Please remember that I regard portions of this bit slightly stale right now, and you shouldn't consider it the God's truth as written on stone tablets, neh? Still, very many things do hold true, especially the top three games listing. Anyway, I ought to revise things, really, and I will, too. Honest. Someday I will. Someday, I'll do something again. :/ Maybe.

Okay, and this is my (about as questionable as anyone's first name being "Alice") resume, containing all sorts of information and disinformation, mostly useless chatter and crap disguised as information with some things cleverly neglected to mention, so if you don't want to read it, just don't. Special letters removed from resume to stop you from losing your self-confidence and starting to cry. Nobody is making you read this unless some psycho is holding a gun *) to your tiny head or whatever (If it's Psycho Mantis and he's having someone you love holding the gun instead, well, shit **), in which case you might just want to do whatever he's forcing you to, but if not, it isn't like this is a necessary read. So proceed at your own discretion.
*) Or worse yet -- a vegetable !!
**) Though, in a reflection of real life, MGS allows you to beat the shit out of her - solving everything!

Okay, so maybe it isn't a resume per se... close enough and misnomers are a-OK.

Why a resume, you ask? Who doesn't like a little self-glorification? Haha. I just thought that writing up a resume is a fun thing to do - which it was at the time. I don't care too much about what you think of me now and after you read this informationary bit, so, of course, refrain from scribbling up totally idiotic responses, right? If you have something intelligent to say, though, do mail me.

And yes, it is all in yellow. Hope you lose your eyesight. Okay, let's begin. Brace yourself. Keep your hands to yourselves at all times. In the event of a water disaster of biblical proportions your computer may be used as a third rate flotation device, although you may not want to hope for a shiny 100% in the terms of functionality afterwards anymore. Thank you, have a nice day. I apologize for the headache beforehand... or maybe it already started? Yes, I can certainly understand such a possibility.

Well now, let us see. I'll just start spewing out information in an order of mind of sorts. Of me... well. As my nick's RmM, you're possibly wondering about my real name. Well, it's Rami Markus Maunula. Now do you get it? All very original, huh. No point in hiding behind a nick like some 'net people do. This is my true name. On some occasions my nick is also (rye moo!) Jadelor. Yes! You may have seen that combination of letters somewhere, too! Get equipped with a kewpie doll, a prize for your amazing talent of perception. Note though that I do not mean to write RmM in an eLiTe way... no, just in a dumb way. Ha. And just for the record, my nick is not ramiman, that's just a bit from my e-mail address. As if you care. You heartless fiend. There. See? See?! I knew you didn't really care. Just why are you reading on, anyway? *snif*

For the time being and very likely for the rest of my life, I live in Kittilä, located in Finland (Yes. That makes me Finnish, dammit), an European country, on the Earth, Sol, in the galaxy we call the Milky Way, an independent part of the Universe; a subsystem of the Great Everythingness. Sol is located at the coordinates 175.2 x 145.0! Do drop by, although you might wish you hadn't afterwards - mind the general feel of patheticness the planet emanates. Well not the planet, the beings on it actually, which you just may have to see for yourself. I'm sure that you'll recoil back (in horror) into your ship in a heartbeat.

I am a 23-year-old passively evil (one might say apathetic, which of course makes a great combination with tea) creature who dedicates his life into planning the hideous destruction of some of the people of the world as we well know it now. So I guess I'm sort of a nerd. I mean, intellectual. I don't drink much (ha!) and I detest cigarettes. I am boring and that is a positive attribute. I have a father (Who's quite unlike me), a mother and a younger brother named Juha. I also have a cute black dog, named Taskari, which, roughly translates as "pocket dog" or maybe even Pokédog. Yeah, I really love dogs. Puppies are undoubtedly one of the better reasons for the life to be worth living. I haven't got a lot of varying hobbies. Especially recently. Sometimes I fiddle around with my computer, doing various things (Can you say IRC? Yeah, betcha can) but playing games is one thing I usually leave to my consoles.

I suppose am generally fairly liberal, but at things also very conservative. Most of the time I'm also very, very sick and tired of a lot of things. Sick on its own, now, possibly maybe. I am calm (again, to the point of seeming apathy at times) and non-violent most of the time, except when I'm playing something and I'm getting totally frustrated or the like. I think that many people can relate to that. *grin*

I am a somewhat pessimistic person, and a highly cynical one. Good or bad? Decide for yourself. I'm not braindead. And the Great Everythingness keeps supplying quantities of suggestions to stop caring. The people in it, too. Indirect suggestions, mind you. "People ain't no good." Prove the claim wrong. Please.

I am atheistic. Please, people. Think, and never just blindly believe and/or accept. Naturally, this goes for the idea of atheism, too, friends. I had a thing to say about organised religion, here, too, but I cut that one out since it really didn't bring forth anything new, so to speak, but, well, comma, I'm generally against the manifestations of organised religion, since what I'd call the corporation problem manifests itself all too well in such a configuration. And against manifestations of religion in general, since in those cases what I'd call the non-thinker problem tends to show.

Then I listen to some music as well. Much. This hobby shall be ventured into in further detail later on. For now, I'm inclined to flood you with computerspeak and if you don't like computers, or games, or anything worthwhile at all just skip the sentences that look related to the subjects until you get to the "good" stuff, which probably correlates with "page's end and the link back". :P

Umm, then I also draw a little. Real and pixel art. Occasionally I use a normal piece of paper as a replacement for a mouse pad, but the problem is that I usually draw it full of whatever I'm thinking of, in no time. You may guess it isn't pretty, but I don't think it's really bad, either. I don't know how good I am though, but I certainly like to think I'm beyond stick figures and some people... and in the future one may see a picture or two around here. Maybe. Maybe. So, should I get a scanner (seems likely, someday), be afraid. Of course, tasteful scatterings of pixel art can be found around the site. Because carefully crafted pixel art is fun.

I guess I'm a gaming device / game freak, a section devoted to which is also within your reach. I would also say that "I enjoy the intellectual pleasure of reading a good book", but since it sounds unredeemably cheesy I'll say it in a different way. "I do read books though, when I see particularly good ones." In fact, I find that untrue at the moment, so I shall once again put it differently. "I read books, when I find the combination of inspiration and interesting material with me." That, of course, was but a thinly veiled stab at the fact that I haven't read a lot lately.

I have made some things with my computer, and you can find most of the most releasable ones (Note: loosely) from the stuff page. I've made games; An adventure trilogy named Jake Cool, the quintessential old tank game t/X, and a tad in(s)ane "science fiction" retro-style adventure named Space Suit Sammy. Note though - As Jakes are semi-entirely written in Finnish language, and calling any of the games I've made spartan is pure flattery, it's obvious that not everyone's in the target demographic. But do check out what you can if you will. And feel free to give me feedback.

I belong in a group of digital artists called FHI, and our main node resides one directory structure lower in the Internet. Drop by for all sorts of things.. you know you want to. You should also check out the projects Jutska and RSU contained therein, and all the stuff contained therein. Definitely. Yeah, poke around the FHI HQ if you like, I doubt that you'll be sorry.

Like I said, I play games. I've also got a veritable shitload of consoles (and a PC), and if you really need a listing of them, how could I deny you one? But. More about games. Want me to name the best games ever? Sure. Top three games of all time, not in an order.

1. Xenogears
2. Star Control II
3. Planescape : Torment

Yes, all three of them are of the highest quality. In fact, they are the best storytelling games in existence. It's not just a matter of opinion - they simply are that good and the stories they tell are so incredible that not only would you do well to play them through, you will actually be an outright complete, utter fool if you do not and yet consider yourself a thinking sentient being. Of course, if you have come across a game that's even better (or on level), please let me know. Fast. I'm absolutely a regular storytelling junkie.

Xenogears is a japanese console RPG on the Sony Playstation platform, Star Control II is a science fiction adventure that originally was a commercial PC game but now it's free and multi-platform (it also uses SDL and you can have the sources), and Planescape: Torment is a PC RPG adventure game that runs in Microsoft Windows.

And now, a wider range of lesser PC titles that still deserve kudos. Delphine's Another World is a very engrossing, very good game. Flashback, too, in a lesser degree, but Another World I recall as it was the very first PC game I bought. It was inexpensive and worth every damn penny. The first Monkey Island games rock, and most of Lucasarts' old adventures (like Indy) are too damn good. In the same genre also excels the Simon the Sorcerer saga. He's just too bad. And back to Lucasarts, and to Loom which is truly a great tale. And the musics... perfect. Sierra, on the other hand, made the Quest for Glory series (DragonFire I've not tried), which is full of great games, but the Gabriel Knight trilogy consists of their best games, plus the musics are just great. Star Control II is really too damn good a game, from the gameplay to the storyline to the musics - all of it. The sequel couldn't deliver anything save for cows and repetition. Both of Legend's Gateway games are arguably the best games of the interactive fiction genre.

The first Prince of Persia is a great game. The second one was very curious, and the 3d revival ones I've not played yet. Doom and the sequel will be eternal classics. Of fighting games I would name Mortal Kombat II, One Must Fall 2097 and SSF2T, and the best "little spaceship" shooter games on PC are likely Raptor and Tyrian / 2.0 / 2000. Shopping's always fun in action games, eh? Anyway, the old Tie Fighter is truly great also, probably the apex of its genre. Simulations and strategy? Well, the first Civilization rules. And the original Master of Orion is still to my liking, too. Warcraft II might sound like an odd choice, but the musics are lovely and it was the first real RTS... and later Blizzard continued their touch with more rare RTS excellence in Starcraft, even if the story's only so-so. Last but not least, the excellent Jagged Alliance series of strategy role-play games remains a favourite. Role-play, huh? Remember roguelikes? Never got to like Nethack, but as for that genre I did like Omega and ADOM a lot. But as for real adventures, well, the Ultima series, parts of which (V VI VII) I really love. Also, Planescape : Torment from Black Isle Studios is really good. And by that I mean really good. Like, the best RPG adventure I've ever seen. That's it. I might be missing some titles here though, I'll add to the list when I see fit. There's not a single console title here, as you can see, but I might list them separately at a later date. Now, back onto the track.

(So as you may've noticed now, I'm a big Star Control fan, and personally I think that Star Control II beats the hell out of just about nearly every PC game, like ever. SC2 would still beat them even if it had its butt full of limpet cocoons.)

But now, regarding consoles? Hope you don't mind a rant that gains misdirection halfway through... NES is my definite personal favorite. Don't underestimate its power. :) I also like good console RPGs quite a bit, but what I have to say is that unfortunately Square isn't all it could be. They're quite disgusting a typical corporation, actually. I mean - they just brush off Europe whenever they like, and Jesus, they've basically been releasing the same game(s) for a good bunch of years now. So some of their stories have been good (again, some times, and not always penned by Square themselves) but we do have to play the games to get them. And if we want every game identical to the previous ones we'll just play NHL and about every Capcom title, now won't we? I know you do. Ahem. Anyway, there's a perfect word to describe Final Fantasy, but I'm almost willing to use it with Square itself, also, and the word is diluted. Does it not ring well here? Well, in any case, I heard that the Final Fantasy X titles aren't exactly like the ones before them, though, but I also heard that they're mostly about tight asses and Gainaxey (read: large; mobile) busts directed at pop teens, the idea of which chills me to the bone. Besides, there isn't a single Final Fantasy title out there with a better story to tell than Xenogears, so why play Final Fantasy (unless you really really need a jcRPG fix)?

Anyway, I really spend more time, gaming-wise, with the consoles than the PC, now. Why? Games. There's easily been more good games made on consoles than on the old PC platform these few last years... and I don't feel like playing buggy shit - PC games (as PCs themselves, even if by legend), tend to be unreliable, idealess, impersonal and soulless way more often than not, which stinks. It's annoying to admit but Japan is kind of high on interesting, original games right now. Oh, what's that? Half-Life? Fuck Half-Life and also fuck the sequel for good measure. In general quality and execution the first game's good about only if you compare it to earlier, dull ego shooters - Deus Ex completely blasts it, however, but once H-L steps into the big ring of cross-genre, it really really starts to look small. Now Deus Ex is an excellent game, on the other hand, and is rightfully the best FPS devised while it isn't exactly a typical FPS, either, somewhat like the way Ultima Underworld isn't one. Of course, PC was never an ideal platform for much anything, period, although I'm sure many people disagree. This you're free to disagree with.

Okay, enough of modern computers. Maybe. Moving onto the next subject. I consume any good (Please note the condition!!) anime and manga I am capable of locating (Those're the names for animations and comic books of Japanese origin, respectively, although I will definitely do the same for any great ones of Western creation), as the Japanese certainly have managed to make some really great works of art to this day (but also loads and loads of dire shit), easily making - in a rough and unfair generalization, of course, many of the Western counterparts seem so trite and trivial that one'd only be a bleeding idiot not to like the works of art in question.

Hmh, I shall speak of some of the Japanese animations that I like now. Well, first I have to say a good word about a certain fellow named Miyazaki, who is a force behind some of the anime that you have possibly seen. Everybody's going nuts about Ghibli and whatnot these days, the wasters, though I don't think that a single Miyazaki cartoon is a total waste of time, so see them, please. You know. Movies like Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away.. those things. You might well like them, for they are charming, kind-spirited and generally very good, and make an interesting comparison to the average high budget children's tale you'd regularly see Disney make. (Note: You may not appreciate Disney much anymore after the Ghibli showcase..) But moving away from his style of storytelling and drawing (Miyazaki's character looks certainly are unique even in anime), another great piece of anime that you should see is Ghost in the Shell; a really stylish, intelligent science fiction movie. This is not the average hot-blooded dumb special effect action flick that science fiction seems to mean these days, though, but in fact very slow-paced and cold, but that shouldn't stun anyone from seeing it. Because it's worlds better than any Matrix crap you've seen. Seriously is. Those are the most notable Japanese animated movies I can recall right now.

Of animated series I should also speak. One called Nadesico is something to see, even though one might kind of shun it at first, since it definitely expresses a certain quirky attitude, very common in anime. Not everyone likes that. However, to me it got pretty evident at a point that it isn't an empty mecha bubblegum actioner, but a definite work of love from somebody, instead. But a fair warning is in order, though, as it might be that you may have to see some of the less definitive works of anime first to fully appreciate this particular gem... Anyway, another one of the few japanese animated series that I love quite a bit is the one known as Cowboy Bebop, and you can view this one easily without any prior experience in anime. Funnily enough, this series makes an interesting comparison to a later-made, deservingly short-lived American series called "Firefly", the two sharing quite a lot of similarities, perhaps too many to be a conincidence, even, but if one'd ask if one of them is better than the other, Cowboy Bebop is a clear winner. The series (C.Bebop, not FireFly. Let's not talk about FireFly any more, because it isn't good, and besides, writing the title over many times might make Google attract braindead fans) also spawned a full-length movie, subtitled Knockin' on Heaven's Door I believe, and it captures the essence of the series fairly well, although it's interesting to note that of the two, the movie is somewhat more calm and, again, cold. And yeah, it is good. It's also apparently easy to get ahold of, too, so please do so, especially as it competes very easily among western action flicks, and I doubt you'll regret it.

I watch a little TV, too. Not very much these days, but I have and still occasionally do. And although I'm not going to mention all the things I watch from TV, I say that I enjoy(ed) (That means that I may not enjoy or even watch it anymore, depends) watching at least (I imagine I'm missing a lot of stuff really) The Outer Limits, Earth 2, The X-Files, Invisible Man, Millennium, B5, Twin Peaks, Picket Fences, American Gothic, MacGyver, Mission : Impossible and Ally McBeal. Yes, 'Ally McBeal', you saw that one right; it was good at first. And McNicol was a hoot. Anyway, I used to enjoy X-Files a lot more but it grew less and less interesting as time went on. ..and then they stopped making it, right? Whew. Millennium I also liked quite a bit, but it should've ended with the (second?) season when a certain episode quite looked like a final ending of sorts. Anyway, of other series, I've watched the fun Buffy series, and it's certainly amusing to watch, if not exactly food for thought. The rather drab spin-off Angel, though, isn't too grand. Grown on me a little, but still. You also saw MacGyver on that list, and it certainly deserves the mention... I mean, come on! One hell of a cult series. X-) Mission : Impossible is also listed as I watched about every episode I could when I was a kid and the series was played in Finnish TV... Since, is hasn't received a single rerun. What the fuck's up with that? I'm dead certain I'm not the only one who'd like to see them again. And Babylon 5? Let's cut this short. Good. Pretentious. And overrated. MUCH overrated. But finally, justified in the end. Unlike, say, the Matrix. Oh hey, now an added entry about Invisible Man, as you saw listed. I'm talking about the new series of that name, starring Vincent something as the namesake. I really like that series. It's got an attitude, and a decidedly tongue-in-cheek one, and it's not trying too hard. Unlike some of them fancy newfangled dark angels... Whoops, did I say Dark Angel? I meant to say pretentious gross trend bore show from idea garbage dump which I'm glad ended sooner than later.

Now, into the subject of movies. Of all the movies I've seen, here's a crap list of random entries that are somehow supposed to reflect my likes and tastes. I have to revise this thing sooner or later, honestly -- It's a short, bad list, really missing a lot, especially ones I've recently seen; please see my DVD list for some additional idea.

* Star Wars, they're classic stuff. Episode 5 I like the most.
* The Alien series, counting out Resurrection... brrrr
* The Terminator movies, not counting the silly time travel plot :)
* The Back to the Future trilogy (this is how time travel should be handled!)
* A couple of the older idiotic Schwarzenegger movies. [Predator, T.Recall ...]
* The Indy Jones trilogy
* Anything from Q. Tarantino [Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction]
* Nearly anything from Sam Raimi [Evil Dead II.. ahhh]
* The products of Peter Jackson [Bad Taste, Braindead, Frighteners...]
* Everything from a certain Stanley Kubrick [2001, Shining, Clockwork Orange ...]
* Some things from John Carpenter [Halloween, Thing, In the Mouth of Madness ...]
* Terry Gilliam and his strange vision [Brazil, 12 Monkeys ...]
* Two words.. Monty Python. [Holy Grail, Meaning of Life, Life of Brian]
* Stylish John Woo stuff [Killer, Hard Boiled, Face/Off, M:I2]
* The Todd Solondz movies
* The movies of the Coen brothers [Big Lebowski!]
* With reservation, an amount of Paul Verhoeven-directed movies [Robocop ...]
* David Fincher's movies, with the merciful exclusion of the lukewarm Panic Room
* Some James Cameron movies, although most of them fall under other mentioned categs..
* Most Jean-Pierre Jeunet movies minus ones excluded already ;)
* Pre-2000 Kevin Smith flicks (J&SBSB is but a large in-joke, anyway)
* A bunch of David Cronenberg titles (That organic.. stuff is really something)

Try not to notice all those action movies. I've a soft spot for the shit I grew up with. ;) Of single movies (That are not includable up there) I would mention... Well a bunch of anime. Definitely. But I already covered the handlable stuff, so end that.

* Natural Born Killers
* Grosse Pointe Blank
* Léon
* From Dusk till Dawn
* Taxi Driver
* The 5th Element
* Falling Down
* Trainspotting
* Gattaca (though prententious)
* Payback
* Strange Days
* The Fly (Goldblum one)
* Donnie Darko
* Amores Perros
* The Crow
* The Limey
* The new Lolita
* Repo Man
* The Rules of Attraction
* Lost in Translation, the Tori Amos of movies

Ugh. As said I don't like the way this list's lacking. I should hate myself, except that I do. Well, see my DVD list. All of them are there for a reason.

I generally like movies that have original ideas, concepts, non-Hollywood-attitudes, fresh characters, unconventionality! There's a thing to be said for distinctive visual class, too. Can't say there always are too many with those attributes around...

Favourite actors? ..well 'tis hard to say exactly.. You realize that listing all the actors I like would be real hard, right? Here's a list of most of the actors that more or less light up my day. Lance Henriksen (Henriksen just might be the favourite actor), Harrison Ford, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery, Malcolm McDowell, Sam Neill, Robin Williams, Bill Murray, Jean Reno, (Nicole Kidman as well, but I doubt she'll feel the same after her Hours role :| ) Jeff Goldblum, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Tim Curry, Steve Buscemi, Gary Oldman, Gary Sinise, Alan Rickman and James Belushi - something's still missing... Oh, yeah, damn - how could I exclude Bruce Campbell?

So, on to the next one. What movies do I not like? Bah. I'll skip the vitriol. I don't like movies that aren't good. There's a fair chance I hate all of the movies you like.

Blah. Namecheck, namecheck, namecheck.

And what's next on the list of things to talk about? Well, as I said I like to expose my eardrums to miscellaneous air pressure anomalies, (This procedure is commonly referred to as listening to music, a ridiculous term really) I have a rather wide taste of music, but I'll do my best to explain it here in some depth, at least. STALE as it gets! I do like classical masterpieces, take John Williams' classic Star Wars soundtrack for example.. and the game Loom got me to like Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. Back in the day I liked listening to module music, but although I still like the music, I seldom listen to it. Of all the module artists I especially like Crux's, Archvile's, old Future Crew's and Jogeir Liljedahl's works of musical art. (There's also a whole herd of single compositions from some artists that really liked) Continuing with the tastes of the old days... First Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and Jeroen Tel, with their great tunes. But that's only the C64, so let us take the scan somewhat deeper. John Williams of course. Yasunori Mitsuda. Tommy Tallarico's OK. Chrises Franke and Hülsbeck. (Hülsbeck yes, when not talking about his generic dance shit you can find on his CDs) Bjørn Lynne. Not Divinorum mind you, nor Dr. Awesome, just.. Lynne. And then, shall we say, a take on the more mainstream side... Some Jean Michel Jarre is magical. As is Vangelis, and Mike Oldfield. A lot of Pink Floyd music is really damned good. And Nightwish had their good moments. Faith no More was an excellent group, as well, and Mike Patton owns. U2 has some pretty damn great material in their (back)catalogue, too, though no-one'd admit it, although I must in turn admit that they're way past their prime these days - the great stuff is mainly on their earliest albums. The Unforgettable Fire, for example! The Finnish band Sentenced is decent, if pretty darn generic by the end of the last millennium.. Pearl Jam I like. Then I also really like the Manic Street Preachers (earlier stuff again). Peter Gabriel has emerged a favourite, as well, and the synth band Depeche Mode finally found their way into my heart some years back. (Love the cool atmosphere and soundscapes, and Gore's takes on love. He might just be the only one man that should be allowed to write love lyrics...) Two Finnish rock (or whatever, drawing genre squares around everything rocks) groups, CMX and YUP obviously stand out; CMX I've gotten really attached to in a short period of time, and even though some of my friends probably shun me for it, I love the lyricist's writings (while poems and the like usually feel like crap. Guess the musical accompaniment works wonders?). And YUP. Now that's a damn great band, very Finnish in their lyrical output, always smile-inducing in the weirdness. Also, I used to give kudos to Zen Café for some of their more clever lyrics and for stopping shortly after they ran out of things to say (I thought), but fuck it - they're at it again except that they aren't interesting in any way, anymore.

I abhor Eskopop with every singular cell and subatomic particle that I consist of.

Oh, and as I was revising that list at a point, I found some delightful gibberish on the U2 entry that I can't for the life of me decipher into an understandable form, thus I'll just preserve it here so you can guess what medication I'm on when I usually write these up. Or go on about how Bono rots the brain. "U2 has some pretty damn great matnt group, and every longerial, too."

So. I'm probably forgetting some now, though, but who cares? My tastes aren't as varied as everyone else claims theirs are, but I tolerate more every day. Still, I never listen to anything on the radio, because I have got a brain. See, I like to draw my lines pretty clear. Blah! Decent melodies are good (In the approving sense), and when music has vocals they should be something else than generic uninspired, simple love / celebration crap. Fucking obvious! Well, that's what you get a whole lot more often than not. However, as a taste in music is an organic process, and everything changes a little, (even though everyone should just resist the hell out of everything on the way to Salvation) that list looks slightly dodgy now (but not dodgy enough for me to do any actual work on it). I know I'm a fair bit less critical about music now than I was about seven years ago, so I guess I've degenerated. Of all the music I like now I doubt I would've liked a lot back then.

Everything said, I've still had people comment on me with something like "You certainly like some weird shit" upon seeing / hearing / experiencing my CDs... Well, I could say I'm proud of that, but what I'd actually mean is that I'm ashamed of the shit you folks listen to and put up with, but since anyone could just counter that by jumping on about any musical hate bandwagon and letting your righteousness shine through, I won't. Elitism is a large part of music. It is omnipresent, of course, but with music it really stands out. But, of course, everyone's an elitist, although not everyone realizes it. Well, the more difficult it is to dance to the music, the higher it is in quality. This scale does stop somewhere this side of noise, however, because it isn't music. ;)

With music, genres are absolute bullshit. They're uninformative at best, and limiting at worst. Basically, they're pseudo-information. Interestingly enough, according to my experiences, only the so-called true guys (read: elitists) and techno guys say genres are a good thing. The positive effect of pigeonholing! *) I guess it's useful for them 'cause they've chosen that comfortable niche to excel at and sleep in, eh?
*) pigeonholing v. The act of cornholing a pigeon.

Enough about music. Let's talk about something that has real value. And as I said earlier, I sometimes read all sorts of novels, preferably good ones :), and in my life, I have especially loved the works of these particular Creators... Kurt Vonnegut, Neil Gaiman (Only takes the Sandman to realize his genius) and Douglas Adams *snif* ... also, Terry Pratchett (May be smug, but about the only written-word take on fantasy I can stomach.) I've also read the main Dune saga, Gibson's cyber trilogy, Ringworld and such, a bunch of books from Arthur Clarke, and ... Electric Sheep from Philip K. Dick among other things, and generally an amount of other books. No, I haven't read the Foundation nor Dragonlance sagas. Lucky me. Liked the juxtaposition? I made it just for you!

I also read good comics, or graphic novels, whenever I manage to bump into one. My worshipped ones include the Sandman (Incredible!) and certainly Calvin & Hobbes, plus Japanese ones Ghost in the Shell, I's, and Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind. Anyway, something about Sandman. Reading it really blew my mind, I remember my friend remarking with a smile on how excited I sounded after having read the thing. But with Sandman, that's well possible. It's a totally incredible story. With a thousand great stories within. Oh, and hey, Watchmen should also be noted, as should Maus. Invisibles was fun, but somewhat botched, especially evident the closer the end gets. And about Watterson's antics... Whoever files Calvin and Hobbes next to Garfield or whatever deserves a lobotomy. Through the nose. With a can opener. And some fishing line. And man, Watterson's one of the biggest hero types of the surrounding decades.

All things (except shallow clich idioms) must come to an end. Mmm.. taking all of this into consideration, what else can I say? Snippets ahoy! Well, I drink a lot of tea. Not a coffee person, me. These days, just three cups of coffee is sure and enough to put me in a pretty disturbing state of mind. I wouldn't mind being able to read, write and speak Japanese. Not that I'll ever act on it (because it's a horrible, effete language)... but of course I'll never again act on anything. That being said, if you've fallen in love with me and you need to make it known, you're on your own. I do enjoy the sound of rain. It's just the feel of it that's way gross. I think that Don Rosa is easily the ultimate Disney comic artist. I still find Hideo Kojima fairly godlike even if he borrows and recycles, because everyone does. I think I can carry a tune, and consider myself fairly tone-sensitive. I get déjà vu scenes almost constantly - but then again, don't you? Up to this day I have managed to break two animating Oxygene 7-13 covers. Talking vs. writing? Writing.

End of the digital resume. Yeah, that was it. What? Hey, get the heck off me! What do you want? Back(mann)!