I do quite like some movies, but there are quite a lot of movies that I do not.
A select few are just destined to be owned by me in the future,
and this chapter charts my success so far.
Also present is a selection of magnetic tapes from times past.


DVD R2 - 12 Monkeys, Perfect Collection 2DVD
DVD R2 - 1984
DVD R2 - 28 Days Later
DVD R2 - 28 Weeks Later
BD&DVD - (500) Days of Summer (B R2)
DVD R2 - A Boy and His Dog
DVD R2 - A History of Violence
DVD R2 - A Scanner Darkly
DVD R2 - A Very Long Engagement 2DVD
DVD R2 - The Abyss Special Edition (2DVD, theatrical and SE)
DVD R2 - Adaptation
DVD R2 - Aeon Flux, the animated series
DVD R2 - Alien (2DVD with Alien Legacy)
DVD R0 - All Night Long
DVD R0 - All Night Long 2
DVD R0 - All Night Long 3
DVD R2 - Amélie (Came in a cheesy box w/ chocolates <3 <3)
DVD R2 - American Psycho
DVD R1 - Amores Perros
DVD R1 - (National Lampoon's) Animal House, Collector's Edition
DVD R2 - Antichrist
DVD R2 - Antikörpe (Antibodies) Tartan rel.
DVD R1 - The Animatrix
DVD R2 - Antikiller
DVD R2 - Apocalypse Now Redux
DVD R2 - Bad Lieutenant (Pathé 4:3 rel.)
DVD R0 - Bad Taste 2DVD (24302/50000)
DVD R2 - Baise-Moi (Censored UK rel.)
DVD R2 - Bark!
DVD R2 - Batman Special Edition Collection (Because words like "anthology" are grand mal to Finns)
DVD R2 - Batman Begins 2DVD
BD B - The Dark Knight 2BD
DVD R2 - Batman : Gotham Knight
DVD R1 - Being John Malkovich, Special Edition
DVD R2 - Beautiful Girls
DVD R2 - Birdy
DVD R2 - Blade Runner the Final Cut 5DVD box
BD B - Blade Runner the Final Cut 5-disc box
DVD R2 - Blue Velvet 2DVD steelbook
DVD R2 - Boondock Saints, Special Edition
DVD R2 - Borat
DVD R1 - Born American (aka Arctic Heat)
DVD R2 - The Box
DVD R0 - Brazil, Criterion Collection 3DVD
DVD R2 - Broken Arrow
DVD R2 - The Brood 2DVD
DVD R1 - Brown Bunny (Superbit)
DVD R2 - Bruce Campbell 4DVD box (Screaming Brain, Alien Apocalypse, Bubba, My Name is Bruce)
DVD R2 - Bubba Ho-Tep
DVD R2 - The Butterfly Effect 2DVD (Theatrical and "director's" version)
DVD R1 - Chasing Amy, Criterion Collection
DVD R2 - The City of Lost Children
DVD R1 - Clerks, "X" 10th Anniversary Edition 3DVD
DVD R1 - Clerks Uncensored 2DVD (The cartoons)
DVD R2 - Colour Me Kubrick
DVD R1 - Conan the Barbarian, Collector's Edition
DVD R2 - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
DVD R3 - Cowboy Bebop the Series 9DVD box set
DVD R2 - Cowboy Bebop the Movie, Special Edition
DVD R2 - Crash (Cronenberg)
DVD R2 - The Crow, Collector's Edition 2DVD
DVD R2 - Cube trilogy box 4DVD
BD B - Dark City DC
DVD R2 - Darkman
DVD R0 - Dark Star (Both versions on the DVD)
DVD R0 - Dead Alive (US title of Braindead. Peter Jackson's unrated final cut.)
DVD R2 - Dead Poets Society, Special Edition
DVD R0 - The Dead Zone, Sanctuary Special Edition
DVD R2 - Dear Wendy
DVD R2 - Delicatessen (Momentum rel.)
DVD R2 - Dellamorte Dellamore (German Red)
DVD R2 - Demon Seed
DVD R1 - Desperado, Special Edition (Part of box set w/ El Mariachi)
DVD R2 - Die Hard, Special Edition 2DVD
DVD R2 - Die Hard 2, Special Edition 2DVD
DVD R2 - Die Hard with a Vengeance, Special Edition 2DVD
DVD R1 - Dogma, Special Edition 2DVD
DVD R2 - Donnie Darko (Metrodome rel.)
DVD R2 - Donnie Darko Director's Cut 2DVD (w/ holo slipcase)
BD B - Donnie Darko 2-disc (both versions)
DVD R2 - Dr. Strangelove, or... you know the drill (4:3)
DVD R2 - Eastern Promises
DVD R1 - El Mariachi, Special Edition (Part of box set w/ Desperado)
DVD Rx - Endhiran (The Robot)
DVD R2 - Entropy
BD B - Equilibrium (Dutch rel.)
DVD R1 - Escape from New York, Special Edition 2DVD
DVD R2 - Escape from Los Angeles
DVD R0 - Evil Dead, The Book of the Dead Limited Edition
DVD R0 - Evil Dead II, Limited Edition tin (49040/50000)
DVD R1 - eXistenZ (Canada)
DVD R1 - Army of Darkness, 2DVD AB Limited Edition (15699/30000)
DVD R2 - Army of Darkness (MGM, "European" cut, but S-Mart ending)
DVD R3 - Army of Darkness (MGM, longest cut, apocalypse ending)
DVD R2 - Face/Off, Special Edition
DVD R2 - Falling Down
DVD R1 - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Criterion Collection 2DVD
DVD R1 - Fear of a Black Hat
DVD R1 - The Fifth Element
DVD R2 - Fight Club 2DVD
DVD R2 - The Fisher King
DVD R2 - Flesh + Blood
DVD R1 - The Fly II, 2DVD Collector's Edition
DVD R2 - Footrot Flats : The Dog's Tail... er, Tale
DVD R2 - Freejack
DVD R2 - The Frighteners director's cut 3DVD
DVD R2 - From Dusk Till Dawn 1, 2 & 3 box (4DVD with Full Tilt Boogie)
DVD R2 - Funny Games
DVD R2 - Funny Games (US)
DVD R2 - Gattaca
BD B - Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Redux
DVD R2 - Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (Silver Fang) box 5DVD
DVD R2 - The Golden Compass 2DVD
DVD R2 - Grosse Pointe Blank
DVD R2 - Hackers [laughs maniacally]
DVD R2 - Half Nelson
DVD R2 - Michael Haneke box set (7th Cont., Benny, Chronology/Chance and Funny Games)
DVD R1 - Happiness
DVD R0 - Hard Boiled (Anamorphic Mei Ah rel. w/ slipcase)
DVD R2 - Hard Target
DVD R2 - Heavenly Creatures (French DVD, Jackson's final cut)
DVD R2 - Hellboy
DVD R1 - High Fidelity
DVD R2 - Highlander ultimate 2DVD
DVD R2 - The Holiday
DVD R0 - Hologram Time Traveler
DVD R2 - Hot Fuzz
DVD R2 - The Hours, "De Luxe Edition" (Trivia: Title is pronounced "the whores" y'know)
DVD R2 - Human Nature
DVD R2 - Identity
DVD R2 - Idiocracy
DVD R2 - Ihmebantu
DVD R1 - I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
DVD R2 - Imaginary Heroes
DVD R2 - Immortel
DVD R1 - Impostor
DVD R3 - Indy Jones (4DVD; the Adventures of, "Luxury Gift Set" with a huge faux leather case)
BD B - The International
DVD R2 - It's All About Love (See this film NOW)
DVD R2 - It's All About Love (French Pathé rel.)
DVD R2 - Jersey Girl
DVD R2 - Aki Kaurismäki box 1
DVD R2 - Aki Kaurismäki box 2
DVD R2 - The Killer, HK Video (French) limited collector's edition (2DVD; regular & longer cut)
DVD R2 - The Killer, HK Legends "Special Collector's Edition"
DVD R1 - Killing Zoe
DVD R2 - Koyaanisqatsi & Powaqqatsi 2DVD box set
DVD R0 - Kuolleiden talvi (DVD-R)
DVD R2 - The Last Boy Scout
DVD R3 - Léon, Special Edition (2DVD digipak w/ theatrical and integral versions)
DVD R3 - Léon, Anniversary Edition (ditto)
BD B - Léon (Both cuts)
DVD R1 - The Limey
DVD R2 - The Lion King 2DVD (Has Finnish and English audio tracks)
DVD R2 - Lolita (90's)
BD B - Lord of War
DVD R2 - Lost Highway, Special Edition 2DVD
BD B - Lucky Number Slevin
DVD R2 - The Mad Monkey
DVD R2 - Magnolia 2DVD
DVD R1 - Mallrats, Collector's Edition
DVD R1 - Mallrats 10th Anniversary Extended Edition
DVD R4 - Martian Successor Nadesico, 6DVD Perfect Collection
DVD R2 - The Matador (2004)
DVD R1 - The Matrix
DVD R4 - The Matrix Reloaded 2DVD
DVD R2 - May UK
DVD R2 - May FI
DVD R1 - Mechanical Violator Hakaider
DVD R2 - Meet the Feebles
DVD R2 - Metropia
DVD R2 - Metropolis restored Masters of Cinema version 2DVD
DVD R2 - Metropolis the anime 2DVD
BD B - Micmacs à tire-larigot
DVD R0 - Mirror / Zerkalo (Artificial Eye)
DVD R2 - Mirrormask
DVD R2 - Mission: Impossible II
DVD R2 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail 2DVD
DVD R2 - Moon
DVD R0 - My Beautiful Girl, Mari
DVD R1 - Natural Born Killers Director's Cut (letterbox)
DVD R2 - Natural Born Killers Director's Cut (anamorphic)
DVD R1 - Near Dark 2DVD
DVD R1 - Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum 01 (w/ large box to house 'em all)
DVD R1 - (La Femme) Nikita, Special Edition
DVD R2 - Ondskan
DVD R1 - The Outer Limits Complete 2nd Season 6DVD (Alliance rel.)
DVD R1 - The Outer Limits Complete 3rd Season 5DVD (same)
DVD R2 - Palindromes (Tartan)
DVD R2 - pi
DVD R1 - Pitch Black (Unrated director's cut)
DVD R2 - Predator, Special Edition 2DVD
DVD R2 - Princess (Tartan)
DVD R2 - Powder
DVD R2 - Prozac Nation
DVD R2 - Rambo trilogy steelbox set
BD B - (John) Rambo
DVD R4 - Rabbit-Proof Fence, Collector's Edition 2DVD
DVD R0 - Re-Animator, Millennium Edition 2DVD
DVD R2 - Beyond Re-Animator
DVD R2 - Red Dwarf UK series 1
DVD R2 - Rendition
DVD R1 - Repo Man, Limited Edition tin (w/ soundtrack CD) (26791/30000)
DVD R2 - Robin Hood : Men In Tights
DVD R0 - Robocop Director's Cut, Criterion Collection
DVD R2 - Robocop Trilogy box (3DVD; theatrical & DC Robocop + Robo2&3)
DVD R2 - Romancing the Stone & Jewel of the Nile (2DVD set)
DVD R2 - Romeo is Bleeding
DVD R3 - The Rules of Attraction (Trivia: Finnish title Fuck the Rules. Someone misunderstood gravely.)
DVD R4 - Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt), Collector's Edition
DVD R2 - Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma
DVD R2 - The Science of Sleep
DVD R2 - Secretary (Tartan)
DVD R2 - Seraphim Falls
DVD R2 - Shaun of the Dead UK rel.
DVD R2 - Showdown in Little Tokyo
DVD R2 - Sick Girl from Masters of Horror
DVD R2 - Silent Hill
DVD R2 - Sirens
DVD R1 - Sling Blade
DVD R2 - Sneakers
DVD R2 - Solaris (2003)
DVD R2 - Southland Tales
DVD R1 - Spaceballs
DVD R2 - Spider
DVD R0 - Stalker (Artificial Eye)
DVD R1 - Stargate, Ultimate Edition (2DVD, theatrical and DC versions)
BD UK - Starship Troopers
DVD R2 - Star Wars IV-VI 6DVD tin box with original theatrical releases
DVD R2 - Story of Ricky
DVD R2 - Storytelling
DVD R4 - Strange Days
DVD R2 - Stranger Than Fiction
DVD R2 - Suden vuosi
BD B - Synecdoche, New York
DVD R2 - Syriana
DVD R2 - Tank Girl
DVD R2 - Tapeheads (aka the worst John Cusack film in existence)
DVD R4 - Taxi Driver, Collector's Edition
DVD R2 - The Terminator, Ultimate Edition 2DVD digipak
DVD R1 - Terminator 2, Ultimate Edition metal case (One DVD, three versions)
DVD R1 - The Thing, Collector's Edition
DVD R2 - Threads
DVD R2 - Tideland 2DVD
DVD R2 - Tomb Raider the DVD game
DVD R1 - Tromeo and Juliet, Anniversary 2DVD
DVD R2 - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (UK slipcase + booklet)
BD B - Ultraviolet theatrical cut
DVD R2 - Underground theatrical cut
DVD R2 - Venus
BD B - V for Vendetta
BD B - Vicky Cristina Barcelona
DVD R1 - Videodrome, Criterion Collection 2DVD
BD B - Watchmen theatrical cut 3-disc
BD ALL - Watchmen Ultimate 4-disc
DVD R1 - Welcome to the Dollhouse
DVD R2 - Wild Palms TV-series
DVD R2 - Willard (UK)
DVD R2 - The Woodsman
DVD R2 - The Young Poisoner's Handbook


Dad's cheapo crap-discs

DVD R2 - The 4th Angel
DVD R2 - Animal Factory
DVD R2 - The Associate
DVD R2 - Back to Back : American Yakuza 2
DVD R2 - Behind Enemy Lines (1996)
DVD R2 - Cop Land
DVD R2 - Deathline aka Redline aka Armageddon aka The Syndicate
DVD R2 - Last Man Standing
DVD R2 - Layover
DVD R2 - Tombstone
DVD R2 - Savior aka Sledgehammer
DVD R2 - White Ghost


VHS - Alien Resurrection
VHS - Batman
VHS - Daylight (yech)
VHS - Desperado
VHS - Lethal Weapon 2
VHS - Life of Brian
VHS - Ninja Warriors starring Sonny Chiba
VHS - Predator 2
VHS - Showdown in Little Tokyo (cut so thoroughly all to hell it's great)
VHS - Star Wars : A New Hope (THX'ed original w/ Lucas interview)
VHS - Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back (same here)
VHS - Star Wars : Return of the Jedi (ditto)
VHS - Toxic Avenger (ick)
VHS - Toxic Avenger 2
VHS - Toxic Avenger 3
VHS - The Young Master


Eek, all those icky analogue tapes.. they're all 4:3 and PAL, by the way.

And movies on discs, ugh. Standardized and obsolete by the time they're mass-marketed, intellectually devoid compromises, Kubrick films gone 16:9, and these companies certainly are plastering 'em liberally with names of whatever bleeding editions they feel like thinking up next, blowing them all into a great big pile of hollow marketing terms; You know director's cuts always aren't, which is totally disgusting, and it's kind of moronic to name something a special edition when no other ones exist. (Occasionally I've also loved guessing whether it's the film or the DVD that's so "special".) Of course, when it comes around to the aptly titled limited editions, there really aren't any other kind in the world, to be precise. And with the so-called collector's editions, a true collector would of course buy the "regular" editions as well, 'cause he's a col-lec-tor, see. Done nitpicking for now.

In any case, movies are the perfect cash-in. *) Almost everyone watches movies. That makes for a largeish market (surpassing music and games) for new revisions of film releases every two years. Just remember to leave stuff off the last one and you can bring forth a shiny new Barbwire Colonic Edition with a new 9.1 soundtrack interpolation not to mention the newly digital-remastered image with never-before-seen clarity -- and don't even let them get started on the extras.. or Greedo shooting first. (Which actually can be regarded a true director's cut, for once, and we should count our blessings, but it just happens that this case finds the director dead fucking wrong) Anyway, I was going to say something about the Terminator series here as an example, but I'm actually far more generally disgusted by the Ring saga, and I unfortunately wasn't talking about Wagner, either.

What are we then? Consumers? I have to admit that I was very afraid of the next-gen HD discs due to the reputation for DRM that they quicky gathered, but thankfully most of it turned out to be hot air. Anyway, once the companies grow to hate their customers by default, the customers should well disappear. It pays not to meekly stand in line while bending over, taking in bleeding sodomy or pathetic mercy crumbs. I'll gladly take an older, low-resolution version if the new one has problems. Not that I've dealt with Blu-Rays gone bad yet!

*) "Junk is the ideal product ..."

More materialism?
DVDs that I want - CDs that I have and want - Gaming gear ..
Or just the index, you reasonable person, you.