Now, my. Aren't you a.. clever child, you have found my little nook in the *web*.

And info on the page is what you asked for. You realize you actually aren't going to get it, I'm just going to speak rubbish to cover up the cracks, right?

The site's best viewed with glasses so dark you can't see the text, even better under the influence of lethal liquids. A sense of humour, this being the Internet, is most certainly not tolerated. Ability to read recommended, the ability to think much encouraged and appreciated. "Gaming collectors" and the like may proceed towards the relevant gear listings, and easily offended people may enter the suicide booths on either left or right, strategically placed for your convenience.

The site - a set of pages in a chaotic order, forever so to be - will never be in any kind of an entirely finished state, as I will revisit and update the pages every now and then. It's unfinished trash, and it takes the site a lifetime to become true garbage.

You may not agree with everything presented and displayed here. You should, though, but one can't get everything. Yes, disagreeing with some things in the world can be a sign of intelligence, but some things, simply put, are true no matter what. Gray or coloured perspectives can only hinder you in the long run. If your hypocritical thought pattern reveals you may not be able to handle this, these sure weren't the pages you were looking for (ta-ta, now).

And if the viewer's the open mouth, closed eyes kind of a brain defect planning to proceed to insult the author with a slightly upgraded variant of "ZOMGOLOL ASSHOLEFUCKER U BITCH KILL YOURSELF" because he doesn't feel like a whole person whereas his mates do or because he torched his father with some hair spray and a lighter, well, take up mainlining or something similar but oh please keep the smiley fuck off my face (would you (if at all possible?))

And if you were looking for mere visual stimuli, you're in for a disappointment. You shan't call a book crap on the grounds of it not containing pretty pictures. The 'net is indeed like a library, for you can see Sh˘gun on a good shelf as well as you see worthy prose in the infinitum of the Internet (Wedged between Tidus&Spike fan fiction and endless sex with furry animals, but still), while magazines with big cars & engines also have their counterparts in the web, not to mention the fact that if you really want to, you are bound to find a nice little bookstore that only sells - apart from Trout fiction, of course - nice little books that only have pictures of scantily clad chicks spreading their.. Ahem. (Of course, in the Internet you'll find that in spades, regardless of if you want to.)

That got out of hand -- There are pages more aesthetically pleasing abound in the 'net and if those are what you truly desire, may you find them. The rest of you, the ones that'll stay.. go to it, and good luck. Take a true thorough tour through though (eh he).

The only vehicle the site's optimized to is my brain (which is natively HTML compliant) but if you want the best web surfing experience, I do suggest an action of refrain towards some of the more obvious choices.

This is the smallest type of text that will be used on this site. If you cannot read this, don't let the BODY tag hit you on your ass on the way out.

A bug? A corrupt file? Broken links? My colour selections making you twitch? Trouble? Big trouble? Earth about to get blown to high hell by Vogon Constructors? Big typos? Hallucinations? People with white jackets coming to take you away? Mail me at, go ahead. Feel right and free to send me thoughts of your own making, comments / feedback on the site or the products, questions, bright ideas or other generally good stuff. I used to be a pretty chatty person, so mail away. Well, unless j00 wr1te lIke th1$ or just intend to insult me pointlessly.

As a final note I got reacquainted with the person I was calling out here before (God bless the stock human narcissistic nature), which could mean that the Internet is all right after all. Didn't expect results at this point.. guess I should've hoped for no result.


The Somewhat More Than Just A Little Boring Stuff
(ie. the legalese with a twist and then some)

This site is a perfect hundred per cent frame / pop-up / banner free, valid HTML v4.01 Strict (I hope), passes W3C contrast ratio recommendation, is very CSSey and has been written with the legendary (Not the website, you idiot), Notepad, SimpleText and EditPad Lite. Sparse graphical decoration mainly generated with MS-Paint and Paint Shop Pro, presented as PNGs and kept small via ADVPNG/PNGOUT/PNGCRUSH/RIOT bombardment.

Most of the things in here are © Rami Markus Maunula 1999-2006, do something really crazy and I'll smack you upside your head with a log. That doesn't include stuff like peeking at the page sources for insight on HTML (although with my mad HTML skills I can't really recommend that), presenting my productions somewhere else (unless you claim you made them) or ripping samples off modules.

Neither Rami Maunula nor whoever now provides his space in the overly exaggerated cyberspace should be attempted to be held responsible for various things negative that happen to potential readers or users of the applications presented within. However, if the effect of the thing to happen was indeed a positive one towards your knowledge, understanding or intelligence, which are, along with entertainment, usually the primary goals of whatever I manage to build up, then I'm glad (and you may blame me all you like). So. If you got offended, I imagine you're pretty incurable a case and I recommend buggering off with the nose up, reciting (mumbling) angry vows of never returning (with the relevant fist/fish shaking and/or finger sign motions). Okay? Please? Please?

Sparrows were shot during production. Also a cute little squirrel (in the eye). The Shotgunner also shotgunned a helpless mewling kitten - because he's the Shotgunner - and while I sacrificed babies to Dogar and Kazon, they had no interest in useless potential vessels.

Contained statements may be intentionally untrue, exaggerated or a shade of green (part II). Accidentally too, though you won't find me admitting.. and if you reload, they're gone. The author does support the much-abused right to free speech on the Internet. * Just not its would-be abusers.

This has been a RmM Seminteractive production. RmM™ is a trademark of RmM Seminteractive™, which, in turn, is a trademark of the RmM Syndicate, which is something entirely different. And the world leaders are still safe, thank you very much for asking.