata LE
PAL Wartech : Senko no Ronde
PAL Watchmen: The End is Nigh I&II
PAL Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged vol. 1


Abuse 2.0 (Dice rerelease)
Alien Incident
Alone in the Dark : The Trilogy 1+2+3
Angel Devoid : Face of the Enemy
Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast (double pack)
Baldur's Gate DVD-ROM version
Baldur's Gate II : Shadows of Amn Limited Edition
Blade Runner
Broken Sword II : The Smoking Mirror
Civilization II : The Collector's Edition
Command & Conquer (White Label CR)
Command & Conquer Megapack
Crusader : No Remorse
Crusader : No Regret
The Dark Eye
Deus Ex
Deus Ex : Invisible War (USA CD version)
Diablo Hellfire
The Dig
The Ultimate Doom
Doom II : Hell on Earth (Ltd. ed. w/ misinforming sticker)
Duke Nukem 3d Kill-A-Ton Collection
Final Doom (loose w/ jewelcase)
Fallout 2
Flight of the Amazon Queen
Full Throttle (Ltd. ed. w/ mini-guide)
Gabriel Knight Mysteries Limited Edition
Gabriel Knight 3 : Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned
Gateway II : Homeworld
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack #1, London 1969
Grand Theft Auto III
Half-Life Generation pack 3 (HL, OF, CS & BS)
Harvester (An uncut USA version)
Heroes of Might and Magic Millennium Edition (Heroes 1, 2 & 3)
I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream
In Cold Blood
Jagged Alliance
Jagged Alliance : Deadly Games
Jagged Alliance 2
Jagged Alliance 2 : Unfinished Business
King of Dragon Pass
The Legend of Kyrandia, Book III : Malcolm's Revenge
Light and Darkness : The Prophecy
The Longest Journey
The Lucasarts Archives Vol. I
The Lucasarts Archives Vol. II : The Star Wars Collection
The Lucasarts Archives Vol. III
Master of Orion
Max Payne
McKenzie & Co. (missing the bonus super music CD, probably a blessing)
Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail ("Collector's edition")
The Nomad Soul
The Pandora Directive
Pinball Gold Pack (Dreams I&II, Fantasies, Mania & Illusions CD)
Planescape : Torment
Remnants of a Megapak 8 (Master of Orion 2, Jagged : Deadly) (loose)
Mortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat II (loose w/ manual)
Rama (Ltd. ed. w/ book, half of inner box absent)
Realms of the Haunting Limited Edition
The Reap
Simon the Sorcerer I & II (with a Simon t-shirt!)
Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack
Space Quest Collection Series
Star Control + Star Control II CD compendium (German manuals)
StarCraft Expansion Set : Brood War
Star Trek TNG : A Final Unity
Star Trek DS9 : Harbinger
Star Trek : Generations
Super Stardust
Syndicate Plus (EA CR double-jewelcase with manual)
Tempest 2000 (DOS Atari, boxed with manuals)
The Terminator : SkyNET
Tie Fighter : Collector's CD-ROM
Time Gate : Knight's Chase
Tunnel B1
Typing of the Dead
Ultima I-VI Series
The Complete Ultima VII (EA CR slim USA non-Gold package)
Virtua Fighter PC
Warcraft : Orcs & Humans (loose, CR)
Warcraft II : Tides of Darkness
Warcraft II : Tides of Darkness Deluxe-Edition
Wing Commander II Deluxe Edition
Wing Commander IV : The Price of Freedom (CDs only)
World Rally Fever (those fuckin' amine lolis!)
Zombie Wars (Halloween Harry in)

. Miscellaneous floppy games kicking around .

Amiga Stardust
PC Another World <3
PC Assault Trooper
PC Fuse
PC Threat
PC Unnatural Selection

What egotrip? o_O

In case you were wondering, loose means "cart / CD only",
not "the cart rattles when you shake it". Boy, you guys are strange. ^_^
Following that bizarre logic, what would it make CDs, then? Unbalanced?
Also, CR meant "cheapo/crap rerelease", which means one of those sad affairs with
compressed box art with a stamp-sized shot of the original and no paper manual.
You know. "Classics!" Understandably, I try to avoid those. And so should you.
Don't get me wrong, rereleases are all right. But you need to make 'em good.
Box, manuals, the works! Don't cheap out on them and crap them up - no other publishing does that.

Want to see the want list or the gear index?