- Space Suit Sammy -

"Once i saw a very weird fangame (made in Klik&Play) called Space Suit Sammy... i think that jj, the 'silent finnish dude from IRC' recommended it... Wasn't much of a game anyway... :-/"

Diagnosis :
An oldschool adventure game, seemingly intended to be humorous. Failing miserably at points.
Ancient graphics drawn by a well caffeinated monkey with a 77 per cent probability.
A prolonged, legendary project.
Sarcastic but fond approach at classic adventure genre evident.
(In fact you might not even find it funny without knowledge of early to mid '90s PC gaming)
Space Suit Sammy, geddit?
Unfortunately intended to be run on older versions of Microsoft Windows.
Tested to work on W95, W98SE, XP and W2k3. Probably only works on 32-bit Windowses or VMs running such.
Installer is only 50 per cent RmM's fault.
Would seem to contain violence and blood.
A graphical adventure in classic Sierra vein and not a parser game.
(Not that oldschool)

Target :
Oldschool gamers with "science fiction" affiliation and a sense of humour.
(A sense of "humor" that the Americans possess is compatible with "humour".) *)
Mighty affection towards old Sierra a bonus.

License :

Prognosis :
SSS will be downloaded by you.

Thesis :
Created under perfectly natural chemical modifiers.
Your own mind can take you pretty far.

Acquisition :
SSS v1.01a, 2.8MB ZIP RAR 7z tar+bzip2
Invariable archive size due to game installer's inferior white noise emulation.
...go to it, and good luck !

Warning :
You will not actually ever wear a spacesuit, Sammy.
Any speculation on the subject will be for naught.
Was there originally supposed to be a chance to wear one?
Ah, that shall be left unanswered.

Results :
Has been met with mixed opinions, ranging from terrific to incredibly lame.
Which one are you, baby ?

Revision :
1.00 Release.
1.01 Fixed the game's only bug, touched the prose.
1.01a Beautified the installer. The game remains untouched.

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*) Although they are not totally compatible; For example, where humour features, for example, spam, spam, spam, spam and eggs, humor, in fact, basically contains a penis coming out of an ear or a guy trying to hit on a goat.