Degraded into alternative interpretations of lyrics?

Multiple orgasm through anti-depressants
Neko neko nee / nekonekonee nee nee / neko nekonee (exp. nekoneko nee)
John Cusack in a Bauhaus shirt
The very newest in chauvinist cinema
National swan hockey championship
Isolated Exclusive System "LP"
Throat Punch A Whore Day
Puppy-girl, your strings are mine!
Ouroborosource will eat itself
United States of Dog
Eyes quickly shift to a jackal fucking
Dickgirl Fighter 8 Turbo
The Onion of Chastity +2
Neon Genesis Smackdown, the new American remake of a cult classic!
Hidden dogenda...
My gay porn tells me what to do..!
Tie your kids onto their beds, cleave their heads.
Get your siscon on. ;)~
The only women on the Internet are the ones trying to attract attention.
Loli - kestää isältä pojalle
Big Black Rapeman
Is this your menstruation?!
Kingdom of Sand Niggers, The : This Crusade, kill yourself a Muslim!
Bound to the ground by the loliest sound.
Nosepicking Dirty Harry
My Beautiful Holocaust!! Go Go Hitler-sama
See the world in... Lolivision
Drunken reverb || Drunken reverberation
The world answers, you smile like a winner, winner!!!
Supersupper Nakkicharge
Judiciary arbitrations from souls of cellophane
This summer... Ben Affleck is... Mega Man X!
Tongue deep up Kubrick's decomposing colon.