Oh yes, the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Entertainment indeed, be it playing Mega Man, laughing at bad translations
or kicking your friend's butt in Street Gangs. [River City Ransom, whatever]

Warning !
Moderate experience on NES gaming
required for minimal understanding on the subject.

Another warning !
This place may contain possible spoilers to NES games.
Proceed at your own discretion.

So, this section is dedicated to the good old gray box
and you may or may not see game reviews or things like that
appear here during the passing eons..

People that think that the NES is a lefty piece of crap
may remain here but I'm going to cast an ancient curse upon them,
one that can only be lifted by fetching my body parts from around the world
and setting them on fire, then whipping me repeatedly 'til I finally explode
into a raging inferno of fireball sprites.
But a fair warning -- I'm not like that other girly man !
I won't just fly around in circles and make scythe thingys appear out of nowhere, oh no!
And no-one can survive my HyperNovaWave!
Not even any one of those heroes that have big swords (and hair)
that can cut through plates of titanium and sponge cake!

Proceed or repeat.
Your call really.

* Ikari Warriors - the review. Or the "review". Or the "ree-vieee-w" *).
* The NES Evil Guy Contest -- speaks for itself, right?
* The Visions of Power - A Wizards and Warriors shrine.
* My NES Die Hard FAQ, v0.8c. Spans all things doable (excluding maps).
* The easy visual NES quiz, do your best!

*) To signify it not being like that at all, by making the quotes gesture with your hands and everything, nitwit!

Wish I actually did something, here.

The other sections page! Energize!