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The products of Lieves!Tuore:


Atoes, again a bit different MSX demo from Vammala Party 2016. [download (ZIP)]
Better colors on an MSX2. Source included.

Our 20 years anniversary demo, Alakis, a party scroller for Vammala Party 2016. Won the demo compo. [download (ZIP)]
Source included.


Three screen 2 pictures (Rumputin, Star Kerk, Violence) and
a PSG tune called Hula-avanne from Vammala Party 2016. [download (ZIP)]

Aekrus MoonSound, Yzi's remix of the music used in Aekrus in 1997. Picture by Marq.
Placed 2nd in's Pimp my PSG music challenge in 2016. [download (ZIP)]
MSX music player and XM-to-LTM converter source code available on the SootSound SourceForge site.


Atsarias, the second VJ-demo. Won the 64k intro compo of the Alternative Party'13. [download (ZIP)]
Source included.

Abrels, another karaoke demo made to celebrate the MSX 30 years anniversary [download (ZIP)]
Released at Vammala Party 2013. Flicker pic plus the lyrics for Frederik's "Kolmekymppinen".

Also released at Vammala Party 2013: Boombox, a PSG song by Yzi. [download (ZIP)] [mp3]


Amurisus, a VJ-like demo from Revision 2013 [download (ZIP)]
A bit different take on an MSX demo. This is the final version with better timings compared to the party version. Source included.

Avalis, the karaoke demo [download (ZIP)]
The winner of Vammala Party 2011. Flicker pic plus the lyrics for Pepe Willberg's "Rasvis mä oon" (Grease).

Hyppii keikkuu violetti by Yzi [download (ZIP)] [mp3]
Arkos Tracker tune from Alternative Party 2010.

LT2show, a viewer for .LT2 screen 2 images [download (ZIP)]
Includes the source and the file format spec. The current version is 1.2.
For more images see the directory here.


Adnukes, the slide show for MSX Info Update 2010 [download (ZIP)]
Featuring VDP1-kicking graphics made with our screen 2 converter. Source included.

Ebykti by Yzi [download (ZIP)] and Ebykti .AKS file for Arkos Tracker [download (ZIP)]
Silence of the Pigs by Roz [download (ZIP)]
Two Arkos Tracker tunes from MSX Info Update 2010.

Lievestuoreen Liisa Ihmemaassa, an interlaced screen 2 image [download (ZIP)]
The first appearance of our new powerful screen 2 converter. 5th at Assembly'09 extreme graphics.


Atsaas, our demo for MSX Info Update 2008 [download (ZIP)]
Needless to say, 2nd in the demo competition. Our little comeback after a break of ten years. dsk version and the full source included in addition to the MSX-DOS executable. MSX2 fixed version included!

TEST.COM, Yzi's entry for MSX Info Update 2008 music compo. Hand-written in asm data statements. [download (ZIP)]

Kuplat, an oldskool gfx compo entry from Assembly'02 [download (ZIP)]

Muijja, an oldskool gfx compo entry from Assembly'01 [download (ZIP)]

MYMPlay, a player for ripped PSG tunes [download (ZIP)]
Including source and a converter for YM-files. The current version is 0.4.

Pierre Gielen's version of MYMPlay with UI (MSX2) [download (PMA)]
MYMPlay for Spectrum ported by Zack [download (ZIP)]
MYMPlay for Amstrad CPC ported by AndyC [download (ZIP)]
Another CPC port by Morpheus [download (ZIP)]

Our MYM archive
Here you'll find a pile of songs suitable for the MYM player.


Atselous, our contribution to Nelja'98 [download (ZIP)]
2nd in the demo competition, as usual


Avaakkus, the demo for Alternative Party'98 [download (ZIP)]
Came 2nd in the demo competition

L!T play, the player source [download (ZIP)]
Including the music from Aatnos


Aatnos, the intro for Tiara Joulu'97 [download (ZIP)]
Came 2nd in the demo competition. Now with the source too: [download (ZIP)]


Aekrus, the intro for Tilburg'97 [download (ZIP)]
The final MSX2-fixed version. And here's the source: [download (ZIP)]