Like the next geek, I tried sequencing music back in the day.
Results DID NOT vary.

So, the title aptly describes it all so don't say you weren't warned.
And feel free to rip samples, if you're still into such primitivities.
I know I did.

Do brace yourself.
Download Ukko '98 - about 62kB
In this .ZIP file is a .XM module which is a dreadful
technoish 'interpretation' of a known little ditty 'Ukko Nooa' :-)
Be severely warned - The module _SUCKS_ as it's the first one I've tracked.
Download Pyhä yksinkertaisuus v1.2 - about 106kB
The second module I've made, this is a really short bit repeated with
a small bunch of samples and a godawful techno beat. So beware of the Suck.
And now I also noticed that it sounds a little too close for comfort like
the first level track from the SNES game X-Kaliber 2097. Jeez. What a name.
Download RockMarch v1.0 - about 17kB
Another FastTracker module that got made,
this one is a two channel (Yeah! Two, as in '2'!) module
based on one of the music bits of the movie The Rock.
Sucks less than the earlier ones, and even has a little build potential.
..not that I'm going to do anything with it..
Download Grasslands v1.2 - about 89kB
And this one is a nice little background style module with a sad feel.
I intentionally misspelled the file name because I'm such a pretentious bastard.
Might be the best module I made at that point (Not like that's saying much.)
I've been thinking about building it some more one day, but I doubt that'll happen.

I can not be held responsible for what happens if you listen to one of the modules
seeing that you'll probably regress, fall into a coma or get catatonic.

Wanna see how it originally continued?

"Just _do not_ base your judgment-towards-me on these things,
because I certainly don't listen to that kind of fucked techno.
And if you do, at least shut up about it."

Nowadays, I own Apoptygma Berzerk CDs.
Yes.. a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

You'll probably be glad to leave.