Welcome to the No Copy? gallery!

On these pages you find pictures made by demo scene artists. These works of art have also something else in common. Namely they all are copies of other artists works. Some more, some less directly. From inspiration to plain scans.

There seem to be two approaches to this kind of art:

1) These guys suck! They should be more creative and shouldn't copy ideas from real artists! Yuch.

2) Wow. Great technique. These guys must really appreciate the original artist! How did they do that with so few colors?

Now, it's up to you to enter the world of copied art, and decide which side to take.

To get a starting point, you might want to read this article : Disintegration of the Old Graphics Scene by Danny/Eidos Interactive

Marq's comment: Even these ripped pictures seem creative when compared to the modern scene "art". Nowadays it's ok to scan a couple of pictures, blend them with PhotoShop and use some filter. No wonder we see a lot of photo-realistic faces and alike these days. Plain sucks.

If you find any picture that resembles a pic made by a scene artist please send them both to antti (a) kameli net.

All the images on these pages are modified to smaller size and they shouldn't be downloaded from these pages, get the originals.

Last update: Apr 7 2002.

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