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Recoil in horror. So... t/X is a Windows-based tank game.

" A what? "

You remember any of those old bird-view games that had tanks on a single screen playfield all the while having the said tanks attempting to blast each others?

Well, t/X is one of them. But instead of a bunch of palette swapped identical tanks, t/X has four totally different-looking tanks with totally different abilities, leading to seriously unbalanced gameplay, commonly referred to as cheapness. Relevant [data] is also available.

The graphics have been rendered using some version of the DOS 3d Studio, which makes them pretty colourful and very very plastic.

The game itself is just filler crap. Actually, originally I was just rendering amateur stuff with 3ds when I made a tank-like thingy that reminded me of C&C and promptly inspired me to write up a simple tank game, so the game itself ended up lousy. Heh. Anyway, you could still probably have a quick retro blast with a friend two handy.

So, t/X has :
1. Rendered 800x600 graphics
2. Boring lousy gameplay
3. Blazing multi-player action up to 4 players on the same computer
4. Percussion-centered soundtrack courtesy of Sonic the Hedgehog's DAC track
5. Four entirely different tanks, each with different abilities, hopes and dreams
6. Boring lousy gameplay :)

*) Take that excruciatingly horrid ad line fukrz!

If you still aren't interested in downloading it, it's FREEWARE!!!1 And it has an ultra-cheesy manual type text file!!!2 Plus, you get to know why the hell the name of the game is like that!!!3 You will also learn of your mysterious past and the truth about it!!!4

So if you have the bit of time required to download it and the other bit of time to try it out, well, go for it. But remember, it's a multiplayer-only game, so remember to have (a) friend[s] or a fully compatible device handy lest you find yourself playing a very dreary bout of deathmatch.

Requirements? Something like a 486/100 running Windows, set to 800x600 HiColor. Perhaps it's more like a recommendation than a requirement with both cases, but with a real slow CPU the game will be almost as fast as an average human being (Tom Cruise doesn't count) struggling up a totally vertical cliff with only his bare hands.. almost.. but not quite as fast. And you don't require the aforementioned resolutions and colour depths either, but without the earlier one you don't see the full screen and that gets you trouble, without the latter, on the other hand, the graphics look like, well, crap, effectively negating any use this game would otherwise have. *grin* Also, unfortunately it would seem that you just cannot get the game to run as colourful as it is intended on a modern graphics card, receiving instead a very brutal chopping of the thousand colours used.. into less than twenty. So, just give it up. It wasn't that good, anyhow. Really sucked, actually.

Download t/X v1.11a (ZIP'd) if you still want it (Approximately one and a half megabytes.. what a waste of space!) but remember to read README.TXT before you install and TX.TXT after you install. :) And YES it is a simple KnP-made game. And it's crap. Hey, just making sure you know what you're getting...

I don't think I need any feedback on this game, but you can talk to me if you like. No " 0 $H1+ D@T tX !5 @ G0Dd@/\/\N p|-|uXORe|) uP g@|\/|3 " mail though.

Looks like I ran out of paint. Crap.

Oh send me back to the games overview, uhh.. or back to the index.