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What is this "MSX", that Lieves!Tuore is talking about?

MSX is a 8-bit computer that was very popular in the 1980's.
It has a Z80 CPU running at 3.58 MHz and 32/64 kB of memory.
The maximum graphics resolution is 256x192 with 15 colors.
Sprites can be up to 16x16 pixels and the pixels can be doubled.
PSG (Programmable Sound Generator) has three voices + noise.
The basic MSX graphics were greatly enhanced by the MSX2 standard.


A picture of Spectravideo SVI-728, the most popular MSX in Finland.
Thanks to Pelikonepeijoonit for the pic.


And here's another. "Spectravideo MSX SVI-728 shows the way", it says.

More info can be found here